Tue. Feb 13th, 2024

ME: ****stammering**** what happened as how?.

FUNMI: the last thing I remembered was that we went out together to a bar, only to wake up this morning and found myself in my room and on my bed. I don’t seem to recollect how I got home.

ME: yeah funmi. You were so high yesterday after taking 5 bottles of Guinness stout and you weren’t yourself anymore.

FUNMI: really?

ME: yes. I had to beg someone to help me in carrying you into the car and I drove you home thereafter.

FUNMI: really?, what time did you get to my place?

ME: around few minutes to 10pm, I dropped you on your bed and I left.

FUNMI: hmmmmmm. Is that so?

ME: ***voice shaking*** yes funmi.

FUNMI: alright, no problem. See you in the office on Monday.

ME: ok funmilayo.

ME: alright, bye. ****hanged up****


“This one that funmi is asking me questions”

“I just hope I’m save ooooo”

“What is going to happen on monday?”

“Well, let me just pretend as if nothing happens”

I ignored the thoughts about funmi and decided to engage myself in some other activities. I later had a chat with segun and gave him feedbacks about my conversations with funmilayo, he assured me that there won’t be any problem and that I should keep mute about the matter unless she talks about it. Later in the evening, I got a chat message on my bbm. I checked it and it was from Betty. I picked up my phone and replied her chats.

BETTY: hello dear, happy weekend.

ME: same to my love. How are studies going?

BETTY: it’s going fine my dear, but I can’t wait to see you.

ME: same here my love. december is already around the corner. Or aren’t you coming home again?.

BETTY: I won’t come home keeeeee?, not possible. It seems you don’t really know how much I missed you.

ME: that’s my baby.

BETTY: but I told you that daddy won’t be aware of it.

ME: yeah, I remember.

BETTY: yes. It’s a deal between the four of us, Henry, aunty bimpe, you and I.

ME: no problems dear. I can’t wait to see you too.

BETTY: that reminds me onihaxy. I had a scary dream last night

ME: what was the dream all about?

BETTY: I saw both of us walking together along a path. We were discussing until we reached a certain wooden bridge where we can cross over to the other side.

ME: then what happened next?

BETTY: we saw a man crossing through the bridge and we waited for him come down from the bridge because it was a narrow bridge. On getting to our side, the man told us that the bridge was very fragile and only one person can cross at a time.

ME: hmmmmmmmmmmm. I’m listening.

BETTY: so, you told me to cross over first and that you will wait for me to get to the other side before joining me. But when I reached the other side of the bridge, something happened.

ME: what happened?.

BETTY: I turned back to see if you will start coming but I was shocked to see two women surrounding you. One turned her back towards my side and she was facing you and she was pushing you backwards, while the other woman who appeared to be much older was pulling your hand and dragging you sideways. They were both fighting over you to follow their respective paths.

ME: hmmmmmmmmm. This is serious.

BETTY: I got angry and I was running on the bridge, coming back to rescue you from them but my legs slipped along the way and I fell off. That was when I woke up.

ME: haaaaa. What sort of dream was that?

BETTY: I don’t know ooo onihaxy. But I think it was a measage from you. You need to pray seriously.

ME: ****heart can you identify the women in the dream?

BETTY: the first lady was in a position that her back was facing me, so I couldn’t recognize her sha. But for the other lady whom I said she appeared to be older, I should be able to recognize her.

ME: *** thank God you didn’t recognize the younger woman**** eeeeyahhh.

BETTY: seriously, you need to pray very hard onihaxy. I’m not too comfortable with the dream.

ME: ok dear, I will pray about it and also inform my pastor about it.

BETTY: ok dear. But wait onihaxy, hope you aren’t keeping any other woman apart from me?

ME: haba betty, don’t you trust me anymore?

BETTY: I do trust you dear, just trying to figure out the interpretation of the dream.

ME: it’s just a dream jor. It might probably be a result of your thoughts before going to bed.

BETTY: alright sha, I trust you.

ME: thanks dear.

BETTY: so, how is my family?, and when was the last time you saw them?

ME: not too long sha. But they are all fine.

BETTY: what about my little Danielle?

ME: she is fine too.

BETTY: eeyah. I have really missed that girl so much oooo, I can’t wait to see her.

ME: ok dear.

BETTY: so, let’s talk about us onihaxy.

ME: ok dear, what is that?

BETTY: you know that I won’t be going to my father’s house again after graduation. Neither will I be able to stay for long in Henry’s house. So what are your plans for me immediately after acquiring my master’s degree?

ME: I don’t understand dear.

BETTY: ok, when exactly are we getting married?

ME: ******chaiiii!!!!!!!!**********

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