Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

After dropping kemi’s call, I was confused on how to

bail myself from the web I just entered. I had just

lied and now, the lies were hunting me. I thought

through and couldn’t get a possible way out. I

decided to involve segun the event planner himself

on whatsapp.

ME: sege, how you dey?

SEGE: oko bimpe, oko kemi, I dey oo

ME: you no well ni

SEGE: how far?, you don call your wife?

ME: that was what I wanted to discuss with you sef

SEGE: gist me, wetin happen?

ME: the plan backfired

SEGE: how?

ME: I called her to informed her that my boss told

me to come to work tomorrow bla..bla..bla……

SEGE: wetin come happen?

ME: she told me that she would come to meet me at

my work place.

SEGE: heeeeeeeeee, smart counter move

ME: she said we would go out for the shopping from

there. And if the shopping won’t be possible, she

would collect the money and the gift you bought for


SEGE: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ME: tell me jor, what should I do next?

SEGE: can’t you think on your own?

ME: I couldn’t figure out any idea jor

SEGE: you no well ni.

ME: so what next?.

SEGE: ok, let me give you few ideas, then you would

pick anyone out of them.

ME: ok, I’m all ears.

SEGE: first one, call her tomorrow morning, and

switch off there after. Switch on the phone on

sunday night. Call her and inform her that you had a

flat battery.

ME: hmmmmm, nice one. Any other idea?

SEGE: here is another one. Don’t call her at all

tomorrow, switch off till monday, don’t call her, wait

till she calls you herself and then tell her that you

were robbed and your phone was stolen.

ME: hmm mr sege!!!!!

SEGE: and here is another one. When its tomorrow

morning, call her to inform her that you are going to

work. And call her 2 hours later to inform her that

you are travelling with your boss to somewhere to

inspect a project and you don’t know when you would

be back.

ME: this your small head, na so so bad things full


SEGE: that’s why I am referred to as the event


ME: lool.

Segun and I had some moments of chats before we

end it at 9:30pm.

I then sat on my bed thinking of the one to follow

one of segun’s game plans.


After thinking for several minutes, I decided to go with

segun’s third plan.

I faced the mirror before I slept and tried doing some

rehearsals on how I would talk to kemi. I woke up very

early the second day which was saturday. I prepared

little breakfast, did a little exercise until 8am when I

decided to place a call to kemi. Suddenly, I began to

fear. I don’t know where the fear came from, I just

observed that I couldn’t gather the courage to lie to


Then I decided to call segun and inform him about my

predicament. He suggested that I should come over to

his place. “Who knows?, kemi might decide to find me

to my house since she already knew the place”. I

agreed with segun, I dressed up and went to meet him

at home.

On getting to segun’s house. We had few gist, then he

gave me some courage, cheers and some scripts to

make the call.

ME: hello baby,

KEMI: hi love

ME: I’m on my way to work

KEMI: ok dear, what time should I come to meet you at


ME: hmmmm. Let me get to work first and see the

situation of things, then I will call you

KEMI: no problem. Better still, text the address of your

workplace to me incase your number becomes


ME: ***oloshi**** ok dear, I will text it to you when I

dropped from the cab

KEMI: ok dear. Thanks for yesterday

ME: what did I do yesterday?

KEMI: the airtime you gave me.

ME: ***i thought as much, kemi would never

appreciate it if it were to be 100 or 200naira

denomination***, you are welcome dear.

KEMI: ***laughs**, you know our elders says if you

appreciate what you were given yesterday, you would

get another one today.

ME: ****laughed***, you are funny

KEMI: so I’m expecting what the elders said we should

be expecting

ME: I hear. Talk to you later

KEMI: ok dear, bye

ME: bye dear ***hanged up***

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