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Episode 25






Hetty’s Pov:


I stood in the waiting room with Mia and Lea and the rest of the loverboys as we all panicked over Alex’s condition.


Kim and her crew were there as well, but stood far from us.




Mrs Tristian has been crying her eyes out and was just being consoled by two of her friends.




“But, what really happened? How and why did he leave the hospital in the first place without being seen?” I asked, placing my both hands at akimbo.




“And that’s the problem. I still don’t get why he left the hospital in his condition. Where did he go?” Malcolm asked, patently confused. The


Carl and Daniel just remained silent.




I placed my hand on my head and sighed.


I still felt weak and needed some rest, but after hearing what happened to Alex, I couldn’t help it anymore. Although, Carl had tried to persuade me to stay back, I didn’t listen.




Alex was in a pretty bad condition and I wondered what could have been the cost. Where did he go?


Why did he leave the hospital? Could it be related to Jeanne?




“I just hope he gets out of this successfully” Daniel suddenly said with a sigh.


I hope so too.




Immediately, someone came running in.






“Jen?” Carl called in surprise and all eyes turned to her direction.




She looked really disorganised as she ran to where we were and stopped, breathing heavily.




I pulled her close and embraced her. I never thought I’d see her anytime soon.




“Oh, Jeanne; how’re you?I’ve…I’ve been so worried about you” I said with my hands still around her shoulder and she sniffed.




“Please, where’s Alex? How’s he? That’s all I need to know” she said ruefully and I embraced her again.




“Where have you been, Jeanne? We’ve been looking for you” Carl said as we unlocked from the hug.


Kim suddenly came Up to us with her crew.




“And I thought you were missing? Is this your ghost or something?” She asked in a hard voice and I shot her a glare.




“Don’t you ever know the right time to show your colors, Kim?” I asked angrily and she scoffed.




“I wasn’t talking to you, Hetty. So, you might want to watch that tongue of yours” she said and I left Jeanne to face her properly.




“Seriously girls, this isn’t the right time for this. Just stop it” Daniel said, stopping me from saying what I wanted to say.




“Well, I guess you should tell her to.stop being poke-nosive” Kim said and I glowered my eyes at her but just then, the door to Alex’s room and opened and the doctor came out.


Expectedly, we all ran to him even before he’d get to where we were. Mrs Tristian also joined immediately.


“Doctor, how’s he?”




“Will he be fine?”




“Can we see him?”




“Was it successful?”




We all threw different questions at him at the same time except for Jeanne who remained silent.




The doctor gave us enough time to release our nervous questions and when he felt we.we were done, he took in a deep breath and signalled us to calm down.




“You don’t need to worry about him anymore. He’s fine now” he said and a wild sigh of relief went round amongst us.




“Are you sure, doctor? He’s…he’s fine?” Mrs Tristian asked, still amidst tears.




“Yes ma’am. He’s fine. Although, the accident was really fatal and had left him in a bad state, he responded quickly to treatments and we’re equally surprised at how fast he was.




“So, that’s good news and he’s out of danger.” The doctor said and Jeanne placed her hand on her chest and sighed.




“Can we see him?” Daniel asked.




“I’m afraid not. Because he’s still kind of weak and doesn’t need crowd around him. But…”


He paused and took his eyes to Jeanne.





“You’re Jeanne, right?”: he asked and she nodded quickly.




“Great. He’s been calling her name the whole time. So, if there’s anyone that should see him, it has to be her. I think it should be of help” he further said and I looked at Jeanne who batted her lashes.




“Huh? And why should she be the one to see him? How’re we even sure he’d want to see her? Besides, it’s possible he might be calling her name because she’s done something bad to him” Kim groused with an angry look.




“That’s not true, Kim. As a matter of fact, I think if Alex gets to talk with her, it’s gonna make him feel a whole lot better. So, it’s a good idea.” I chipped in and Kim tried saying something, but was interrupted by the doctor.


“Please, miss Jeanne, come with me” he said and Jeanne nodded and followed him.




Megan’s Pov:


Oh, God! What kind of a mother did you give to me? Of all the women in the world, why does this lady have to be my mother?




I walked around the sitting room restlessly, waiting for her to return – that is, if she will.


What does she have with Alex?




Not long after, the door opened and she came in, looking buggered.


What the hell happened to her?




There was a cut on her lips and a bandage was over her leg while her dress looked dirty.


What has she gotten herself into?




She pause by the door and exchanged glances with me before walking into the house.




“Mum!” I called as she headed for the stairs.




“Not now, Megan” she said hastily.




“And what do you mean not now? Why was Alex chasing after you? What did you do to him? And why’s he suddenly at the hospital?” I asked as I followed her to the stairs.


She stopped and turned to look at me.




“Damn it, Megan, I said not now, okay! I don’t wanna talk about it cause it’s none of your business.




“Now, start getting ready cause we’re moving out tomorrow” she said angrily and continued on the stairs.




I stood, transfixed with shock.


What the hell’s wrong with mum?




Kim’s Pov:


Gosh! This whole thing’s so absurd. Why the hell should Jeanne be allowed to speak with Alex while I’m not?


And that Hetty…




I walked away to the passage so I could be alone. I suddenly felt so angry.


Why would Alex be calling on her in the first place?


What does she mean to him? Have they become so close or what that the only name he could think of while he was in pains was her name?




I brought out a cigarette and was about litting it when my awakened with a ring.




I sluggishly brought it out from my bag and discovered it was a strange caller. And who could it be?




I felt like ignoring it since I wasn’t really in the mood to speak to anyone, but something in my instincts told me to pick it up and I did.


“Yes?” I said impatiently on the phone.




“Hello, dear. Is this Kim?” The caller asked.


It sounded like an old woman.




“Yeah. And who’s this?” I asked, fidgeting with the cigarette in my hand.




“Oh, dear. Do you remember me? I’m ma’am Sally, the woman your mum had stopped along the way the other day, asking about her daughter” she said and I rose my brows.




Oh! Anna’s former neighbour.




I had given her my contact, just in case she gets to know anything about Anna’s whereabout.




“Oh, hi” I said, knowing I was sounding rude.


Well, I was really not in a good mood at that moment.


But, why’s she calling me? Could it be possible she…




“Do you have any information?” I asked, beginning to feel curious.




“Yes, dear. I finally know where Anna lives now” she replied and my eyes beamed.










The Loverboys


(She’s Olivia, Theo)


Grand finale #Season_2

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