Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Out of fear, I couldn’t pick the call at the first ringing, I was imagining if the call was to inform me that henry had found out about us, I was also thinking about all the arrangements and plans that Henry was planning for me and how everything will be ruined as a result of the discovery. After the end of the second dial, I picked up the third call.

BIMPE: Hello Mr Onihaxy, why aren’t you picking my calls?

ME: I’m sorry ma, I was in the bathroom when you called, how is your health now?

BIMPE: I’m fine thank you, thanks for coming to check on me

ME: you are welcome ma, where is your husband?

BIMPE: he is here beside me; do you want to speak with him?

ME: yes, please pass the phone to him.

Henry and I talked for few minutes and he also appreciate my visit and then he passed the mobile phone back to Adebimpe and we continued our conversation

ME: so, when will you be discharged?

BIMPE: tomorrow morning, I’m fine though but I just want to have a good bedrest before going back home.

ME: will henry be staying with you overnight?

BIMPE: no oo, he will be going back home tonight to look after Daniella, we don’t want to leave her in the custody of Sarah alone and I don’t want her to come here to the hospital because she might get scared and start crying. The nurses here will be with me through the night.

ME: ok, ***whispered*** let me know when he is gone so as to call back to check on you.

BIMPE: ***chuckled*** ok sir, thanks so much.

ME: you are welcome.

She dropped the call and I was so restless in the room as I began walking up and down the room, my mind began to imagine several things both the good and the bad, I started thinking about what could happen if Henry decided to conduct a DNA test after hearing from the doctor that my blood was a perfect match to that of Daniella, I imagined how Henry would call her sister to break up with me and expose everything, I thought of how my chances of travelling out would fail and how I was going to lose Betty totally. At a time, I imagined Henry sending hired assassins to kill me at home, my mind was just so troubled that I couldn’t think straight again. When it was few minutes to 10pm, Bimpe called me back and I didn’t hesitate to pick it up on time and we got talking.

ME: Hello Adebimpe, how are you?

BIMPE: I’m fine dear; it seems your phone didn’t ring out at all before you picked it. Have you been expecting my calls before now?

ME: it’s as if you know, hope I haven’t gotten into any trouble yet?

BIMPE: gotten into trouble as how?

ME: remember that the doctor wanted to talk about how I came to donate blood to Daniella back then before I cut in, I hope he didn’t tell henry about it?,

BIMPE: not at all, why would he tell henry when henry was already aware of it that you donated blood to Daniella.

ME: Haaa!!!, he was aware?

BIMPE: yes now, have you forgotten that he was on his way coming back from Abuja to donate blood when you came?, or have you forgotten that he appreciated you and even gave you money?

ME: ooooh, I remember. But hope he won’t be suspecting me?

BIMPE: not at all, you are just a Good Samaritan who has the same blood sample with Daniella and that was how you helped in saving her life. The truth is that, that single act you did has made henry to like you forever. His likeness for you started that same day.

ME: hmmmmmmmm, my mind is now at rest, I have been having a troubled mind since morning.

BIMPE: look at you, you are not even bold and courageous, a coward man like you.

we really had a lot of time to go into a long minute discussions that night that our conversations was over thirty minutes before hanging up. weekend was over and I resumed to work the following day which was Monday, Benita was still trying to get so close to me and also get my attention all in the name of getting my nomination, she decided to colonize me in the team and she was always jealous anytime she saw me playing with the other girls. On Tuesday, I was surprised that she brought food for me; the entire team now sees us as husband and wife.

On Thursday, I went out to do biometric and data capture for my international passport and while driving back, I stopped by at a supermarket to shop for some provisions and I met Kemiagain at the supermarket. Kemi was the girl I met some months after Segun chased Adebimpe out of my house in Akure, I also met her on the internet and she was fond of always demanding for money and Airtime until Segun and I taught her a lesson of life. When we met at the supermarket, I didn’t even recognize her until she called out my name.

KEMI: Onihaxy!!!!, is that you?

ME: ooooh, Kemi!!!!! *** We hugged each other**** longest time, where have you been?

KEMI :I’m fine oooo, it’s unfair Onihaxy, you just forget about me just like that

ME: I’m sorry Kemi, I changed my phone and I lost some contacts. How is studies?

KEMI: study is fine ooooo. I am through anyways and I am awaiting my NYSC.

ME: through?, so soon?

KEMI: haba, have you forgotten?, the last time we saw each other was four year and some months ago and I was in the second semester of my first year then.

ME: ooooh, That is true oo. Do you live around here?

KEMI: yes, two streets away from here, I came here to get some stuff, What about you?

ME: I live in Maryland but my workplace is not too far from here.

KEMI: ok, let me have your number please.

Kemi and I exchanged numbers and I left the supermarket and I returned back to the office, worked for some hours until the close of business for the day. When I got home, I missed Kemi’s messages on my whatsapp, I replied her and we got talking, she told me about her family, about her failed relationship and so many other things, she asked if I was the owner of the car I drove when she saw me and I told her I own it. She also asked about where I work and I told her the bank where I work. Before I knew what was happening, Kemi told me that she was going to visit me over the weekend and I sent my address to her.

On Friday night, I was lying on my bed feeling so weak and tired. Earlier in the day, I doubled as a team lead and also did another role by standing in gap for a friend who was absent from work for that day. I was in the bathroom when I heard the ringing of my phone, it rang thrice and when I came out, it was ringing for the fourth time and when I checked the screen, it was Adebimpe that was calling and I picked up.

BIMPE: Onihaxy, where did you put your phone that makes you not to pick up my call?

ME: I am so sorry Bimpe, I was in the bathroom when you called.

BIMPE: you were in the bathroom or one of your numerous girlfriends is around?

ME: habaBimpe, if any girl is here, will I be talking to you beside her?

BIMPE: continue to pretend ehn, I know I will still catch you again one day.

ME: hmmmm, where is henry and Daniella?

BIMPE: henry travelled for a business meeting and Daniella is in her room

ME: eeyah, so you are now alone now?

BIMPE: yes ooooOnihaxy, and here is so boring. Will come around tonight?

ME: no oo, I can’t.

BIMPE: I know that is what you will say. You didn’t even ask of me since I was discharged.

ME: no now, I called you on Monday and Tuesday now.

BIMPE: is today not Friday?, what happened to Wednesday and Thursday?

ME: ok, I am sorry. Have you resumed work?

BIMPE: no, till Monday. I just want to take my time to rest very well. Henry, Daniella and I will be traveling out to Dubai in few weeks’ time for Easter break.

ME: waoooh, that is nice

BIMPE: you should be travelling also any moment from now. I heard your wife talking to her brother about a job or something and your name was mentioned.

ME: really?, I can’t waitoooo. Nigeria don tire me.

BIMPE: eeeehmmOnihaxy, please I need something from you and I will be the happiest woman on earth if you can give it to me. Infact, I don’t want anything else from you again after giving me this one.

ME: me?, you need something from me?, what could that be?

BIMPE: please promise me that you will give me.

ME: ***curious*** but I don’t know what you want

BIMPE: just promise me please.

ME: ok, I promise. Now tell me, what is it that you want from me?

BIMPE: Onihaxy please, I want you to impregnate me again before you leave Nigeria.

ME: what?????????????.

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