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The misunderstanding between Benita and I became hotter and more intense as the days went by, it got to an extent that we don’t talk in the office anymore except when it has to do with official conversations. I still found it so difficult to figure out what exactly went wrong with Benita. On Friday of the following week, Funmi reminded me about the birthday party of her sister that was coming up the next day and I re-assured her that I was going to be present at the party; she described the venue to me again after the close of business for that day. I got home and feeling too tired, I was even contemplating on whether to attend the party or not until my phone rang and I checked who was calling, it was a call from Adeola and I picked it up.

ADEOLA: hi Onihaxy,

ME: **shocked** “ this girl had removed ‘Mr’ from my name sha?” helloAdeola, how is studies going?

ADEOLA: school is going fine but I am currently in Lagos.

ME: you are in Lagos ?, why ?and since when?

ADEOLA: I have been around since yesterday; I came for my Aunt’s birthday party holding tomorrow.

ME: yeah. that’s true.

ADEOLA: that’s true? , are you aware of the party?

ME: yes, your mummy told me about it.

ADEOLA: cool, that means you will be coming then.

ME: I’m not too sure about it yet. I’m feeling feverish and tired.

ADEOLA: huuuuuhOnihaxy. Please come around now, I want to see your face again.

ME: ok, I will try.

ADEOLA: please do. I promise to give you something when we see.

ME: really?

ADEOLA: yeah.

We spoke for more minutes before ending the call. After the call, I lay back on my back and thinking of what Adeola could have for me, why she decided to remove “Mr” from my name and why she really wanted to see me. “Onihaxy, hope this isn’t going to me another web?” I said to myself.

I woke the next day and prepared for the event after receiving Adeola’s call reminding of coming for the event. I drove out of home and arrived at the compound of the hall about one hour and forty minutes after leaving home. I parked at the parking Centre and dialed Adeola’s number while walking towards the entrance of the hall as she urged me to do. She picked my call and told me to wait at the entrance as she was going to come out and pick me. Three minutes later, I saw her coming out of the hall looking so gorgeous in a nice Ankara gown and a heel shoe, her makeup was out of the world as it spells nothing else but an astonishing beauty. I was surprised that she hugged me so tight when I was expecting a regular handshake, we entered inside the hall and she took me to where she was sitting an d I was more surprised that she had reserved a seat for me right beside her with her bags representing me on the chair. She picked up her bag and I sat down while she also sat down beside me. The sound from the speakers was so loud that we could hardly hear each other unless we move our heads closer to each other. I moved my head closer to her and asked her about her mummy and she pointed to the high table where Funmi was seated as one of the chairwomen of the occasion. I rose up my head to look at her and I waved at her while she waved back at me.

Adeola and I started discussing and having fun as we were laughing out so loud at each other as the M.C was cracking jokes, our heads were closer to each other as we continued to gist until I looked up to the high table and I saw Funmilayo looking at me in an awkward manner as if I was about to kidnap her daughter.

The look on her face was scary that I wanted to shift away from Adeola but I couldn’t do so as the row was so tight. Adeola noticed my change of mood and she rose up her head to look at her mummy.

“what happened to you Onihaxy?”

“why the sudden change in you?”

“is it because of my mum?”

“ commonOnihaxy, do I look like kid or a toddler?”

“ As we are saying jare…………….”

From Adeola’s words, I suddenly developed boldness and ignored Funmi’s look, “Afterall, Adeola and I aren’t dating”. Food was served and we started eating and I was feeling somehow as Adeola wouldn’t stop staring at me and smiling at the same time and Funmilayo too never stopped looking at our direction. Lots of thoughts began to run through my mind.

“I hope I am not writing my own sack letter by myself?”

“ why is Funmi looking at me like this?”

“ why is Adeolaalso staring at me?”

“ what will Funmi say to me after the party?”

It was dance time, the MC announced that the celebrant should come out to dance;she came out to the dance floor while friends and well-wishers came out to dance with her and also sprayed her money, the dancing section continued until few minutes later when the M.C announced that it was time for a general dance and he said “every boo should grab his bae and dance”, the DJ suddenly switched to a party jamzand everyone started dancing. Adeola pulled my hands and drew me closer to herself and we began to dance with our bodies contacting each other. I was carried away with the dance that I have forgotten that Funmiwas sitting on the high table. The moment I turned my head to look at her direction, she was looking at me as if she should remove my head and Adeola was busy pressing her body on me without noticing that Funmi and I was staring at each other.

The party ended and everyone was going to greet the celebrant who was now with Funmilayo.Adeola pulled my hand and we walked closer to the celebrant, I greeted Funmilayo and her reaction was so fake, it was very obvious that the smile on her face wasn’t genuine. Adeola pulled me towards her Aunty and I shook hands with her, congratulating her, I heard her whispering to Adeola’s ears “ who is that guy?, I have been watching both of you since morning”. while I was trying to feel sober in the presence of Funmi for her to observe my innocence, Adeola replied her Aunt saying “ this is Onihaxy, he is one of Mummy’s staffs and also my boyfriend ”. I was shocked and her Aunty smiled and said “seriously?, I was watching in amazement as they were both laughing to each other. This time, Funmi had left where we were staying to greet someone not too far from us. Adeola’s aunty told me to take good care of her sister as I was about departing the hall. Adeola and I walked out of the event centre and I was still surprised and worried about what could be happening. We got to where my car was parked and she appreciated me for coming to her aunt’s birthday, she was about to turn back when I called her back.

ME: ehhhmAdeola. sorry to ask, didn’t you notice how your mum was looking at us today ?

ADEOLA: ***smiled**** how was she looking at us ooo?, because I didn’t notice anything.

ME: common Adeola, you saw her now. I just pray she won’t send a query to me on Monday.

ADEOLA: funny you Onihaxy, how does party issue relates to office affairs that she will send query to you?, what will be the content of the query?, query for been intimate with her daughter?

ME: hmmmmmmm

ADEOLA: well, all I did today was intentional. I wanted to make her feel bad and I am happy that I finally achieved that.

ME: ***surprised*** you want to make her feel bad?, why?.

ADEOLA: she did something that pained me on Thursday night and the best way I think I could get back at her was to be intimate with you because I knew she won’t like it.

ME: what really happened between the two of you?

ADEOLA: its personal between my mum and I, don’t worry about that.

ME: hmmmmm. I hope she won’t fire back at me in the office sha.

ADEOLA: she dare not, she won’t even dare to try it. Just let me know if she does anything funny to you, I’m sure she won’t like what will happen thereafter.

ME: hmmmm. Is it that serious?

ADEOLA: just don’t worry Onihaxy. Just put your mind at rest.

ME: ok ma, where is the gift you said you have for me?

ADEOLA: ***smiled*** so you didn’t forget?

ME: haba, how will I forget it?, that was what brought me to the party now.

ADEOLA: ok ****came closer and pecked me on my chin*** that is what I have for you ****smile***

ME: funny you. Alright Adeola, let me start going, talk to you later.

ADEOLA: eeeehmOnihaxy, our intimacy act still continues, starting from now on, both of us will be acting as if we are dating anytime we are closer to my mum.

ME: ehmmm but……….

ADEOLA: ***Sssshhhhhhh**** no questions Onihaxy, we will talk later.

I left the venue and drove back home and I was totally confused on why Adeola could be acting movie.

“what could have happened between mother and daughter?”

“ what could be Funmilayo’s offence that could made Adeolato be acting this way?”

“ Ihope I won’t be the sacrificial lamb in this fist?”

“ I need to get to the root of this matter”

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