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After seeing her mother and deciding that she was the one that was going to be by the bedside, she opted to go home because they both needed a change of clothes and she had to let her father know about the new development.


She walked to the lounge where she had left Josphat but he was nowhere to be found, after asking around from people; she was told that he had left with his wife and now she had to walk back home because she had not carried any money. ‘Mama I will be coming, let me just get some clothes and food then I will be back.’ She told her


When she walked out of the hospital, she took a deep breath and thought of the journey ahead. Chawama was far but she had no other alternative. So taking a step at a time, she began to walk slowly making sure to use the inside roads so that she would get home early.


An hour later she was home and her feet hurt like crazy but it wasn’t a time to complain. After cleaning up and changing into something else, she packed some of her mother’s clothes and hers then prepared some light porridge as that was the only thing she could afford at the moment. She waited on her father to show up but he never did so she went to Bwana Howards farm to tell him about his mother’s condition in hopes that he would tell Sau about it.


‘Miso you are welcome.’ His wife said when she was ushered into the farm by one of the workers



Miso noticed that the lady had aged pretty much and her head was now crowned with silver hair which was falling off on the edges.


‘How are you?’ Miso greeted now on her knees


‘Please get up, you and your mother are full of respect. I wish my children could have married women like you.’


Miso smiled weakly, she couldn’t imagine herself being with either Khan or Josphat; they were both arrogant.


She sat just next to the lady and made light conversation before getting to why she had gone to visit her.


‘Ma I came here in hopes that the Bwana is around.’


The old lady looked at her then back to the vegetables she was sorting


‘He has been scarce, with the new land in Shimabala he has literally moved there.’ Miso scratched her head.


‘Is there something you want me to tell him in case he comes back?’


‘Yes I was really hoping that my brother can be informed about mum’s illness.’ ‘Your mother is sick?’ she asked concerned


Miso looked at her shock registered on her face.


‘Mum has been sick for a long time now, we have asked for help from Bwana so many times. I thought you knew.’


There was disappointment and hurt registered on her face, her eyes glistered with tears and I could have sworn that she wanted to cry had it not been for Khan to disturb us.


‘My doctor.’ She said sniffing the tears away ‘Hey queen.’ He greeted kissing her on the cheek ‘You finally decided to come and see me right?’


‘I am not staying, I just wanted to get some fresh milk. You know I don’t like all these processed products.’ He said disappearing into the house


‘One of the few good things I got out of this marriage.’ She said but quickly pretended like it had not come from her


‘Well I need to get going because mum is alone at the hospital.’ I said on my feet ‘Just wait for Khan, he will drop you there.’


She wanted to protest but she had already disappeared into the house. She came back minutes later with a basket full of fresh farm products and some fresh milk. They were chitenges, socks and warm clothing in a separate plastic.


‘Ma you don’t have to.’


‘Consider it a present, not some charity.’ She said rubbing her hand



They walked to where Khan had parked his car, he put the parcels for her in the back seat whilst she helped myself in the passenger’s seat.


Unlike his brother he was playing soft music in the car and he was swift with his driving.


‘Why does Denise hate you?’ he asked when they were approaching kwacha. ‘I just met her and I wouldn’t say she hates me but that we just didn’t click.’ ‘She isn’t always like that.’


Miso just nodded my head.


‘I pity her, Josphat wasn’t always like that. He loved and treated her right before power got to his head, now he has changed.’ He said a hint of hurt in his voice ‘And you are telling me this because?’


‘I saw the way he was looking at you, be careful Miso. You seem like an intelligent girl who has a bright future but I wouldn’t want you ruining your life because of choices you can avoid now.’


By this time she had my attention drawn to him, she heard every single word that he said but her concern was why he cared so much and why he spoke like that of his brother. Yes everyone has a black sheep in the family but don’t go around telling people about it.


‘I think the next time you should mind your business.’ She said when he parked in the parking lot


He breathed deeply


‘Don’t say I didn’t warn you because I am that friend that rubs the salt in the wound to remind you of what I had told you earlier on.’


‘We are not friends and I would prefer that you stay out of my business. Thank you for the ride.’ Miso said getting out of the vehicle


She got her things from the back seat and walked to her mother’s ward, when she


got there she was seated upright and chatting with a patient on a bed next to hers.


‘Mama.’ Miso said sitting down


‘You didn’t take long.’


‘I got a lift when coming back though I didn’t find papa home I guess I have to go back tomorrow.’


‘Don’t bother about your father, he knew that I was brought here so I am sure he will find his way sooner or later.’ She said with so much spite


Miso looked at her and noticed the anger in her eyes, this is not the woman that she knew. Something was totally wrong somewhere and her curiosity would make her find out




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