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Rick went home that evening feeling satisfied and better other than the two months he has missed a woman, thee taste of Anne’s food was still lingering in his mouth,wish to eat more of her food every day.


He took his shower and brush his teeth for the night ,his wife was not back yet from her business but he do not f*cking care about that,cause he felt satisfied and secured with Anne,if only his wife could change for good,then he will stop his secret affairs with Anne,he thought.


He took his phone to chat her up in a message




-Hey Anne , what’s up with you babe? ,




-smiles,am good and you?




-same,just want to know how my pretty is doing this night*smiles*?





-Oh thank you,and thank you for the money you gave to me,am so blessed to have someone like you,and my promise is to make you happy and satisfied whenever you are with me*chuckle*.




-Oh how sweet of you,I won’t forget the day I met a woman of your kind,how wish my woman can be like you,I will be happy*sad*




-oh dear don’t feel sad,just remember that anytime you feel in need of a woman,or you need someone to talk to, am always there for you, anytime of the day,ok it a promise to you




-Thanks babe,and thank you for everything you have done to me,the care and love you showed me,am so happy I have someone who will make me happy and not make me feel bad*smiles and kiss*




-thanks Rick,I love you so much*kiss*




-you do love me Anne*surprised*




yeah I do love you Rick,ever since I saw you are a different personality entirely I fell for you, but am sad cause we can’t be together,it’s just a secret affair for the moment*sad and face fell*




-Oh don’t say that dear,to be sincere I really like you,and wish my wife was like you,but she Is not,she only care for her business and forgot she has someone who she needs to care for aside her business and her money,but ever since I met you,you gave me light when I was already down, that’s why I will make sure to



always make you happy, even if I can’t marry you cause am with another*sad but assured*




thanks for hearing all this from you,am so happy *smiles* Rick


-ok,I think I need to go now,my wife is back,see you tomorrow Anne*kisses*




-ok,bye and sweet dreams.*smiles and kisses*


The Rick ended his conversations with Anne,cause he heard his wife footsteps coming from the sitting room,so he quickly switched off his phone and pretended to be asleep,when his wife celine entered the bedroom,she met her husband asleep,she thanked herself that she will excape him that night,she was tired and needed to sleep than making her man smooching and making love to her when she needed rest,Celine did not bother to even wake her husband telling him she was back from work,and ask him if he has eaten something,she just forget about it and went to take care of herself instead.


Celine took her shower and brush her teeth for the night,then joined her husband in bed without touching him,she rather gave him a light peck on his cheek,and drifted to sleep in no time,while Rick watched her every move thinking she will wake him up,kiss him or rather make love to him,but his thoughts never came true.


The next morning Rick woke up early took his bath,and made his necessary business in the bathroom and toilet,then wore his clothes and took his briefcase, ignoring his wife who was still asleep,but felt her husband was awake but never bothered in checking him up,she ignores him entirely,and Rick as well did not bother himself,cause he knows if he makes advancement towards her she will still turn him down,so he can’t waste his precious time begging a woman he married in his house to make love to him,or cook for him,or anything,let her continue to please herself she will get tired of all of it.



Celine loves her husband but she feels that making love to her husband is a one time business not a regular business,and she prefers going to her business to make more money than staying at home playing an


d cooking for her husband,she feels it’s a waste of time, that’s why she brought in a maid to cook and take care of the house when she is not around,but her husband doesn’t like the idea,but she can’t do the way he wants, cause of her business,she thought


But never the less,she will make love to her husband this night,she needs him to touch her this night,she thought and smiled before preparing for business.


Anne was already in her cafe in the early hours of the morning,to clean and wash the used cups from the previous day,and plates,she cooked that morning for herself and Rick,so when he comes to his office he will eat the food she made, people started coming into the cafe,she attended to them politely after they left,some gave her extra tip for attending to them nicely,some promised to bring their family in the weekend for a time out together at her cafe,she was so happy that morning and was full of smiles, Rick watched her through the window of his office,and smiled knowing fully well she was happy,and he was happy as well cause she was happy.


In a minute someone Knocked his door,he suspected it to be Anne,but when he opened the door,it’s was his wife,who wanted to check on him,cause she was filling guilty that she doesn’t have time for her husband,so she decided to see him first in his office before going to her business.


“Hey darling, good morning,I decided to check on you before I go to my business,I realized that you seemed not to be happy with the whole idea of me bringing in a maid to cook for us,but I promise you that I will always cook for you in the weekends cause of my business,how is that*smiling*


*ermmm yes yes,ok yeah it’s good,Rick said trying to fake a smile,but deep down he was afraid and panicking about Anne not coming by this time that his wife was around,and he knew that any moment from now Anne might come in,Celine noticed his discomfort and asked him why he was not settled.


“Darling,why are you stammering in talking,and why are you unsettled ,are you expecting someone”,she asked looking at her husband’s face.



“Oh no am not, just that I was not expecting you to come to my office”,come here sweetie,he brought her nearer to him,and started kissing her,when she saw that the kiss was going another way,she tries to stop it and told him she was leaving,which Rick thank God for saving him,cause he knows if he kissed her that way she will find ways to turn him down,so he already knows what she Is capable of doing,after she said her good byes and left,3 minutes later,Anne knocked the door,and came in.


He just watched her,and was praying in his mind that God saved him,the next one he doesn’t know if God will save him or not,Anne brought him some sweet and tasty food that smelled all over his office,he quickly devoured it, thanked Anne for the food,and told her he was coming to her place at lunch time,they kissed and she left for her cafe.











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