Mon. Feb 12th, 2024

Segun and I laughed out loud and started talking about

kemi. Segun said she is very smart and would earn

more magas with her brain. We stopped gisting after a

while then we switched to segun’s laptop, he brought

out his game pads and we played winning eleven. We

were so carried away with the game that we forgot

about kemi.

At 12pm, my phone began to ring, I looked at the

screen and it was kemi. It was then that I remembered

about her. I was scared to pick up because I don’t

have the nerves to fabricate lies to her. My badman

event planner geared me up again and did a fast mini

rehearsals with me for the last time. After 4 missed

calls, I called kemi back myself.

ME: hi love, I saw your missed calls

KEMI: why aren’t you picking up?

ME: I was with my boss when you called. And you

know it would be embarrassing if I should pick calls in

his presence.

KEMI: ok dear, should I start coming

ME: eeeeeerrmmm

SEGE: *****throwing up his hands as a sign telling to

speak up*****

ME: eeeerm kemi, my boss wanted me to follow him to

inspect a project, that was why he told me to come


KEMI: ok, let me come before you guys leave for the


ME: we are already on our way to his car, infact, his

car is about 6 feet from here.

KEMI: so what will happen now?

ME: we won’t stay long. I’m sure we can exceed an

hour. When I’m coming back, I will call you.

KEMI: ok dear. I love you so much

ME: I love you too. Bye ***hanged up***.

After the call, I dropped my phone and looked at segun.

SEGE: *****shake hands with me*****, that’s my boy,

ME: hmmmmmm, I hope it works sha

SEGE: mr maga leave story. If you aren’t too smart for

these girls, they would send you back to the village

when they are through with you.

ME: hmmmmmmm, let’s continue our winning eleven

and let me beat you one more time.

SEGE: oloshi, na only that one you sabi


Segun and I continued with the game, when I was

getting hungry, I picked some noodles in his cupboard

and help myself with the cooking. The friendship

between segun and I was more like brothers. We are

always free at each others house. Infact, I do see

segun’s house as my second home and vice versa.

I was eating my noodles and segun was playing game

alone on his own when kemi called again. I looked at

the wall clock and the time was 2pm.

ME: hello

KEMI: hi dear, please call me back

ME: ok

KEMI: ****hanged up****

I dropped the phone from my ear and face segun.

ME: “Shoooooo!, segun see me see wahala oooo”

SEGE: wetin happen?

ME: imagine kemi telling me to call back after

receiving 400naira airtime yesterday?

SEGE: sebi na you start am from onset

ME: how? ***raised eye brow****

SEGE: me as I dey so, if I send 100naira card to any

girl and if she doesn’t call me with atleast 50naira

worth of airtime before requesting another one, I will

never send another card.

ME: hmmmmmmmm

SEGE: but if na you, one “yeye” girl go call you to send

card, she no go use atleast half of the card to call you,

and she go request for another one. And you would

send it again. So what do you expect?

ME: you are right sha.

SEGE: call her na. Let’s hear what she has to say.

ME: ok

I dialled kemi’s number from my phone.

ME: hello kemisola

KEMI: hi love, where are you?

ME: I’m still with my boss on the project site

KEMI: when will you be through?

ME: I can’t say for now, but soon sha

KEMI: ooooh God, time is going now

ME: don’t worry, if we can’t be chanced to go out

today, what about tomorrow?

KEMI: that’s impossible, me and my family are

returning very early tomorrow morning

ME: haaaaa, ok, I pray we leave here quickly today

KEMI: and what happens if you don’t leave on time?

ME: I don’t know oooo,

KEMI: ok, let’s do it this way

ME: how?

KEMI: with the situation of things, I don’t think I would

be able to sneak out again today after this moment

ME: huuuuuuh

KEMI: so please can you send the money to my

account on monday morning so that I can shop for few

things to take to school when I get back to lagos.

ME: ********chai, “mogbe”, see finishing format*****.

Hmmmmmm, ok dear

KEMI: is that a promise dear, should I be expecting it?

ME: yeah, I will try

KEMI: I love you so much dear. And please, help me to

keep bro segun’s gift, I will collect it on my next visit

to akure during semester break

ME: really?, are you coming for another occasion?

KEMI: no ooo, I’m coming specially to visit you, I will

spend like 4days with you before I return back to lagos

ME: waooooh, I can’t wait for that moment. When will

that be?

KEMI: let’s say 2 months from now. I can’t wait to be

in your arms too my baby

ME: ok dear

KEMI: please don’t forget ooo, you know you promised

me you will send it on monday.

ME: I know dear.

KEMI: ok love. Take care

ME: and you too. Bye ***hanged up**

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