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Episode 18




Hetty’s Pov:


I bent my head and snivelled as Theo remained quiet for sometime.


I had no other choice. I had to tell him about Jeanne’s pregnancy, hoping it’ll calm him down.




“it’s for Alex, isn’t it?” He asked, backing me and I nodded, although he couldn’t see me.




Then, in one swift turn, he squatted in front of me and placed the taser on my legs again.


I screamed in excruciating.




“Where’s she?” He yelled but my screams were still louder than his.


What’s he doing???




“Spill it out!” He roared and I couldn’t bear the pains anymore.




“In a farm house at Mickings Street!” I said amidst my screams and tears and he stopped. Oh, God! Did I really spill it out?



He was breathing heavily as he remained squatting in front of me.




“Where exactly?” He asked but the tears I began shedding at that moment wouldn’t let me speak.




“Where, Hetty!” He yelled at me and I was forced to speak.




“Behind the street, Theo. It’s the only house around the area” I replied tearfully and he stood up.


“For your sake, Hetty, I hope you’re telling the truth” he said and brought out his phone.




Oh, Hetty; what have I done? I can’t believe I spilled the truth; I exposed Jeanne’s hideout. What will Theo do to her now?




I bent my head and wept. I shouldn’t have done this. I should have tried to endure the pains; but I couldn’t. It’s not my fault.


Oh, Theo; I’ll hate you forever if anything happens to Jeanne.




When he was done doing whatever it is he was doing with his phone, he came back to me again.




“Thanks for the info, Hetty;” he spoke calmly.


“If you had done this right from the start, there wouldn’t be any need for further consequences.”


I sniffed and looked at him.


What’s he talking about?




“I told you, right? If I had to repeat myself, you wouldn’t like the consequences”


He paused and smiled.


I was beginning to hyperventilate.




What further consequences is he talking about?




“A friend of mine wants to see you” he said and immediately, the door opened and…Holy Christ! Mark came in.






What’s he doing here? Is he a friend to Theo?




He smiled as he walked in and came to where I was with Theo.


My eyes were wide open, staring at him.


what’s going on?




“Hello Hetty” he called as he stood in front of me.


I could feel my lungs drying up.




Theo brought out a syringe and injected it in me and I felt weak instantly.


Oh, God?


What’s happening?




“Mark?” I called in a faint voice; finding the whole thing hard to believe.


Theo stood up with a smirk.




“Enjoy your night” he said and started walking away.


No, no, don’t tell me.




“I told you, didn’t I, Hetty? I always get what I want” mark said and started untieing me.


Fear ran through me as I suddenly had a hitch on what was about happening.




“Theo, please! Don’t do this to me” I cried and he stopped by the door where he already was, turning to look at me.




“Next time, avoid anything that concerns me” he said in a cold voice and walked out.




Oh, God!




Mark succeeded in untieing me, but I was too weak to even raise an arm.


He carried me up and took me to the bed and that was when I realised there had actually been a bed behind me.


“Mark…” I called as he laid me on the bed.


“Please, don’t do this; listen to me…”




He didn’t say anything as he started having his way with me.




Jeanne’s Pov:


I sat all alone in the house feeling really really bored and lonely.


Molly was no longer with me; Alex had taken her home on his way to the party. And Alex…he was yet to return.




I stayed in the sitting room and watched some movies which really didn’t interest me and after a while, I heard the sound of a car driving in.




I smiled and sprang on my feet and quickly went to check it out and as expected, it was Alex.




I stood there at the balcony and watched him as he came out of the car with some polythene bags and started walking towards me.




“Hey” he called and I went to embrace him.


I wrapped my hands around him and embraced him so tight.


Thank goodness he returned. I had been so scared.




“I’m glad you’re back” I said, beaming wit smiles and he pecked my hair.




“Sorry, I stayed long. Here; got you some stuff” he said, showing the polythene to me and I smiled and tried collecting them from him, but he refused, preferring to hold them for me.




“Come on; let’s go inside” he said and I nodded and followed him into the house.





“So, how’ve you been?” He asked as we walked into the kitchen .




“Bored” I replied with a smile and he chuckled.


He opened the polythene and in it were sorts of fruits, snacks, beef and all that.






“But, you know we still have more food at home, Alex. I haven’t even consumed them yet, and you’re bringing me. They’re definitely going to get spoilt” I said with a pout.




“Well; if they get spoilt, we’re just gonna dump them and get more” he replied and I shook my head.


What a caring boy…friend.




He suddenly wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed me. I wrapped mine around his shoulders and reciprocated the kiss.




He pressed his fingers into my waist and it made me giggle.


Then, he unlocked from the kiss, smiling and I kind of wished he didn’t have to stop.




He carried me up and made me sit on the kitchen counter and stood in between my legs.


He took out some grapes from the bag and started feeding me like I was a baby.




“You know, you don’t have to do this, Alex. I can feed m…”




“Shh” he cut me off.


“it’s for my baby” he said and my cheeks turned red immediately.




He brought out a banana and after peeling off the back, he proffered it to me and I took a bite.






I tried eating from it again, but as I took my lips close, he withdrew it from me.




“What?” I asked, wondering why he was depriving me of something I badly wanted to eat.




“To get it, do something nice” he said and I arched my brows.




“Something nice like what?” I asked.




“Kiss me” he replied and I rolled my eyes.






I closed my eyes and kissed him, but he didn’t reciprocate.




When I was done, he fed the banana to me and I ate with relish.




He bent to my tummy, placing his head on it.


“Do you think the baby can hear me?” He asked, his head still resting on it.


I laughed.




“Maybe” I replied, tucking my hair behind my ear.




“Is it kicking yet?” He asked and I laughed harder.




“Of course, not, Alex. It’s less than a month old. Movement starts properly in the third trimester” I replied and he quickly lifted his head to look at me.




“What’s trimester? And how did you get to know something like that?” He asked and I covered my face with my palm.


He laughed and hugged me.


“Our visas will be ready by tomorrow” he said and I opened my face to look at him.






“Are…are you serious?” I asked and he nodded and kissed me.


Oh, my gee!




“I love you, Jeanne, and I’m glad to have someone like you” he said and I blushed.


Shouldn’t I be the one glad to have someone like him?




We placed our foreheads together and kissed again.


Oh, Alex; if only you knew how I want this to last.




When he broke the kiss, he took his face to my chest and kissed my bo*bs even with my shirt on.


I giggled and lifted up his face.


He smiled and kissed my neck.




“Don’t you think we should be somewhere else?” He whispered into my ears and I widened my eyes.




“Somewhere like what?” I asked, trying not to laugh.




“Come on, let me show you” he replied and carried me in a bridal style and I laughed.




“Drop me down, Alex; let me go!” I said as he took me out of the kitchen and he shut my lips with a kiss.








I opened my eyes and found myself still lying na*ed on the bed under the duvet and I was the only one there.


Where was Alex?




I took my clothes from the floor and after putting them on, i went into the bathroom to brush my teeth.




When I was done, I walked out of the room so I could look for Alex and after checking the sitting room and other places, I finally found him in the garden outside.


Hm. Prince charming.




He was picking some flowers and backing me and since he obviously wasn’t aware of my presence, I tiptoed to where he was and embraced him from behind.




He titter when I did.




“You’re so not a good surpriser” he said as he turned to face me and I furrowed my brows at him.




“How?” I asked and he chuckled and held my waist.




“Well, instead of hugging me, you should have gone for a kiss instead. And even if you want to hug me, you do it by holding my waist, not my shoulders” he said and I scoffed and rolled my eyes.




That’s outrageous.


Well, I guess I should take some lessons from an expert.




“So, how was your night?” He asked, still holding my waist.




“Well, what do you think? You consumed half of it” I replied and he laughed.




“By the way, was Hetty at the party last night?” I suddenly asked and he clicked his tongue.




“Oh…That’s true. I almost forgot; she didn’t show up” he replied.


I knew it. When I had watched a little part of the party on TV last night, I couldn’t find her.




“But why?” I asked.


It’s unusual for her to skip the party.


She couldn’t even spend enough time with me because of it.




Alex brought out his phone and called her line, but it wasn’t going through.




“Maybe you should try calling Mia or Lea” I suggested but he shook his head.




“I don’t have their contacts” he replied and made another call.


It was Carl.




“Hello? Yeah, can you hear me?




“I want you to do to me a favour, Carl. Can you check up on Hetty, please?




“She just crossed my mind. She didn’t show up at the party last night and her line isn’t going through.




“You don’t have their contacts?




“Well, maybe you should go to her place or something. Just help me out, please.




“Sure. Thanks”


And he ended the call.




Gosh! I suddenly feel nervous.




“Don’t worry about it, Jeanne; maybe something came up.” Alex told me, probably noticing how nervous I had become.




I managed a faux smile and he kissed me.




Immediately, a black van drove into the compound and Alex and I disentangled from the hold. Huh?


Who could it be?




I’m sure Alex isn’t expecting anyone.




“Alex?” I called, looking at the van, but Alex didn’t say a word as he also kept staring.




The door opened with the van’s ignition still on and some boys came out.




Oh, my God!




This is a dream. It’s not happening.










The Loverboys


(Four years ago)




Grand finale #Season_2

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