Wed. May 29th, 2024

All through the following week which was the last week in January, the rift between Benita and I was getting more intense that we don’t even greet each other again. Despite the interference of my supervisor and some members of the team, Benita refused to reconcile with me even though she was discharging her duties very well as the assistant team-lead. Funmi also suddenly began to care about me like never before and Adeola also stopped calling me because she had returned to school and we couldn’t do any show off to her mum again.

One afternoon during break time, I was on my desk when Betty called me and told me that we have something very important to discuss about, she told me to join her on BBM and I did.

BETTY: hello baby, how is work going?

ME: I am fine dear and work is going well too. You said we have something to discuss, what is that?

BETTY: yeah, it’s not something difficult. I had a conference discussion with Henry, mummy Daniella and my grandma yesterday, so I wanted to give you the feedback of our discussions. Though, we haven’t concluded yet.

ME: ok dear, what was the discussion all about ?

BETTY: you know I will be rounding up with my studies in February which is next month, so we were strategizing on my next movement, Henry suggested that you and I should wed secretly in Lagos and start living together but he will not appear in it and will pretend as if he isn’t aware of it so that daddy won’t scold him, he promised to provide back up for us until we can stand on our own.

ME: waoooh, that is cool. I’m so happy to have such a caring man as my brother-inlaw.

BETTY: hmmmm, then grandma said my daddy or the guy I got engaged to might send thugs to beat you up or harm you or cause havoc in our marriage, so she suggested that I should take you home to daddy first and explain my mind to him, she said I should pray before going to him and who knows, I might see his favour. Grandma was just worried about you, she said she doesn’t want anyone to harm you.

ME: waooh, that is so nice of her, but that suggestion is very dangerous and risky, you know that you have already been engaged to another man and your wedding plans are already ongoing ordo you think daddy is going to accept such change of spouse?.

BETTY: I doubt it too Onihaxy, but I’m really scared too. I know that there is nothing he can do me, the highest he can do is to dis-own me and pull me out of his inheritance which I am already prepared for. But I am more worried about your own safety.

ME: hmmmmmm, its’ well my dear, what about mummy Daniella, what was her own opinion?

BETTY: mummy Daniella said I should stay back in the UK after finishing my studies and try getting a job over here, she said I should also try to arrange a job for you and then invite you to come and join me here and we should get married and start living together, she said it will be difficult for daddy or the other guy to locate us because I must have broken all communications with them and also relocate from my present city. And some years later, both of us can come back home with our kids to visit daddy and he won’t have any option than to accept us.

ME: waoooh. that’s very brilliant of her. I never knew she could be this intelligent.

BETTY: see you, what do you take my wife to be?, do you think my brother married her for nothing?. The truth is that she is the real brain behind our relationship; she has been the only one who has been encouraging me. I just wondered why she would be that nice despite your misunderstandings.

ME: hmmmmmm

BETTY: I guess she is only trying to compensate you for the wrong she did in the past. Anyways, the whole family supported her opinion and that is why I said I should inform you about.

ME: hmmmmm. that is cool. So, which of the three opinions is ok by you?

BETTY: I should ask you dear. You are the man and you are my head, anything you say is the final.

ME: I think we should go with mummy Daniella’s suggestion.

BETTY: ok dear, I will start the preparations and I will start pressing some buttons for your job here. But don’t you think it’s ideal for you to visit my brother at home one of these days so that you guys can sit down and discuss this thing one on one like a man?

ME: yeah baby, I have always wanted to visit him but you know that I will be at work on Mondays to Fridays, weekends that I am always free, he would he in Abuja.

BETTY: yeah, that is true, but just find out time one of this days to see him. You guys need to be so close in other for this plan to work out successfully.

ME: ok dear. I will try.

We engaged in more chats before the closure of business for the day and I got home, relaxed and was lost in thoughts.

“what did I do to deserve Betty as a fiancé?”

“ I’m a poor boy and yet, she loves me and she is ready to take risks for me”

“ I don’t have anything and yet, she is dumping a millionaire because me”

“I just pray that nothing will break our love”

“ this one that Bimpe is given opinions to support me?”

“ I just hope that her offer didn’t come with any price”

“ theBimpe that I know will never want me to go out of her reach”

“ how come she is the one pushing me out of Nigeria?”

“ it’s better sha. Atleast, I will travel out of the country and be free from her completely”

“ but what about Funmi and my job here in Nigeria?”

“ well, since Betty could make sacrifices for me, I don’t mind losing anything for her sake”.

On Friday of the same week, Adeola had called me to remind me of our meeting during the weekend which I promised her that I was going to show up. I informed Segun about my plans to visit Adeola in school and he gave me some safety and security tips which I adhered to. On Saturday, I drove out of home by 10am in the morning and went to Ibadan. I arrived at her school gate and she came to pick me then we drove to her accommodation which was off campus. It was a nice single room self-contain apartment containing nice interiors and electronic set. She entertained me with a can drink from her portable refrigerator and we started talking.

ADEOLA: welcome Onihaxy, hope your journey wasn’t stressful?

ME: not at all, just that I have an event to attend on the island by 6pm today, so I have to return to Lagos ontime.

ADEOLA: hmmmmmm, and I was thinking that you will be sleeping over tonight and return home tomorrow.

ME: sleep over keee?, so that your boyfriend will break bottle on my head abi?, and your mummy will the compliment it with a sack letter abi?

ADEOLA: **smiled** funny you. Just pulling your legs anyways, my boyfriend stays in Lagos anyways, and he isn’t a violent person.

ME: ***so she even has a boyfriend?, then it means she had no feelings for me** anyways, I am here now, can you please tell me what is going on between you and your mum?

ADEOLA: it’s not something serious jaree. I just want to hurt her the same way she hurt me.

ME: you just want to hurt her?, As in?, what really happened that made her to become your puppet because I could see that you have gained control over her.

ADEOLA: I have not started anything yet. I want to make her cry and shed tears.

ME: haaaa. Has it gotten to that?

ADEOLA: yes Onihaxy, and we are going to do this together. To be sincere with you, I have my own boyfriend whom I love and I don’t have anyrelationship feelings for you, I just like you as a friend. But I just need you to fulfil my mission and I need your cooperation. We will continue acting as lovers and I don’t want mummy to know that we are acting a drama. I want you to act it as if it is real and trust me, she dare not do anything to you.

ME: I am still lost Adeola, what is actually going on?

ADEOLA: please Onihaxy, this thing is so disgusting and I want it to be a secret between you and I. apart from my mum and I, you the only third party in this issue. Please, can you keep a secret?,

ME: trust me Adeola. Your secrets are safe with me.

ADEOLA: ok, I caught my mum red handed sleeping with a guy whom I introduced to her as my best friend last week Thursday when I travelled home for my aunty’s birthday.

ME: what??? How come?.

ADEOLA: I didn’t inform her that I was coming, I came in late at past 10pm and I walked into her room only to find her naked with the guy on her bed.

ME: awwwwwww.that’s so bad. But why would she do something like that?

ADEOLA: I wonder oooo. I don’t know oooo. It pained me a lot and I have vowed to make her feel pains by also flirting with someone whom she likes too and that was how you became a perfect match for my revenge mission. So, let the game of love continue.

ME: but what gave you the impression that she likes me?.

ADEOLA: ever since mummy started her banking career, I have never seen any of her staffs in our house or around her before, she hardly talk about anyone else except you and she had already told me that I shouldn’t have anything to do with you because you are more like her son and that makes us brother and sister.

ME: hmmmmm, Don’t you think it’s risky?,what if I loose my job in the process?

ADEOLA: you can’t loose anything. Instead, you will get promoted. I have warned her that nothing must happen to you orelse, the whole world will know what we cooked that burnt the house.

ME: hmmmmmmm ****see this girl!!, if only she knew that I have also been sleeping with her mother too*******

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