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Daniel journeyed to Ella’s house. Even though he


saw her grave, He wanted to confirm truly if she was


from her father.He stood there knocking at the door.

“Hello ooh,

is anybody home?” Daniel asked but no response.


went to the backyard, to see a mighty river close to


house. He peeped to see a man struggling with his


“Good afternoon sir” Daniel greeted.

“Afternoon” the

man responded walking to Daniel.


pls,I’m asking after papa Denis” Daniel told the man.



“Denis don die nah!” the man told Daniel. It struck


like a thunder strike, as his mind fly away. He stood


staring at the man with a confused look.


never hearam? the man don die. He died immediately

after Ella died”

“Are you serious?” Daniel asked curiously.


you never hear? they don die oh. Two of them don die.


dey here again” The man said.”so it’s true. Ella is dead” Daniel felt sad.

“Thank you”

“Okay bye bye” The man responded returning back to


canoe at the river. Daniel sluggishly left the compound

with a broken heart.



At Big Men’s Hotel

Daniel and Cynthia was seen eating in the hotel.


kept stealing glances at Daniel who wasn’t eating


food but lost in his own thought.


what is wrong with you?” Cynthia asked.


I’m fine” Daniel responded.

“Nothing? you can’t be like this all day” Cynthia said.


fine. Honestly, I’m fine okay!” Daniel responded.

“I hope

so”Cynthia echoed. Daniel held her right hand.


fine okay. Eat your food” Daniel said flashing her a

fake smile.


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At Mike’s House.

line of tears could be trace on Ella’s face which means


she has been crying all day. She took the telephone


her and dailed Daniel’s house number and placed

the phone on her ears.




Mrs. Emily rushed down to the sitting room when


heard the house cell phone ringing.


picked it and placed it on her ears.

“Yes, hello, helloo. is anybody there?” she stay at the


and dropped the call, wondering who called without


anything. She took a glass of drink walking to her



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