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got home and was still wondering and disturbed about what could be going on between mother and daughter, I felt like calling Funmilayo but I didn’t even know what to say to her on phone, should I apologize for getting intimate with her daughter? , or should I ask her what went wrong between her daughter and her?.Coincidentally, Segun buzzed me on whatsapp as at that time and we start chatting.

ME: hello Segun

SEGE: how far with the party?, did you later attend it?

ME: yes, I went there but something strange happened and I am so disturbed right now.

SEGE: what happened?

ME: Adeola ,the daughter of my boss was really intimate with me at the party today to the extent that Funmi started staring at me as if I was a kidnapper.

SEGE: got intimate as how?

ME: we sat down together all through and she was so close to me throughout. Anyone would believe that we are dating, she even introduced me to her aunty as her boyfriend.

SEGE: Boyfriend?,despite all my warnings Onihaxy, you still went ahead to have fling with Adeola?, what is it with you and women sef?, wait a minute, have you gotten a new job?, or why would she get intimate with you if both of you aren’t been hanging out?.

ME: trust me Segun. I had nothing to do with Adeola, I was surprised too that I had to enquire from her on why she acted that way and she told me that it was an intentional act to make her mum feel pains, she said it was an equalizer to what her mum did to her earlier.

SEGE: this is so strange, why on earth will a girl want her mother to feel pain?, something is definitely wrong somewhere.

ME’: I thought as much too, I was even scared that I shouldn’t end up been a sacrificial lamb in the fist and Areola assured me that her mother dare not do to anything to me, and in case she did anything, I should let her know and she would avenge for me. The funniest thing was that, she told me that we would be acting as if we are dating and begged me to cooperate with her.

SEGE: Onihaxy, something is definitely wrong somewhere, you must find out and get to the root of the matter. Have you heard anything from Funmi after the party?

ME: Not yet.

SEGE: Just calm down till you reach office. don’t act as if you are feeling bad and wait for her to ask you questions. Be very smart to smell the real issue in your discussions, I believe that Adeola will tell you more details if you press further on her.

I ended the chat with Segun after few more conversations and I was expecting calls from either Funmi or Adeola but none came until I slept off. The next day, Adeola called me on phone and we spoke for like 10 minutes which was unusual, I could hear some background movements which indicated that Funmi was around. Adeola was calling me several sweet names and I was totally lost because I knew we had nothing together. I begged her to talk to me and she refused.

Monday came and I drove to the office at early hours because of the trainings we had that day, after our usual morning meetings, I received a mail from Funmi that I should report at her office immediately. With fear in my heart, I stood up from my seat and walked out of my office to meet Funmi. I waited for few minutes at the walkway to compose myself and gather some courage before going into her office. I pulled out her chair and sat down while Funmi was looking at me and smiling.

FUNMI: Onihaxy, thanks for your attendance at my sister’s birthday party.

ME: you are welcome.

FUNMI: Onihaxy!!,Onihaxy!!!, Onihaxy!!! how many times did I call you?

ME: three times.

FUNMI: what did I tell you about the relationship between you and my daughter?

ME: you said I should not go beyond brother to sister relationship with her.

FUNMI: then what is the meaning of the rubbish that both of you have been doing all these while?

ME: ***scared*** we didn’t do anything ma.

FUNMI: shut up Onihaxy!!!!, you didn’t do anything and you were both smooching each other all through the party?, you didn’t do anything and she introduced you to my sister as her boyfriend?, you don’t have anything together your picture is her current wall paper?, you didn’t do anything and you were both on romance call even in my presence yesterday?

ME: Funmi. I am surprised too, her recent act amused me that I began to wonder what could be wrong with her.

FUNMI: just shut up there!!!!.Onihaxy, in case you have forgotten, let me remind you. I was the one who made you in this bank and it won’t take me up to 5 minutes to end your career in this organization.

ME: but wait Funmi, she told me that……..

FUNMI: sssshhhhh. Just shut it there. I don’t want to hear anything from you again,this is just the last warning. The next time I catch both of you together again, just consider it that your career has end here. Now get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I was so scared and it was just as if the ground should open up for me to enter into it. Funmi had never been this harsh towards me before, it was the very first time I would be seeing the other side of her. I was so trembled with fair that I remained dull when I got back to my office. Adeola called me few minutes later and I ignored the calls, she continued calling and I couldn’t pick up until she called me with a strange number and I picked up because I never knew she was the one calling .

ADEOLA: Onihaxy, why aren’t you picking up my calls.

ME: It was intentional; I refused to pick it up.

ADEOLA: but why ?, have I done anything wrong?.

ME: Yes, you have done alot.

ADEOLA: please tell me Onihaxy.

ME: hold on, let me step out of the office ***I stepped out of the office and walked towards the rest room.

ADEOLA: I’m listening Onihaxy.

ME: your mummy called me into her office few minutes back, she was so mad at me about what transpired between us at the party on Saturday. She said she heard all our conversations yesterday and she threatened to end my career at the bank if she catches us together again.

ADEOLA: Really?, you mean my mum said all that to you?

ME: yes Adeola, you need to see her facial expression, it was like that of tiger. I have never seen her in that way before. Please Adeola, whatever the case may be between the two of you, please let it end. Or better still,let me out of the game please. Have mercy on me and save my career Adeola, you know the rate of unemployment in Nigeria right now, please don’t send me back to job market.

ADEOLA: it’s alright Onihaxy, I have already assured you that she won’t do anything to you and I mean it. Just give me only 5 minutes to place a call to her, if she didn’t apologize to you in the next one hour, just call me and inform me.

ME: I don’t understand you Adeola. Are u telling that your mum will apologize to me ?.

ADEOLA: I’m so sure about it. If she dares me and refused to do so, I’m so sure that she won’t like what will happen thereafter.

ME: but wait Adeola, what is actually happening?, as in, what is going on?

ADEOLA: I will tell you later, not now.

Adeola hung up on me and I went back to my office still wondering and trying to imagine what could be going on. At exactly break time, Funmilayo called me on intercom to see her in her office and I went there to meet her.

FUNMI: Onihaxy, please, I am so sorry for the way I talked to you in the morning, I was just tempered at that time and besides, I never expected you to be intimate with Adeola. She is just 19 years old and very young to be your sister.

ME: **amused** thanks Funmilayo. That is what I was about telling you in the morning and you walked me out of your office. Adeola is my sister and I have already assured you that I had nothing to do with her.

FUNMI: then why did you report me to her today after you left my office?

ME: I didn’t report you. She called me and I warned her never to call me again as I was about losing my job because of her, she said she would call you and talk to you. But I don’t understand, did both of you have any misunderstanding?

FUNMI: not at all, why did you say that?, did she tell you anything?

ME: she didn’t tell me anything, I just observed that it seemed something was wrong somewhere.

FUNMI: Onihaxy, are you sure that Adeola didn’t tell you anything?

ME: I swear to God, she didn’t. That is why I’m enquiring from you.

FUNMI: ok, you can go. Once again Onihaxy, I am very sorry for what happened in the morinng, and if truly there is anything between you and Adeola, please end it right away. I beg you in the name of God.

ME: ***smiled*** ok ma.

I left her office and went out to eat at my usual canteen. I was still lost and disturbed that I had to relate the matter to Segun on chat but he couldn’t find a clue, I returned to the office to continue with my work and few hours before the closure of business for the day, Adeola called me again.

ADEOLA: hello Onihaxy. How far?, has she apologized to you?

ME: yes she did. I was surprised that you said it will happen and it did happen.

ADEOLA: I already told you that she dare not try me.

ME: she even asked me whether you told me anything and I replied that you told me nothing. She was begging me to break any relationship I have with you.

ADEOLA: and what did you say to her?

ME: I didn’t say anything. I just smiled. Please Adeola, I am begging you in the name of God, please tell me what is happening between you and your mum.

ADEOLA: Onihaxy, it’s not something worthy of discussion. But if you insist, I will tell you whenever we see.

ME: can’t we discuss it on phone?

ADEOLA: it’s not a phone discussion. Can you come to my school this weekend?

ME: this weekend?,eeehmmmm no problem,be expecting me.



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