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Sau sat there in silence as he heard his sister narrate everything that had happened to her two years ago, he had always guessed that it was bad but he never thought it was that bad. By the time she was finishing, she and Mel were both in tears whilst he and Khan were looking sorrowful.


‘Why can’t we just report him to the authorities?’ he asked when she was done ‘He is the authority.’ Miso responded


‘I have done all my research on Josphat, I know the kind of person he is and what he is capable of doing. I am not going to gamble with what he can do.’ She responded


After sighing, she got on her feet.


‘I guess it is time to face him now.’ She said ‘Are you sure about this?’ Khan asked


‘If I don’t do this, he will try to make my life miserable and I won’t allow it. I better face him whilst I still have strength.’ She responded


The drive back to Lusaka was a painful one, Miso didn’t know where she would start from because when she left two years back; she promised herself that no matter what she would never return. They got there in the late evening, she had already called FAY designers, one of the biggest designers in Lusaka that were willing to work with her.


She shared a room with Mel and Xavier whilst Sau shared with Khan.


The following morning, Miso woke up quite early. Sleeping had been a hustle so waking up wasn’t much of a problem either. She took a bath and settled for a bandage nude dress and nude heels, she had no makeup on and her braids were nicely tied in a bun.


‘Are you ready to go?’ Khan asked


She smiled, she was leaving Xavier behind. They had planned on going early so that they found Josphat home



The drive to his place was quiet, each one of them lost in their own thoughts. When they got there he held her hand


‘I want you to be strong for Xavier, you know he will try to use your weakness when you give him the opportunity.’


‘I know.’ She responded putting up a strong face


They got out of the vehicle and walked to the front door, Khan knocked once and was welcomed by a house help who told them that the madam would be with them in a minute.


Denise had not had a very pleasant night, but hearing that Khan was there to see them; she felt a little bit of strength.


She applied a bit of makeup on her eye bugs so that they couldn’t be that puffy.


She walked gracefully to the leaving room but stopped in her tracks when she


came face to face with Miso.


Khan stood up to greet her


‘Denise.’ He said politely


‘What is she doing here?’


‘Is that a way of greeting your guests?’ Khan asked


Miso had totally forgotten about Denise, she was not ready for her drama. ‘Is your husband in?’ Miso asked without a care in the world ‘What do you want from him?’


Just then Josphat walked in, he was shocked to see Miso seated there but he hid his excitement and shock quickly.


‘What do we have here?’ he asked faking a smile ‘How are you Josphat?’ Miso greeted standing up


‘I am good Miso, how are you?’ he responded shaking her hand


She sat down when he let go of her hand, Denise sat too. The men didn’t say a word to each other


‘I am sure you know why I am here but firstly I would like to enlighten your wife.’ Miso began


Denise stared at the faces in the room but all of them were expressionless ‘Denise I know from lady to lady this will break you and even though you are not my favorite person I need you to know that I am very sorry.’


‘Oh, so you too can humble yourself?’ Denise asked sarcastically ‘Denise stop it.’ Khan said


She raised her hands in surrender


‘I have a two year old child, who happens to be your husband’s child too.’ She said ‘Excuse me?’ Denise asked feeling her insides break


Josphat smiled, Khan held Miso’s hand.


‘You come into my house, with no remorse or anything just to tell me that you had s£x with my husband and you have a child together?’ she asked ‘Yes.’ Miso responded


‘You slut! How could you? Wasn’t it enough that you had Khan and now you had to go for a married man, his brother?’ she asked now crying


Everyone in the room was quiet waiting for her to stop crying.


‘How did it even happen?’ Denise asked


‘I am not here to discuss how it happened.’ Miso said not showing any weakness in her voice


‘Oh Lord.’ Denise cried


‘Josphat how could you?’ she asked more tears falling, the mascara on her face making two black thick lines


‘It happened and don’t pretend like I didn’t tell you.’ He said clicking his tongue ‘I can’t deal with this anymore.’ She said getting up


Once she was out of their sight, Josphat spoke.


‘I am glad you came to your senses, so where is my son?’ he asked


‘You are not getting him, he will never be yours just like he has never been.’ She said strongly


‘Excuse me?’ he asked one eye brow raised


‘You heard me Josphat, he is my son. Mine alone, he might have your blood flowing in his veins but he will never be yours.’ She said now on her feet


He sat there in awe as he stared at her body, he had never thought that she would turn out to look like that.


‘Then I guess I will see you in court.’ He said with a smirk on his face ‘I hope you are ready to be convicted for murder too.’ She responded ‘Excuse me?’


‘Oh, let me enlighten you.’ She said


She walked to where he was standing and whispered something in his ears He looked like he had just swallowed a grenade.


‘We can leave now.’ She said holding Khan’s hand as they walked out





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