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Episode 28




Alex’s Pov:


I felt a surging energy in me as I listened to what the guard said.


Did they really find Jeanne?Please, don’t tell me it’s a dream.




“Wh…Where’s she, then?”Hetty asked.


“Where are the sea farers?” Carl also asked.




Is she fine? I thought of asking, but couldn’t speak out.




“According to the sea men”, the guard said. “They found her almost drowning, but they rescued her and took her to the closest hospital, but as at this morning, she was yet to regain consciousness and that was why they called it in.




“I’ve already sent some men to go get her so she can be admitted here and in a short time, she’ll be here”.




I breathed out heavily and stared at the ceiling.


Jeanne…she’ll be fine, right?


And my baby…




“Oh, my God! Have…Have you contacted the men? Have they gotten a hold of her?” Mum asked.




“No, ma’am. They’re still on their way. But, I promise you, she’ll be here soon” I heard the guard said.


My eyes were already closed.




Oh! Jeanne;


she heard everything I said to Theo last night. What’s gonna happen now? What would she think?





She’s Theo’s Olivia; but she’s also my Jeanne.


What’s going to happen?.


Why does something this complicated have to happen to me?




I can’t lose Jeanne. I know she belongs to Theo – she belonged to him before I took her away from him.




But, now…I’ve fallen some crazy in love with her. And she’s carrying my baby. I don’t want to lose them – I won’t survive it.




But, What’s she going to do if she gets to know I was the one who endangered her life back then? What would her reaction be when the entire truth finally gets known to her?




What if her memories are back? And she remembers she was Theo’s in the past?


What’s gonna happen? Will her feelings towards me change? Or, is she going to feel the same way she feels about me? Will she continue to love me? Or, is she going to have to chose between Theo and I?




Oh, Jeanne! Please, don’t hate me; I beg of you. I can’t lose you. If there had been any other option back then, I’d have taken it.


But, I had no choice.




Please Jeanne, don’t let your feelings towards me to change. I can’t lose you.


Please, don’t hate me.






I didn’t fall asleep despite how dizzy I felt. I was awaiting Jeanne’s arrival. I just wanted to see her face.




Mum and Hetty were the only ones in the room with me when the news of her arrival came to us.


A nurse had rushed in to inform us and immediately I heard it, I tried leaving the bed but couldn’t and that was when I remembered I was still handcuffed.




Damn it!


No, no, no.




“Mum” I called fraily.


“The handcuffs. Please, take it off”.




She looked at Hetty and looked back at me with a pathetic look.




“I’m sorry, Alex, but the doctor said you shouldn’t be allowed to leave the bed.


You’re not strong enough” she replied ruefully and I shook my head.


The nurse was still in the room.




“Please, mum; I’ll be fine. I just need to see Jeanne. I promise I won’t run away.


Jeanne’s here already; I have nowhere else to run to.




“Please, just let me see her face. I beg of you” I said painfully.




“Alex please,” Hetty cut in.


“The doctor strictly made it clear you shouldn’t be allowed to leave the bed.”




She paused and turned to the nurse.




“Miss, what’s her condition?” She asked and I noticed the nurse dailied a little




“Um…The thing is…she’s really unconscious ma’am. As a matter of fact, she’s gone into coma, but is undergoing treatment and hopefully, she’ll be out of it soon. She’ll be fine” the nurse replied and I felt my heart ache.






She’s in coma?




Oh, my God!




Hetty sighed and placed her hand on her head.




“Nurse” I called weakly.




I paused and took in a deep breath; my eyes beginning to form some liquid.




“She’s pregnant. Do…Do you know if the baby’s fine? Or, did she…”


I couldn’t complete my words and it was obvious the nurse was surprised.


I didn’t even think of my mum.




“Um…actullay” the nurse paused and coughed a little.




“I don’t know about that. But, there was no bloodstains on her. So…I’m not sure there was a miscarriage.


But don’t worry, sir; we’ll carry out a text on her and I’ll let you know”.




I closed my eyes and moaned.


God please, nothing should happen to my baby.




“Hold on; what’s going on here, Alex? What baby are you talking about?”:mum asked in an alarming tone, but I couldn’t even look at her.




Kim’s Pov:


I sat quietly in the car with mum as she drove anxiously to where we were headed.




I was actually chatting with Eva and the news I was getting from her was so shocking.




Oh, my God!


Why the hell did Alex leave the hospital last night in that condition?




And is it true Jeanne really fell off the bridge?


What happened?




Oh, Alex!


I wish I could be there with him. But,,I’m stuck here with mum.






And Jeanne has been rescued and admitted to the same hospital as Alex’s?


What? Who the hell saved her?




Wow! She’s in coma?


For real?




Geez! I wish she doesn’t get to wake up.


I can’t believe this.




But, what’s really going on between Jeanne, Alex and Theo? Why do I smell something fishy?




Oh, God! I’m really missing out. I need to be at that hospital.


But mum…she equally needs me.


So, I’m here with her.




Shortly, the car came to a stop and I lifted my eyes to see we were in front of a red tattered building.


What the heck?




“Is…Is this it?” I turned to mum and ask and she looked down at the paper in her hands.




“According to the description, this is it. Come on” she said and opened the door, going out of the car.




I opened the door and came out as well and almost found it difficult breathing because of how irritating the environment was.


Geez! Does Anna Darius really live here?




Mum went ahead of me to the door of the red building and by the time I got to where she was, she had already knocked.


Okay; I think now I’m feeling nervous.


I mean, I’ve always wanted to know the truth about my sister, but now I’m on the verge of finding out, I suddenly feel scared and nervous.




Mum knocked again and we heard some voices from inside.




“You’re a fool, Kelly; for trying to think you can use me and dump me.” It was a female’s voice.



“And you’re nothing but a shameless slot. Do you really think I’d want to spend the rest of my life with someone like you? Your hole’s as wide as a bucket”


It was a man’s voice.




But, what?




“I hate you! I swear, I’m gonna make you pay! I hate you!”




I looked at mum who also had a confused look on and immediately, the door flung open and a dowdy-lookig man showed up.




He gave an angry glare at mum and I and we quickly made way for him and he walked out.



I turned and looked at him as he walked away and looked back to the door and since it was open, mum and I took a peep inside.




“Hello?” Mum called and a frazzled woman showed up.


She was putting on a black night gown, and she looked really scattered.




“Anna?!!” I heard mum shriek and I quickly took a proper look at her.


Oh! She’s Anna.




She scoffed and shook her head, as if seeing something unbelievable.




“G…Grace???” She also called in surprise as her jaws dropped.




Okay; this is really happening.


She’s Anna.




“Anna! You…”


Mum tried speaking, but suddenly stopped, and shook her head.




“Grace…What are you doing here?” Anna asked and I saw mum made a fist with her hand.


She was patently angry.




“Are you really asking me that? I’ve been looking for you for over 20 years now and you’re asking me such question? Where the hell’s my daughter?” Mum asked angrily and I looked back at Anna.


“Wow!” She said and laughed dryly.


“Are you really here to ask me that, Grace? It’s been years now since you abandoned her. Did you really think I had plans of starting up a motherless baby home?” She asked with a streak of sadism.




“I searched everywhere for you, Anna, so don’t speak that way to me! I had gone back to your old apartment not long after I left her with you, but I couldn’t find you when I got there. And since then, I’ve been searching desperately for you. So, don’t tell me i abandoned her.” Mum said angrily and she chuckled.




“Well, Grace, there’s no need to yell. The fact is, I have no idea where your daughter is. So, you can keep on the search” she said and I flinched.


What’s he talking about?




“I think you’ve gone crazy, Anna. Where the hell’s my daughter? I swear, I’m gonna make you rot in jail if you don’t tell me right now. I need my daughter!” Mum said, beginning to sound tearful and I had to place my hand on her shoulder.


Anna just scoffed and rolled her eyes.




“Listen to me, young woman” I suddenly said.


“Do you really think we left the comfort of our homes to play jokes with you? My sister was left in your custody and now, you’re telling us you don’t know where she is? Really? Would you prefer telling it to the police instead?”




She looked at me and scoffed.




“Listen to me, I don’t get your point of yelling and threatening me. Olivia really went missing. I think it should be four years now or there about.



She just left home and never returned and…I didn’t bother looking for her. I mean, I felt she just got fed up with me and decided to run away. Besides, I felt those boys decided to be of help. So, they maybe, took her away” she replied with a shrug.




“What boys?” Mum asked immediately.




She paused and itched her head.




“I don’t know; those wealthy boys. I caught one of them on two occasions dropping her off at home. What do you call them again? Um…The loverboys?” She said and my eyes gleamed.










The Loverboys






Grand finale #Season_2


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