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Episode 2






Alex’s pov:


I ran out of the house and looked around. Where the hell was Jeanne.


I just got home but couldn’t find her here. The loverboys were not at home, but after calling each of them, Carl told me she had said something about going to the studio.


So, I called Hetty, but she told me she already left the studio a while ago.


So, where the hell was she?




I stood outside and buried my face in my palms.


Oh, God! Please don’t tell me Theo’s gotten her already. Please don’t.




I leaned on the car, frustrated, not knowing what to do.




Not long after, a text came into my phone and I checked and discovered it was from her.


Ha! Thank goodness.




I quickly opened the message and read the content:


“Meet me at green alders.


It’s important”.




Jeanne’s Pov:


I slowly opened my eyes and felt myself lying on the floor.


I touched my head which was feeling very hot and tried recalling what had happened.


I recalled some men shooting at my driver, then bringing me out of the car and making me fall asleep in their arms .




I tried sitting up when I recalled it and when I did, I saw a boy standing by the door, just staring at my direction.


Immediately he noticed I was awake, he opened the door and left the room.




I looked around and noticed I was in a room – a beautiful room. There was even a bed, but I was laid on the floor.




I weakly stood on my feet and went to the door and tried opening it, but noticed It was locked.


Why am I here? Who brought me here?


Oh, God!




I knocked and knocked on the door, but there was no reply.




“Hello? Anyone there? Please, open up” I cried, but there was still no reply.




I turned and backed the door, panting. I couldn’t even find my bag. There was no way I could get my phone to make a call.




I hurried to the window and looked through it.




The floor was far from me and that only meant I was kept at the upper part of the building.




I couldn’t find anyone there except for some cars that were parked there.




Just then; I heard the door opening and I snappily turned to see who it was and…It was Theo!








He walked in alone, holding a paper in his hands and I looked at him, gobsmacked.




Did…did Theo actually bring me here?




He was dressed in a black lather trouser and jacket and he walked in silently and sat on a seat that faced the bed.




“S…Sir Theo;” I called, surprised.


“You brought me here?”




I was too transfixed with shock to even move from the window.




He breathed out softly and brought out his phone, making a call.






Put it on” he said on the phone and immediately, the flat screen TV in the room turned on.




What? It was Alex!


Like…a live video of Alex standing all alone in the middle of a garden. What is going on?




He stood at a spot and it seemed he was waiting for someone because he kept looking around.




“i used your phone and texted him to meet you there” Theo said and I turned to look at him.


“So, right now, he’s there. And my men’s at the top of the building, ready to shoot him”.




My heart skipped and my eyes flew wide open in shock.


I gasped and looked at Alex on the screen.


Oh, my God! He has no idea he’s being videoed and targeted.




Theo made a call again.




“Do it” he said on the phone and I wondered what he meant.


Then, the flowers moved from Alex to some flowers behind him and in my very eyes, I saw a bullet enter one of the flowers.




Oh, my God!


They shot at it and It seemed to be a silent gunshot because Alex didn’t even turn around.




I shrieked and covered my mouth with my palms.




“Please, stop it. Don’t hurt him. Why doing this?” I asked with trepidation and he sighed.




“At this point,” he said calmly.


“Alex’s life and death is in your hands”.




My heart was thumping fast.


Why’s Theo doing all these? I can’t believe he’s trying to kill Alex. What does he want from me?




I looked at Alex on the screen and sniffed. He has no idea his life was in danger.




“What do you want from me?” I asked fearfully and he breathed out a sigh and leaned his back on the chair where he sat.




“I want you, Jeanne, to be mine” he said and I felt a loud bang in my head.


Oh, God! No!


What is he talking about?


I scoffed as my heart ached and I looked at him.








“I want you to break up with Alex and come to me. You’ll be my girlfriend and live here with me and you’ll do everything I say and want and I can do anything I want with you.


You’ll never complain or object and my orders are the only things you’ll live on”.


He paused and held out the paper he was holding.




“Here’s our agreement slip. Sign it and save Alex” he added.




I felt my blood running cold and I weakly fell on my knees.




No; this is not happening. This can’t be happening. He can’t ask me to do this. I can’t leave Alex.


Oh, God, no! This is a dream. Please.




I closed my eyes and wept. What is happening? How can Theo ask me to do such a thing? I don’t want to leave Alex. I can’t do without him.



“Sign it , Jeanne” he said icily.


“I haven’t gotten all day”.




I placed my palms together and knelt, facing him.




“Please,” I whimpered.


“I can’t do it. I can’t leave Alex. I beg of you”.




He smiled and leaned back on his chair and made a call with his phone again.


“Kill him” he said and I gasped.






The Loverboys


(A deal with the devil)




Grand finale #Season_2

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