Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

At Mrs. Emily’s house.. she stare down from the stairs to see Shina Rambo staring into the envelope that she gave him which contains a hunch amount of money. Shina Rambo is a boss to Ramo and Shekina. “I hope the balance is completed now?” Mrs. Emily asked. Shina Rambo looked up at her. “Yes ma’am. thanks alot” He responded. “I hope,I won’t hear stories this time?” Mrs. Emily asked and Shina Rambo smiled. “No stories ma. She’s now resting in peace” He replied. “One more thing. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. understand?” Mrs. Emily asked. “Exactly ma” He responded. “You know your way out when you’re done. excuse me” Mrs Emily said returning to her room. : : At Mike’s Hospital. Ella was seen lying on her hospital bed. it’s been days now she has been moved out from John’s hospital down to this Mike’s hospital. She was putting on a sad face feeling mind shattered. nurse Amarachi walked in, to see her in a sad mood. she shook her head and sat beside her. “Ella, all this things won’t help, you know! you need to get healed” She told Ella. “I don’t need it” Ella responded with a frown. “Ella, it’s as if you’re not grateful to God for sparing your life” Nurse Amarachi asked. “I wish I was dead” Ella Replied sorrowfully. “Oh come on Ella” Nurse Amarachi said. “My father is dead. My best friend Ogechi is dead and I, I can’t find my love. My true love,Daniel” Ella broke down in tears. Nurse Amarachi shook her head pitifully. “You have to get the full use of your legs” nurse Amarachi said. “I don’t” Ella responded. “You do” “I don’t” Ella responded and began to cry. flashing back on what Mrs. Emily told her that the doctor said she won’t walk again. “I said you will. listen to me, healing starts from the inside. from the soul. If you will it, so shall it be. It is simply your Choice. Ella, let’s try again” Nurse Amarachi brought the wheel chair closer to the bed. : : At Best Hospital. “How is he?” Mrs. Emily asked doctor best who was checking on Daniel. “He’s going to be alright ma. infact, he will be walking healthy in couple of days” Doctor best responded with a smile. “oh my God. thank you so very much doctor” Mrs. Emily appreciated. “Aww madam. God heals. we only treat” He responded and they giggled. “Thank God his alright now. I will excuse myself” He said and stun out. Mrs. Emily went and sat beside Daniel on his hospital bed. “Honey, you heard the doctor talking? you will soon be discharge. I missed you so much. the house is lonely without you” She said with a smile. “mum. How is Ella? where is she? how is her friend Ogechi? how are they?” Daniel asked. “Just cool down” she said putting on a sad face. “mum. where is Ella?” Daniel asked again. Mrs. Emily went mute. “Mum” Daniel called again when she didn’t say anything. “She’s dead” Mrs. Emily responded. :

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