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Grand finale #Season_2


Episode 8








Alex’s Pov:


I think I’ve had enough. I’ve endured more than I can.


I don’t deny the fact that I’ve wronged Theo in a bad way, but, laying his hands on Jeanne…no; it’s not something I can cope with. I can’t bear it, not this time around.




I punched him and he fell on the floor and I jumped on him immediately, still punching him in the face.


The students were screaming, but I didn’t care. And none of them would dare interfere. This was between Me and Theo.




I held his collars and lifted him up, pinning him to the wall.




“You told me you wouldn’t hurt her” I growled at him, but in a way the students couldn’t hear us.




He chuckled with blood coming out from his lips.




“I said I wouldn’t kill her” he said and I punched him again.


He laughed; but I could tell he was angry.




“you monster; how dare you?” I said angrily; holding his collars tightly and roughly.


My head was heating up.





“There’s nothing you can do about it, Alex. She’s mine now.




“You know, I’ve been wandering; have you been down there before? Down those pretty legs of hers? If so, then I guess you’re as lucky as I am cause she’s so sweet. You know, it’s quite interesting when she moans my name in bed, begging me to stop” he whispered into my ears and my whole systems vibrated.




With an angrier force, I punched him again but didn’t let him fall to the floor as I held him roughly by the collars. I don’t think I’ll be able to . control this anger anymore.




He laughed and used his index finger to clean off a part of the bloodstain on his lips. He looked at it and smiled.




“Go on, Alex; hit me more. But, you can be sure of this – I’ll make her feel thrice the pain” he said and my eyes glinted.


I didn’t even know what else to do to him and weakly, they fell from his collars.




“Alex! What the hell’s going on here?” The principal called as he hurried to where we were with some securities.


I ignored them and looked around; where was Jeanne?I couldn’t find her anymore. I need to get to her immediately.




Jeanne’s Pov:


Hetty forced me to sit in the car and then, she hurried to the driver’s seat and also sat, next to me after making sure the hard covered doors were locked.




I kept crying the whole time.




“Now, Jeanne; can you tell me what the hell’s going on?” She asked impatiently, but I couldn’t speak at that moment as a result of the tears I was shedding.


The whole thing was just too hurtful. I can’t imagine going back to Theo after what Alex did to him. He’s definitely going to kill me.




Hetty had dragged me away in the course of the fight and brought me here to her car, sensing I was involved in the cause of the fight.




“Crying will do you no good, Jeanne. Speak up. What the heck is happening?” She asked in a high tone and I covered my face with my palm and wept more.


How do I explain it to her? How do I explain it to anyone?




“I’m…dying…Hetty” I stuttered tearfully, more tears rushing down like rainfall.


She took my palms into his.




“Jeanne come on; I’m here for you. Say something”. she said in an unfeigned perturbed voice, but I couldn’t even pull myself together.




The whole place seemed to be turning around and I just felt like giving up. I felt like dying.




My breathing became weak and slow.




“Jeanne!” Hetty called, but this time around, she sounded very far.




I leaned my back and head on the car seat and the next thing that happened was a blackout.














I opened my eyes and found myself lying on a bed. I looked around and saw Hetty sitting in front of me, staring at me.


I was in a hospital.




“Jeanne” she called the moment she noticed I was awake and stood up from her seat.


I grunted a little and tried sitting up and she supported me.


I still felt a little weak; accompanied with headache and back pain.




“How…how’re you feeling?” She asked as she sat close to me on the bed. She looked really disturbed.




“I’m…I’m fine” I replied and tried recalling what had happened.


Oh, God! Theo.




“Did…did you bring me here?” I asked.




“Yeah, of course. You passed out in the car.” She replied and I touched my hair.


I needed to get back to Theo. He might probably be looking for me already.




“Jeanne” she called and held my hand, but I tried not to look at her.


“What’s going on? Tell me; what’s happening?”




I sniffed as tears formed up in my eyes. Just thinking about it was more than a heartbreak already.




“Jeanne…” she called again since I didn’t say anything.


“What’s going on?”




“It’s…its Theo.” I finally said, my voice whimpering as I spoke.




“He’s…he’s blackmailing me. He threatened to kill Alex if I don’t do as he says. He forced me to break up with Alex and come to him”. I said tearfully and she winced.


“Break up with him?” She asked, perplexed and I nodded.




“Alex and I…We were dating. He asked me out and I accepted. But that was the night Theo showed up and everything changed” I explained with tears still running down my cheeks like rainfall.




“Oh, my God!” She exclaimed, taking abacked by the whole thing.




“Jeanne! You…You mean you’ve been suffering in the hands of Theo to protect Alex?” She asked and I nodded tearfully.




“Does Alex know about this?” She asked and I shook my head.




“I…I don’t know. But, I’m scared, Hetty. Theo’s making me go through hell. I don’t know what else to do” I whimpered and she drew close and embraced me.


She rubbed my back as I cried on her shoulders.




“Jeanne…” she called, pathetically, still embracing me.


“You shouldn’t be doing this.”




I kept snivelling and felt so scared. My whole life was shattered.




I need to . go back to Theo. The consequences might be worst if I stay longer. And I don’t want him to hurt Alex.




Immediately, the door opened and the doctor walked in and Hetty and I disentangled from the hug.




I dried my tears as he came closer to us, holding a piece of paper.




“Doctor” Hetty called and turned to face him.


“Is she free to leave now?” She asked.




“Um…actually,” the doctor paused and looked at me.


“ma’am Jeanne; actually, I carried out a general test on you and discovered your stress level is really high. You need a lot of rest, ma’am.”




I bent my head pathetically. Who wouldn’t be stressed out in such condition?




“And…I also discovered something quite interesting.” He said and I lifted my eyes to look at him.




He paused and cleared his throat.


“if you wouldn’t mind, can we talk privately in the office, please?” He said and I looked at Hetty who also shot me a stare.


What could he possibly have to say to me in private?




Hetty gave me a prodding look to go with him and I looked back at him.




“Okay”.I said with a sniff and Hetty supported me to stand from the bed.


I stood up and followed the doctor out of the room and we got to his office together.


Oh, God! I really need to hurry up and get back to Theo.




The doctor ushered me to sit and also took his, on the other side of the table.




“Ma’am Jeanne” he called and looked into the paper in his hand.


“In the course of the test, I discovered something else.”




Now, I was becoming curious. What could it be?




“When was the last time you saw your flow?” He asked and I flinched.


Why’s he interested in it?




I paused and think.




“I…I think it was last month” I replied, still being confused.




“Um…when’s it supposed to be due for this month?” He asked and I huffed.




“Um…last week, I guess”.


But, thinking about it; I was yet to see my flow for the month.




He sighed and looked at me.


Okay; what is happening?




“Ma’am Jeanne,” he called and I felt my heart thumping.




“According to the test, you’re pregnant” he said and I felt a loud bang in my head.








The Loverboys


(She’s pregnant?)

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