Sun. May 12th, 2024

Nurse Anita rushed in to see Ella shouting and breathing



is the matter?” Nurse Anita asked calming her down.

“Nurse. Daniel.

I want to see him please” Ella said crying.

“He’s alright

you will see him when you fully recover” Nurse Anita


“No oh. I want to see him now” Ella shouted.


calm down ma pls” Nurse Anita replied. Ella broke


in tears when nurse Anita refused to approve her





It’s a new day. Most people were seen in their various


watching a movie due to the constant power supply

in that area.

Ramo and Shekina was seen standing at Mrs. Emily’s


waiting anxiously for her while adjusting their shirts


every slight minutes. Mrs. Emily walked out of her


walking to Ramo and Shekina with a frown face.


what is it?” Mrs. Emily asked them.


come collect our balance” Ramo responded.

“Balance?” Mrs. Emily

asked and they nodded their heads.


balance? are you people alright at all?” Mrs. Emily

asked angrily.

“But madam. we have done the job” Shekina responded

with a high tone.


job did you do? tell me, what job did you do? you


the guts, the girl supposed to be the target, not my son


idiots” Mrs. Emily shouted as one could see the shock


Ramo and Shekina’s face.

“Your son?” Ramo exclaimed.

“Sorry ma. we no know say na your pikin” Shekina


“Definitely you don’t know. you will know, if anything


to my son. Now, get out of my house. I have no business


you” Mrs. Emily shouted at them.

“But ma”

“Don’t you dare ma at me. leave my house now. tell


boss that I said, the job is not yet completed. now keep

moving” Mrs. Emily shouted.

“Shekina. let’s go” Ramo told him and they started

walking away.

“Nonsense” Mrs. Emily echoed walking inside.



Doctor mike opened the door to Ella’s hospital room


walked inside with Ella’s uncle. Mr. Denis.


she is sir” Doctor mike told Denis pointing at Ella


was lying on the hospital bed weakly.


your father” Doctor mike said to ella pointing at Mr. Denis.



“Ella. thank God you are alive”


I told you sir. she sustain a serious injury, so you’re

to pay

the sum of 280,000 thousad naira so that we can


out the treatments fully” Doctor mike told Mr. Denis.


will I get that kind of money from? doctor, 280,000?” Mr. Denis said crying.


okay sir. I understand” doctor mike said calming Mr. Denis down.

“280,000?” Mr. Denis cried and collapse on the ground.


used to suffer from HBP. He gave up the ghost instantly.

“No ooh” Ella

cried and fainted on her hospital bed.



At Best Hospital.

Daniel has been transfered to Best hospital already.


he was turning and turning on his hospital bed as

Mrs. Emily

kept adjusting him properly so that he won’t fall. The


opened and doctor best walked in.


has regain consciousness already?” Doctor best asked

Mrs Emily.

“Yes” Mrs Emily responded.

“That’s good” doctor best echoed checking his


“where is Ella?” Daniel asked with his eyes a bit opened.


worry, he will be alright” Doctor Best told Mrs. Emily.


Ella, I want Ella. where is Ella? ellaaaaaaaa” Daniel


“Calm down. don’t get yourself worked up okay” doctor


said to Daniel but it all felled on deaf ears.

“Ellaaaaaaaa” Daniel screamed again.


pls his losing his senses oh. He has been shouting


Ella since he regain consciousness. won’t you do

something?” Mrs. Emily asked sadly.


think I have to inject him now” Doctor best responded.

“pls do”

“elllaaaaaaaaa” Daniel kept shouting continuously.


this is me oh” Mrs. Emily said to Daniel.


don’t want you.

I want Ella. Ellaaaaaaa” Daniel kept screaming until the


injected him making him to sleep off.




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