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Anne has been calling Rick for more than 30 minutes,and he refused to pick her calls nor returning it back,so she decided to text him.


“Rick there is something important I need to tell you about us,have been trying to reach you but you keep on rejecting my calls,well for your information am pregnant and am carry your baby”,she text , dropped the bombs for Rick to read


Within 3 minutes,Rick called Anne back,for the first time in three weeks.


“Hey what kind of text are you sending to me,I can’t seem to understand it”,said Rick stammering on the other side of the phone


“Yes it’s through,and what you read there is true,am pregnant with our first child,we are going to have a baby Rick”,Anne said with smiles on her face



“No it can’t be possible,Anne I told you no strings attached,am a married man and you know it,I was with you because my wife did not acknowledge my presence as her husband ,cause she value her business than me,but now it’s all in the past,we are together now and she is pregnant for my first child,so I don’t know what you are talking about Anne”,Rick spat angrily on the phone


“well, that how I see myself,it’s not me that made myself pregnant,you did ,when you were pouring all your seeds in me , don’t you know I will be pregnant,huh!!!”, Anne spoke angrily and mad at Rick


“Well if you know what’s good for you,better abort that pregnancy,cause I can’t father such child,I am a married man,and my wife is pregnant for my first child,am expecting a baby from my wife and not you”,Rick said angrily while shouting on the phone


“Really ,is this all what you will say to me,it’s your first baby for God sake,are you telling me to abort it,oh I can’t abort this child,it’s our baby,our first child”,said Anne in tears


“Then get ready to father the baby yourself,cause am out,and am sending you some money to get raid of that thing you call a baby”,I can’t father such child,am a married man and I have a wife with my baby in her”,Rick said and hang up on Anne


Anne cried in her room,and cursed Rick,two minutes later,an alert entered her phone from Rick,a sum of $10,000 dollars,to remove the pregnancy,but Anne thought she won’t abort her child,she will take care of her baby, without Rick.


Mrs Helen had been eavasdropping on her daughter’s conversation with Rick,then she badge into the room and asked and if she was pregnant.


“Anne you are now pregnant,I warned you but you refused,you took my advice as shit,now look at you getting all big cause of the pregnancy,I promise you that the day you will get pregnant without a father,am going to disown you as my daughter,now the time as come ,cause I can’t support such,this is shame and disgrace to me,for my daughter to get pregnant out of wedlock,it’s can’t be,well am



leaving the house for you and your baby,I can’t stay and watch this,good luck with the life you choose”, Mrs Helen Anne’s mother,spoke with tears in her eyes


“Mother am sorry for causing you pains,I threw your advise to the air, please forgive me,and don’t go away,am so sorry please”,Anne cried on her mother’s shoulder,but her mother already said her mind and it’s the final.


Three months now since Anne’s mother had left the house for her daughter Anne,Anne had been struggling with her advancing pregnancy to her cafe,she employed a female attendant in her cafe,to help her ,but the lady stole her money and kept Anne stranded ,Rick refused to pick Anne’s calls,and he never cared about Anne anymore,Anne started staying at home,and use the little money she has to feed herself and her baby,she vowed not to abort her baby ,and thought she could do it all by herself,but has the months went by it’s became worst,but she stood her ground.


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One day Anne decided to call Rick,so he could send her some money for her anti natal care,and feeding,but Rick did not pick up,so she texted him instead.


“Hey bud


die,it’s been a while since we spoke,well did not abort our baby,am still carry your baby,and it’s your first child,you can’t abandon me with this,I need some money to buy my baby things and my feeding”,Anne text


2 minutes later Rick called


Anne why do you plan on tormenting me this way,I can’t not father such child,am married,and am expecting my baby few months from now,are you trying to tell me that you did not abort the pregnancy with the money I gave you three months ago, and you are keeping the child “, Rick said with an upset emotion


“Yes I did not abort it, because of this my mother left the house for me,am all alone and I need some money,am stranded ,I can’t abort my child Rick I can’t”,Anne said crying in the other end of the phone



“Anne don’t disturb my life anymore,I don’t have any money to give you,u can’t be spending my money on you and the child,when I already told you to get raid of it earlier,but you refuse saying you will take care of yourself and the baby,now you are calling you need money from me,see I can’t be doing this ok,Rick said I hang up on Anne


Quickly as possible Anne text back, threatening to come to his house,if he do not send her some money to take care of herself and buy some baby things,5 minutes later Rick transferred $15,000 dollars to Anne’s account,and send her a text.


“This should be the last time you will call,me asking for money for your child,cause the child is not mine,I can’t father such child,am expecting my first child and it’s from my wife,so take care of yourself and your baby.


Anne was happy when she saw the money,she bought all she needed for herself and her baby,she was having a girl child, likewise Celine too was having a girl child,now it’s been two months now,and Anne is having her baby in a close by hospital near her house,she was send to the hospital with the help of her neighbor who parked in recently,the woman had been nice to her,the two began friends in no time,she bears Rita,


Rita stayed with Anne,and took the responsibility has a mother to Anne and her newly born child,they named the girl child Melissa,the baby was so beautiful that anybody who passes must look twice at the baby,some gave the baby Melissa gifts,some prayed for her,while some took pictures with her,this alone made Anne to be proud of herself for keeping baby Melissa cause she shines up her day and bring smiles every single day of her life,Rita helped Anne in any way she can,she was like a sister,a mother and a friend to Anne,their bound was inseparable.


A month after Anne gave birth to her baby,Celine gave birth to her baby,and it’s was a girl child, Rick and Celine named their child Flora, Flora was pretty,but her beauty was nothing compared to that of Melissa,the two couples loved their child and gave her the kind of love a parent can give to their child.


One day,Anne decided to let Rick know about her child,so she called him an he picked up immediately on the first ring.



“Good morning and how may I help you miss”,Rick sounded unconserned


“Good morning dear,well I called to inform you that I had a girl child and she is so beautiful,you will love her when you see her”,Anne said trying to convince Rick,but Rick was not getting any of that


“Madam, how many times do I have to tell you that,I can’t father such child,you said you can take care of her,that why you kept her,then go ahead and take care of her yourself,leave me and my family alone”,Rick said,and one more last thing don’t call this line anymore,if you do no that you are wasting your time,Rick said and hang up.


Anne became upset,and started blaming herself for putting her baby’s life in this dangerous world,she started crying,and Rita console her,and she became happy again seeing her baby’s face.



















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