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Khan was having a terrible day at work, he just couldn’t get it out of his mind that Miso could prefer Josphat over him when it came to issues concerning Xavier. He had just attended to his seventh patient of the day when her scent hit his nostrils, whatever time or day he couldn’t miss it. He felt his anger build up just thinking of the kind of drama she had come with, he wasn’t ready to deal with her yet here she was parading herself for God knows what.


‘Hey handsome.’ She said in a teasing yet s£xy voice


He finished writing the prescription and gave it to the nurse he was working with. ‘Make sure you give this to the patient and if the medicine is not available make sure they buy it so that treatment begins.’ He said putting his pen away


‘Are you going to pretend like I am not here?’ she asked walking behind him His anger was almost getting the best of him but he chose to control himself. ‘What do you want here?’ he asked immediately they got to his office

She closed the door behind her and put her bag on his table.


He looked at her for the first time since her coming, she was in a long beige trench coat with black heels.


‘How long are we going to play this game?’ she asked unbuttoning the coat ‘Meaning?’ he asked his eyes fixed on her face


‘Khan we are both adults and I know you want me as much as I do you, so when are we going to stop behaving like kids and just get on with each other.’ She said now the buttons open


She dropped it to the ground, underneath was a lace bra and a matching underwear. ‘What are you doing?’ he asked


‘I know you like what you see, I know you want me.’ She said biting her lower lip Denise was a beautiful woman, she had curves in the right places and any man in their right mind would fall for her trap.



‘I am giving you a minute to dress up or else you will not like what I will do.’ He said his voice strong


She feared a little but did not show it, this was the only way to get him to lose himself for her; it was today or never.


‘Do you know the difference between Zambian women and women from Florence?’ she asked


‘Denise I am warning you.’ He said his voice stern


‘Zambian women unfasten their bras from the back, whilst women from Florence Italy; do it from the front.’ She said now unfastening her bra and letting it drop to the ground


Khan swallowed hard, her br**sts were full and firm. Facing him and as if welcoming him.


‘Denise please.’ He said his voice almost pleading


She knew that she had him in a fix, if only she had thought of this a long time ago She moved closer to where he stood making sure that they touched his chest, his breathing changed; his senses leaving him in an instant. She held both his hands and placed them on her br**sts.


‘Denise.’ He said lost in the emotions


‘Say no more.’ She told him




She took a deep breath before knocking, the last time she had been here things had gone as planned but after a while everything crumbled back to the ground.


‘Good morning.’ A lady who looked like a house help said ‘Good morning, is Josphat in?’ she asked


The lady looked at her from head to toe


‘Yes he is.’ She responded rudely


‘Tell him that Miso is here to see him.’


The lady banged the door in Miso’s face leaving her in shock. Minutes later she came back and ushered her inside.


‘Make yourself comfortable, he will join you in a minute.’ She said ‘Okay.’


She removed Xavier from her back and put him on her laps, he was sound asleep. ‘The lion has followed the humble sheep.’ He said walking towards her his hands in his pockets


She looked at him trying to block the memories of that one time he took advantage of her.



‘So let me see, you have come to give me a piece of your mind again? And this time you didn’t come with your boyfriend?’ ‘Can you please take a seat?’ she asked politely


‘No I won’t, this is my house not so?’ he asked sarcastically


She took a deep breath, this was a bad idea. Josphat was always going to be as arrogant as he has always been.


‘Are you going to speak or maybe I go back inside?’ he asked with a raised eye brow


She sighed


‘I am not here to argue or to warn you.’ She began ‘I am all ears.’


‘Josphat I hate you.’ She said bluntly


‘Wow.’ He responded taken by surprise


‘Yes I hate the fact that you came to me as a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing, I hate that you took advantage of me. I hate that because of you I lost my mother.’ Her voice was almost breaking now but she paused to keep calm


‘Most importantly I hate that you are the man that my son will grow up to call his father.’ She said through gritted teeth


He looked at Xavier who was sleeping then back to her face


‘But no matter how much I despise you or what conditions Xavier was born in, he has your blood running in his veins and I won’t deny him the joy of having a father in his life just because of the hate I have for you.’


His face softened, he had not expected to hear this from her


‘I will make sure Xavier never hears about you not until the day he will be old enough to know right from wrong, only when he asks about you. Until then I will be both mother and father to this child because I know you don’t have any affection towards him.’


She swallowed and watched as he took a seat


‘I am not going to fight you because you win, I don’t have the kind of money you have and worse I can’t drain your blood from my child’s veins. What was done was done and I can’t undo it. So you win. You win whatever battle you have presented but all I ask is that you don’t involve an innocent child in all this.’ She said


He looked at her without a word.


‘Miso I know you as a strong woman, why would you give up just like that?’ She laughed lightly



‘I didn’t give up, I just chose which battles to fight. When you have a child that you will love some day, you will know which battles are worth fighting.’ She said now on her feet


‘Miso.’ He said




‘I didn’t mean to fight you, I just wanted to be with you.’ She shook her head


‘You are just selfish Josphat, if you wanted to be with me you would have used the right means and not what you did.’


‘How can something so ugly bring about something so beautiful?’ he asked looking at Xavier


‘God is beautiful, he works in beautiful ways. You should seek him sometimes, you could use some beauty. Your life is nothing but dust, could be blown away any time. Empty like a barren womb, cold like the grave.’ She said and walked out leaving him in shock





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