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“Hey babe,how you doing”,said Rick to Anne,with smiles all over his face,then he went to sit at his favorite position of the cafe.


“Yah, am good, thanks”,Anne replied,then went in and prepared his favorite,placed it on the table then gave him a light peck at the side of his cheek,with smiles plastered on her face.


“So how is your wife doing,asked Anne with a curious look on her face


“Yeah,she is fine,and please I don’t want to talk about her,let just talk about us,and not her please”,Rick said and his face fell sadly,cause he knows he was cheating on her,so bringing his wife into the picture will ruin things for Anne and him.



“ok,am sorry,was just concerned, won’t bother you about your family issues anymore”,Anne said and stood up, trying to avoid his gaze


“oh you should not be offended with how I spoke to you, just that I feel guilty talking about her to you,I don’t want to think about her,just you and I ok”,he said then squeeze her hand lightly,and blew her a kiss,which made Anne smiled


Rick finished his coffee and snacks,after which he and Anne chatted for a little while before he left her cafe,after saying his goodbyes,and promising to chat with her at night.






“Hey,Anne how you doing”,Rick texted Anne,


Before then, he had cooked some noodles all by himself,ate it and took his night shower and took care of his teeth,and wait for sleep to take him,but had to fulfil his promise of chatting with Anne before he sleeps,his wife was yet to be back.




“dinggggg,dinggggg”,his phone vibrated,then he picked it and saw Anne’s text


“Am fine handsome,hope you are well, just thinking about you before I saw your text,*smiles*




“Oh dear,I won’t fail to text you as promise,I was about sleeping but decided to text you before sleep will knock on my window *smiles* ,my wife is yet to be back from her business,so we won’t chat long ok,will see you tomorrow at 5 pm,at Royal Caribbean hotel,think that is a mile from your house,so we could spend some time together”,he texted*kisses*





“oh,you really want to take me there,you know it’s an expensive hotel,*sad*




“Babe why the sad emoji,huh!!!!”,he text




“Rick I won’t lie to you,am beginning to fall in love with you,and am afraid your wife might find out about us,and it’s going to be a problem”,she texted




“oh please Anne,I told you several times, forget about her,I will solve this out between us,we are good ok,the only problem is ,I want us to be just the way we are,no strings attached, just friends with benefits ,then we are good you know”,cause I do like you as well,and I won’t want to break your heart by making you love me then I hurt you later,I just want you to take it that’s way. NO STRINGS ATTACHED”, Rick texted it bolder


Five minutes passed and no text from Anne




“Anne are you there, please speak to me ok,it’s the truth,and I don’t want to hurt you ok,*kisses*,my baby smile for me ok,I love you and you know that,but am married,we could work out things together ok,am sorry”, Rick text again




“well I accept it Rick,now I can’t seem to understand my feelings anymore,but am going to play along,it’s fine by me,I love you too*kisses*





“Thanks dear for your understanding,I love you more*kisses*,Bye for now,see you tomorrow by 5 pm on the dot”, Rick texted




“ok handsome,see you bye”,she texted back


Meanwhile Celine had been standing at the bedroom door watching Rick smiling to his phone, but never noticed her presence,there she knew that something was not right,and she thinks it’s the woman he gave out his $50,000 dollars too,but she will find out soon,she quickly tip toed back to the sitting room and pretended to just came back from her business.


“Darling ,are you sleeping”, Celine faked a smile


Rick came out from the bedroom feigning sleeping yawns,but Celine already knew he will play those cheating games,so she played along.


Rick pecked Celine on the cheek as a welcome,then sat on the sofa in the sit


ting room,while Celine eyed him continuously without him noticing.


“You are back, welcome,I was so tired from work today,not quite long I came back and I prepared some noodles,your is in the fridge,take your bathe so you could eat some”,Rick said sincerely


“ok dear, thank you”, Celine said ,and quickly went to take her shower,and freshing up, wearing her nighties,then went to the kitchen,took her noodles Rick prepared for her from the fridge and came back to the sitting room and ate,while Rick watched some night program playing in the TV.


After Celine ate,she went to the kitchen to drop the used plate in the sink, keeping it for the maid to wash,then went back to meet Rick,sat on his lap and started to cuddle him, kissing him,while using her hands and fingers to caress his nipples, making Rick flinch not concetrating on the program he was watching.



Rick was surprised cause Celine never made advances towards him,ever since he married her,she was the distance type, always keeping to her self,so he kept thinking that it’s like she was up to something,let him see if she really need him,but he won’t give her that opportunity ,but will denial himself and focus on the TV,not minding his already hard on.


“Baby “, Celine said,


“please I need you,make love to me,I told you earlier that I have a surprise for you,this is it”,she said licking and biting her lips,while using her left hands to caress her nipples that were already hard and showing on her transparent night short gown, trying to making Rick focus on her,and not the TV.


“Baby, please am not ready for this ,this night and moreover am not in the mood right now,let see in the night,ok”,he said and kissed her on the lips,then went into the bedroom leaving Celine to herself.


Celine was wet already and needed to get Rick make love to her then,but she could not force herself on him again since he already rejected her moves,she will still wait in the night as he says.


The night went so fast, and it’s was now past 3 am, in the early hours of the morning,Celine was holding herself, cause she was feeling too horny and needed to get laid that night,she could not sleep,she kept on rolling on the bed, thinking that Rick will notice her and made love to her,but Rick on the other hand loves the way he was punishing her,so she could as well feel what he has been facing those times she refused him,so he pretended to sleep so deep, Celine watched him sleep and fell asleep some minutes later,the next morning before Celine woke up Rick was off to work,and when she look at the clock it was past 9 o’clock am,she quickly jumped up and went to prepare herself for her business,she woke up late cause she was not able to sleep in the night cause of how horny she was ,but she will still try this night again.










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