Fri. Jul 19th, 2024


“when did you get here?”

“how did you enter?”

“ and why are you here?”

BENITA: take it easy now, one question at a time

ME: just answer my questions please

BENITA: ok oo, I tried calling you when I was coming but your number was switched off, and when I reached here, your door wasn’t locked.

ME: why are you here?

BENITA: I am just bored at home and I decided to come here and check on my boss. Or aren’t you the one who said members of your team should always check on one another?

ME: ok thanks, you can now go.

BENITA: calm down now Onihaxy. Aren’t you tired of fighting?

ME: me?, fighting?, the last time I checked, you were the one who said you will never have anything to do with me again, so you can go now.

BENITA: even if I am going to leave, won’t you entertain me before I go?

ME: I don’t owe you any entertainment Benita, you visit is an unwanted one.

BENITA: **smiled** I don’t know why I am wasting my time talking with you as if I don’t know the way to our kitchen ****stood up and was walking towards the kitchen***

ME: **frowned** stop there Benita, don’t even try to step into that kitchen otherwise, you won’t like what I will do to you.

BENITA: ***smiled again***my own Onihaxy that I know will never raise his hand to hit a woman no matter what, and I still believe he is still the same man that I use to know. prove me wrong by slapping me on my face,

ME: **I was tempted to hit her but I had to control my anger*** Benita, please leave my house right away.

BENITA: won’t you first ask me the reason why I am here in the first place before you chase me out?, or do you think I am here for nothing?, that was exactly what caused the last issue. not making enquiry before taking actions.

ME: ok, why are you here then?

BENITA: now you are talking. But before anything, let me fill my stomach please, I am hungry. What do you have in your kitchen?

ME: ****silent and relaxed***

BENITA: don’t worry ehn, I will sort out myself in our kitchen.

Benita left me and went inside the kitchen, I was boiling so hot inside of me and it was as if I should strangle her to death. I heard the sound of the indomie carton been opened and I heard the sound of pot in the kitchen. 15minutes later, Benita came out of the kitchen with a plate of noodles containing two eggs and two forks. She placed the tray on my bed

BENITA: let’s eat Onihaxy

ME: I am not hungry

BENITA: please now, I can’t finish this meal alone please.

ME: throw it away then.

BENITA: *****smiled as she continued to eat her meal until she couldn’t eat anymore and dropped the rest on the floor******

ME: I am listening ma, why are you here.

BENITA: why did you eject me from your house Onihaxy?

ME: I told you I have people living with me.

BENITA: stop lieingOnihaxy. Before I woke you up, I really took my time to go through the whole room, and I couldn’t find any foreign or strange material or property. Everything I saw was what i knew to belong to you. Come out straight Onihaxy and tell me that you chased me away because of your wife.

ME: the last time I checked, I never told you I was married, or did you see any ring on my finger?

BENITA: then who was that girl that met me in your room

ME: my ex-girl friend

BENITA: ok then, why exactly did you refused to let me stay here with you when I resumed for the project.

ME: because I couldn’t bear it anymore. I asked you out and you refused, I was always tempted every night that I had to sleep and wake up with erections.

BENITA: oooooooooh, now I get you, now I understand. But wait, let me ask, do you really want to date me or you just want to use me in satisfying your urge while we were together?

ME: I wanted to date you for real, and also, I was always tempted everycnight.

BENITA: but I already told you that I am engaged in a relationship. I can’t cheat on my man Onihaxy.

ME: its fine then, no problem. I wish you all the best in your relationship.

BENITA: so, you mean you can’t accommodate me in your house unless s£x is involved?

ME: that’s the pure truth. I can’t continue to live under the same roof with a girl who is not my family and she won’t expect me to have urges and erection, I am not an impotent man neither am I a bishop.

BENITA: I understand you so much Onihaxy, I felt your pain so much that I knew what you were passing through. I wish I could repay you for all the things you have done for me in the past. you accepted me in your house when my sister evicted me.

ME: it’s fine. it’s alright.

BENITA: what if I give you a chance in my heart and give you a trial, will you be able to bear me double dating?, because I can’t leave the other guy.

ME: its late Benita, I have been seeing another girl.

BENITA: waooh. you don’t mean it?, tell me about her.

ME: her name is Betty, she is staying in the UK

BENITA: hmmmmmmm. overseas relationship.

I briefed Benita about Betty and we managed to settle our misunderstanding that day. When it was evening time, she said she was going to spend the night with me for the last time. I smiled and didn’t say anything. When it was 10pm, I picked my phone went out to the living room while I left her to sleep alone in the bedroom. I overheard her having her bath in the bathroom but I ignored. I lied down flat on the chest on the rug and was almost dozing off around 10:30pm when someone tapped me on my back; it was Benita putting on only her pant and a white singlet unveiling her br**sts.

BENITA: why are you here and not coming inside Onihaxy ?

ME: I am fine here Benita, it’s better not to perceive the aroma of a meal you know you can never taste out of it.

BENITA: ***smiled and caressed me on my chest**** don’t worry Onihaxy. I have thought about everything I have put you through in the past and I have decided to compensate you tonight.

ME: really?. ****my d–k signaled immediately

BENITA: yes, I mean it. Let’s go to the bedroom and let me feel you inside of me.

I stood up immediately and I followed her into the room, she pushed me to the bed and sat down on my boxers and we started kissing and smooching each other until her bra went off and my cloths also went off, I pulled my boxers downwards, shoved her pant sideways and we rode on a “woman on top” hot s£x. We continued at this position for some minutes before she stood up and pulled off her pant completely, she knelt down on the bed and I positioned myself at her back and we embarked on a journey to D—-e Island. The whole s£xual session lasted for almost 35 minutes before we cuddled each other to sleep. The next day, Benita left at 10am in the morning after we had rounds of breakfast s£x.

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