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During the following week at the office, everyone in my team was surprised to see Benita and I talking together again. Starting from the first meeting we had on Monday, Benita made sure that she sat down directly beside me. During break time, she made sure that she followed me to the canteen. When we were returning back to the office, the members from the other team were surprised to see us walking together and laughing to each other as we were having discussions, that was how the rumor spread to the other teams that Onihaxy and Benita had reconciled. On getting back to my seat, I continued with my work until 15 minutes later when I received a call from my supervisor to see him in his office. I got to his office and I was expecting him to also talk about the strange reconciliation between Benita but I was wrong, he talked about some errors that were detected from the works of my team members and he warned me to always scrutinize every work before it gets out of my unit to the higher units.

I was returning back to my office and I heard noises and gossips going on in my office. I hid beside the entrance to hear all what they are saying.

“ didn’t I tell you?”

“ I told you that they will settle their issue”

“ I know it’s more of relationship issue than office issue”

“ didn’t you notice that the misunderstanding happened overnight?”

“yes, they both drove out of the bank together that particular night”

“only for them to return the next day with drawn faces”

“can’t you also see that the reconciliation also happened overnight?”

“ they just resumed this morning and started hugging each other”

“ these are two people that didn’t say goodnight to each other on Friday evening”

“ it seems they were dating before the commencement of this project”

“ don’t tell me that you weren’t aware of their relationship?”

“ they used to leave the office together and also resume work together back then”

“nawaooooo, see office romance”

“I am sure that it was Funmi that settled it for them”

“ I don’t think so, Funmi did not like Benita the way she likes Onihaxy”

“ maybe it was the supervisor that settled it for them”

“ I don’t think so, it seemed they settled it over the weekend between each other”

“ I am very sure that Benita reconciled with Onihaxy because of what Funmi said”

“ yes!!, you mean the permanent placement?, I thought as much”

“ I noticed that their closeness started immediately after that speech”

“ you know that Onihaxy is very close to Funmi and Onihaxy is the one to nominate for funmi?”

“ and you know that it was Funmi that helped Onihaxy to be retained after the last project”

“I think that is why Benita decided to reconcile with Onihaxy for placement nomination”

I was amazed at their level of gossiping and was enjoying every bit of it until I saw Benita coming behind me, I asked her where she was coming from and she told me that she went to the rest room. On hearing our voices, they all kept quiet and they began to clear their throats as we both enter the office and sat down on our various seats. I called for an urgent meeting to tell them about what I heard from the supervisor, I warned everyone to make sure that they concentrate on their work and that they should make sure they remember to do some quality checks on everything they do before sending their reports to me. Lastly on that day, I made them realize that I will not hesitate to send out queries to any one whose work contains errors henceforth.

By Wednesday, the rumor had circulated across the offices that Onihaxy and Benita had reconciled and settled their fight, Funmi even called me into her office and she told me that “Onihaxy, now that you and your wife Benita are now back together, I think it’s the best time for you to stay away from my daughter Adeola so that you will be able to concentrate on your wife Benita”, I just smiled and I told her again that I had nothing to do with Adeola.

On Thursday after the close of business for the day, I had a chat with Segun when I got home.

SEGE: hello Onihaxy, you need to see what my wife sent to me?

ME: your wife?, which of them?

SEGE: Sandra offcourse, or did I tell you that I have more than one?

ME: I know some other ones now.

SEGE: I said my wife sent something to me, I didn’t say my girlfriends.

ME: ooh, I never knew they have different categories, what did she sent?

SEGE: brand new Iphone and a gold wristwatch

ME: you don dey hammer that girl abi?, so soon, how come?

SEGE: you are the one dulling yourself with Betty now. Anyway, Betty knows how to give you things without you asking for it. Unlike my own Sandra, you just have to pressurize and disturb her before getting anything from her.

ME: funny you Segun, you know that you guys are just starting now, did you know the number of months we have been together before I started reaping my harvests?, just calm down and first work out your love with her, I’m sure you will reap yours very soon.

SEGE: I hear oooo. I know I will soon get my own car too from my wife.

ME:hmmmmmmm, bad boy, don’t turn my wife’s friend into a magaooo.

SEGE: I hear you. How are your babes?,Adeola and Benita?

ME: Adeola is fine, Benita and I just reconciled not quite long. Immediately after Funmi made an announcement in one of our meetings that some project staffs will be retained and team-leads will be the one to nominate them, she started smiling at me and she found her way to reconcile with me.

SEGE: I told you, that girl is a pure opportunist, always looking for every available opportunity. Just be careful and stay out of trouble.

On Friday evening after the close of business, Benita followed me to the car and I was thinking that she was going to her sister’s place, but when I made enquiry from her, she told me that she wanted to talk to me.

BENITA: Onihaxy, please I need your help, I should have come to you before now but I was scared to approach you.

ME: scared to approach me?, why?, for what?

BENITA: because you might be thinking otherwise if I tell you.

ME: ok, what is the matter?, I am listening.

BENITA: I have been restless since last week that your sugar mummy talked about permanent placement and I don’t know anywhere to run to for help except you. I know you can influence my placement with her since you are even the one to nominate from my team. I beg you in the name of God Onihaxy, I need this job so badly.

ME: oooh, now I get it. Was it because of the job placement thing that made you finally decided to reconcile with me?

BENITA: it’s not so Onihaxy, I was already tired of fighting long time ago and I have always wanted to reconcile with you but I was really expecting you to be the one to initiate the reconciliation movement. Please Onihaxy, help me and I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life.

ME: anyways, all our reports are been viewed by the management from the Excel on daily basis and I can tell you, they already know the hardworking ones. All what Funmi said was just to boost team members’ loyalty to their team leads. She knows that when people hear something of such, they will respect and obey their boss and they will also do things right.

BENITA: I know, but Onihaxy please help me. I know the closeness between you and Funmi and I know that you can help me to influence my placement please.

ME: ok Benita, I have heard you, I will try my best and see what I can do,

BENITA: thanks so much Onihaxy, you are a darling *****kissed me inside the car****

Benita came down from the car while I drove off from the bank and went home. On Saturday morning, I received a scary call from Betty.

BETTY: hello Onihaxy, have you heard anything from my brother and his wife lately?

ME: not at all. What happened?

BETTY: my brother called me few minutes ago; he said Aunty Bimpe lost her pregnancy.

ME: lost her pregnancy?, how come?

BETTY: she had a miscarriage.

ME: haaaaaaaaaaa, I am so sorry about that. How did it happen and where is she now?

BETTY: I don’t know ooo, but I was told that she was admitted at the hospital where she works

ME: is your brother around?

BETTY: yes, he didn’t travel. Please can you help me to check on her today? ***sobbing***

ME: its ok Betty, stop crying. God knows the best, he gives and he takes. It’s better now than for the child to die at grown up stage. God will surely bless her with another pregnancy very soon.

BETTY: Amen oooo. ok dear, please help me to check on them today please. Talk to you later

ME: ok dear, bye,

Immediately after Betty dropped the call, I was very happy and I started singing thanksgiving songs onto God

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