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For a week now, Anne’s mother has been suspecting Anne’s behavior,cause Anne was a kind of person that loves staying by herself and without friends,Anne does not have any friend even right from school,but now Anne started buying more things to the house,she will cook and dish some out,then leave the house immediately,she started coming home a bit late from her cafe,so her mother Mrs Helen suspected her to be going out with the man who gave her $50,000 dollars ,and she suspect him to be married,now her motive Is clear when she tiptoed to Anne’s room and heard her conversation with the man on phone, asking him about his wife not knowing about them,she shook her head and left.


“Hey Mom,good evening”,Anne asked with smiles on her face


“Am fine,as you can see,but there is something I want to let you know”,Mrs Helen speaks


“ok mom,am listening”,Anne replied


“I found out you are going out with a married man,and it’s bad,if it’s were your husband how will you feel when you get to know he is with another woman”,Mrs Helen speak warning Anne about Rick


“Oh mom,come on,it’s not what you think,we are just friends and nothing more,”replied Anne who was already dressing up to go meet Rick at, Royal Caribbean hotel


“Anne this is the last warning am given you,have been warning you ever since but you are refusing to change,if you get pregnant for that man whom you are not married to,I promise you that,I will disown you from being my daughter,you better not bring in a bastard child into this house”,Mrs Helen spoke with annoyance to Anne


“Mom,is this all you could say to me,I don’t have any business with Rick,he is just a friend ok mom,I won’t do anything that will hurt you”,Anne said as she wore her



heels,and a green gown,which stop below her kneels, bringing all her shape and curves,she was beautiful that her mother had to compliment her


“You look good this evening Anne,where are you heading to with this mini gown,hope you are not going on a date with that married man”, Mrs Helen said anxiously waiting to know where Anne was going at that time


“Mom you worry to much,am going to see a friend of mine,she just came from England,so I need to look good”,Anne said trying to hid her lying face,her mother knew she was lying but she did not push any further


Rick got to the expensive hotel before the said time he has Anne to come,he already came there 10 minutes before the said time reaches for Anne to come,he already booked a room,and he selected a spot where he and Anne will sit at the bar of the hotel,he dressed


so well that other ladies were all staring at him,some were trying to walk past his front so he could see them clearly,but he was not interested in any of them,he came cause of Anne,so he will wait for Anne


Anne walked into the hotel, shining like a goddess with the green gown that shines with the reflection of the light bulbs that were fix in the celling of the hotel bar,all eyes were on her,she looked beautiful and elegant ,the heels made her look more ravishing to the eyes,she search all the corners with her eyes and could not find Rick,she began to think if Rick was playing tricks on her ,but before she could turn her head to her left direction,she heard Rick’s voice.


“Welcome my lady,you look beautiful tonight”,he said with smiles plastered on his face and took her hand and kissed it,then lead her to the spot he took for them.


“oh thanks,I was lost trying to find you,I thought you were not here”,she said with smiles plastered on her face


“Well I was already here like ten minutes before the said time,so I could take out this spot for us,and I booked a room so we could spend our time together,what do you think”, Rick asked Anne while he sips from his wine



“Ermmmm,a room for us,well ok,fine”,it’s will be fun”,Anne said trying to feel good,cause she did not expect Rick to book a room for them.


The two drank and chatted for a while, they ate some french fries and desserts,took some wines and laughed at any slight words


they made,the two were having fun,and when they got to check the time it’s was few minutes to 10 o’clock in the night,Anne had to call her mother that she won’t come back that night cause it’s late and she is fine,her mother told her she heard and did not say anything apart from that.


Rick made love twice with Anne that night without using anything protection,he made up his mind to do the withdrawal method,but unfortunately he poured his seeds in her cause of the pleasure they had,the two slept like a baby and did not bother to rush things cause the next morning,was Saturday,so Rick won’t go to work then,but will stay home to rest .


Rick worshipped Anne that night,that made anne wished it were her man,but she had to swallow her feelings to herself and play the games of,”FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS”, with Rick.


They slept after then, meanwhile Celine had been trying to reach Rick but his line was not going through,she had tried it several times and it’s went to voicemail,she was so sad that her husband had started cheating on her,she then sat to think that she was the cause of everything he was doing,and promised herself that she will make things work out for them both when he comes back home, Celine fell asleep on the sofa in the sitting room till it was morning,she woke up and met her husband in the bedroom,and was shocked to see him there.


“Rick darling,where have you been all through the night,have been waiting for you,and what time did you get in here that I did not notice you when you came back”, Celine asked with mixed emotions, searching Rick’s eyes for answer


“You can’t even greet me this morning,you just started bombarding me with series of questions,well if you are curious to know where I was,i was with Jerry,we went to a friend’s house opening party,so I stayed there for the night”,said Rick



Not even looking at Celine,he wanted to hurt her a bit,if she would change cause he loved her so much,but she doesn’t want to see how he feels as a husband,if your wife turn you down for several months and bringing up unreasonable excuse for it.


“But your phone was not going through when I tried calling you,it’s went to voicemail”,she said with tears in her eyes.


“Yeah my phone was off,so I put it in my bag”,and am sorry for not letting you know sooner.


Rick said and went to the bathroom to do his business,when he came out he met Celine kneeling on her kneels,he ignore her thinking it’s one of silly tricks,but he saw she was serious and she was crying.


“Baby,why the tears and why are you on your kneels?”, Rick asked Celine


“Darling am so sorry for everything I made you passed through all this months, I was blind to see I was punishing you,I distance myself from you and took and care for my business alone, without caring for you,I did not cook for you rather I went to bring in a maid, please find a place in your heart to forgive me,it won’t happen again,I will always do my best as a wife to please you in any way I can”,Celine said while she cried as she poured her heart to her husband Rick


Rick was speechless and surprised, now that his relationship with Anne is going deeper he thought,well if his wife could change who is he not to forgive her,he went and knelt down beside her,and hugged her,while she took his warm embrace ,oh how she had miss his touch and embrace,she thought then smiled.


That morning Rick made sweet love to Celine,and they came back together as they had started when they first married.













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