Thu. Jul 18th, 2024


I went back into the room, lock the door and sat on my

bed closer to kemi staring at her appearance, she

looked different from what I saw on facebook but her

boobs and butts are the same. She was putting on a

jean trouser with a blue top.

ME: you are looking prettier than the kemi I saw on


KEMI: I know you are teasing me

ME: I’m so serious baby

KEMI: thanks dear

ME: you are welcome

KEMI: that reminds me, where is my airtime?

ME: *****oloshi, this girl don craze ooo*** I

remembered dear, I will buy it for you when we are

going out

KEMI: that’s why I love you. How much?

ME: maybe 400naira.

KEMI: thanks darling

ME: you are welcome, *** stretched my hand and

placed her palm on mine**** don’t mind my brother, he

is very funny

KEMI: **grin** indeed, and he is nice

ME: really?, how?

KEMI: instincts.

ME: hmmmmmmmm, so how is everything with you?,

never knew I would see you so soon ******teasing her

palm with my middle finger.

KEMI: so you think I won’t show up?

ME: not really, just that I thought you were pulling my


KEMI: I see!!

I drew closer to kemi, I held her second hand with

mine, looked into her eyes for a few seconds and our

heads was getting closer. Finally, our lips met and we

began to kiss. The kiss was getting deeper as she

began to press my head closer. I began to move my

hand downward to her neck, I tickled her cleavage and

was about dipping my hands into her br**sts when she

resisted me. I felt sad but never gave up, we kissed

again and I made the second attempt of locating her

br**st, but this time, I went through her under-gown

instead of the top, I found her bra and intended dipping

my hands inside it but she resisted again. ***which

kind witchcraft be this na***.

I ignored the br**st, I moved my hands down to the

abdomen and tickled the round spot on it and she

began to jerk gradually, ****hmmm, every girl has

different weak point ooo. Bimpe’s own was her Tip

while this one na abdomen*****, I noticed her that her

mood was getting more passionate, I continued on the

abdomen for more seconds, I noticed some tiny hairs

directly below the navel and I played with the hairs as I

traced it downward, the jerking was increasing as she

began to let out soft moans, she removed her mouth

from mine, pushed her head upwards and placed her

neck on my lips. I utilised the opportunity and kissed

her neck down to her cleavage. This time, I decided to

go upward to the br**st again and behold, there was

no resistance. I pushed up her top, pulled out the

br**sts from the bra. Pushed her back on the bed as I

began to manipulate the Tips, the moaning continued

but the tempo never increased. I can tell it when a girl

isn’t enjoying a br**st sucking so I changed tactics. I

decided to suck the entire Tip and choke my mouth

with as much flesh as possible and gently squeezing

the second br**st. This time, the moans was

increasing in tempo.

I decided to upgrade, I moved the left hand downwards

while still sucking and swapping the Tips. I traced my

hands down to the navel and I noticed that she jerked

again just like she did the first time. I traced the tiny

hairs beneath the abdomen and my trace led me

straight to the button of her jeans trouser. *****chai,

which kind of obstacle is this?, why can’t she wear a

skirt or gown?*******.

I tried loosing the button and she held me hand and

screamed “stop!!!”.

ME: what is it dear?

KEMI: ****wears her top very well and adjusted her

bra*****. What are you trying to do?, you want to have

s£x with me?, on a first date?.

ME *****silent and nodded sideways****

KEMI: so you invited me here because of s£x.

ME: no dear.

KEMI: then let’s stop it. This is our first date, and

besides, your brother should be on his way back.

ME: ********frowned and sad*****


ME: no problem then

KEMI: that’s my baby

ME: ****silent and frowned*****

KEMI: please call bro segun to hurry up, I need to

return on time

ME: *****silent, no response******

KEMI: ******came closer******* onihaxy, I am talking

to you now

ME: *****frowned****** I didn’t hear you before.

KEMI: what’s wrong with you?

ME: nothing, I’m fine ****oloshi, how I go take Bleep

this girl ooooooooo, abi make I rake for her??*********

KEMI: ok oooooooooooooooooo. ****kept mute


Minutes later, my phone rang, it was segun but I

refused to pick up. The calls kept coming in but I

refused to pick

KEMI: your brother is calling you, pick your calls

ME: *****sege go dey think say I dey busy bleeping

kemi now oooo, him no go know say water to pass

garri******. Pick it yourself

KEMI: nawa oooooo ****picks call******, hello bro


I didn’t hear segun’s speech but I could hear kemi

replying her that she was fine. I think he requested to

speak with me and she passed the phone to me.

ME: how far sege?

SEGE: I dey, how far?, you don dig her?

ME: no oooo

SEGE: why na?, wetin happen?

ME: nothing jaree.

SEGE: you dey vex me oooo. Give her the phone jaree.

ME: ok ****i handed the phone to kemi and the

continued their conversation****

KEMI: your brother said he would soon be back that he

is on a queue.

ME: *******silent and frowned*******

KEMI: ******came closer****, onihaxy my love, what is

wrong with you?

ME: nothing. Kemi, I think you just inspired me.

KEMI: really?, how?

ME: that someone shouldn’t rush into things especially

on first dates.

KEMI: I don’t understand ****raised eye brow*****

ME: according to you, first date should be for simple

meetings and discussions, not for adventures.

KEMI: what does that implies?

ME: I’m no more in mood for any shopping for now,

maybe tomorrow or some other time.

KEMI: *******yelled****** so because you want to take

me out for shopping, you wanted to get s£x in return

right?. If that is the case, keep your shopping and let

me be

ME: ****scope*** you aren’t a prostitute or ordinary

girlfriend but a finance and a lover whom I am ready to

take to my family, I didn’t reason it that today is a first

date before I planned hosting you for outings. I only

believed that new lovers should have this mentality of

yours. We have been dating for over 3 years now. So

why this issue of first date of a thing…..bla bla


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