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Grand finale #Season_2


Episode 24








Alex’s Pov:




What’s she saying?


Jeanne’s Olivia? What Olivia? The one that went missing?


Or, didn’t I hear correctly?


“Who…Who’s she, Pen? Please, tell me” I said, the sound of my voice beginning to betray my confidence.




“I’ve told you, Alex; it’s Jeanne, your sister’s nanny. The new lovergirl. She’s always been with you” she replied and the broken bottle I held with me fell freely from my hand.




For the first time in my life, I felt real fear as my whole systems shook.




This can’t be happening.


Not my Jeanne.


How…Why. ..No.




“You…You’re lying to me. You’re lying to me” I stuttered and moved back.


I could tell my eyes were blazing.




“it’s the truth, Alex. After you adopted her and handed her over to us four years ago, we didn’t kill her. We were instructed to carry out a facial surgery on her and when we did, she became free of the scar on her face.




“We injected her with some chemicals that made her unconscious for days and lose all her memories and that way, she wasn’t to recall a thing from her past.




“i took care of the rest of the business. She was still unconscious when I took her to a different state – Kentokie – and dumped her beside the road at night. Then, I hid somewhere and waited to see who would pick her up.




“Different cars passed by, but it was just one that stopped to take a look at her and that was Mr Raymond – her adopted father.




“He helped her and took her to an hospital and I kept keeping track of them the whole time.


As expected, when she regained consciousness, she couldn’t recall a thing from her past. And even when Mr Raymond had put her up on TV, nobody came for her because she was a total different person with a new look.



“Mr Raymond took her in as his daughter, but unfortunately, he brought her back here in New York, where his family based and that was when I knew things were going to get messy.




“I’m sorry, Alex, for offending you” She said chastened, and I felt a sharp pain across my heart that I had to hold my chest.




My eyes began to flicker as I felt my lids becoming wet.


Is…is this for real? Is this true?


Could Jeanne be Olivia? Jeanne? My Jeanne?


She’s the girl I’ve been looking for all these years? The girl I gave out to criminals? The same girl that turned Theo into a monster? The same girl Theo’s been crazy about? His first love? The girl I plan on giving back to him the moment I find her?.


She’s…she’s the one?


Jeanne’s Olivia?




I turned around slowly and started walking away, staggering as I did.


At that moment, I had no idea what I was doing. The only thing I saw in front of me was Jeanne and Olivia.




“Alex” I heard Pen call behind me, but it sounded very far.




I felt water all over my face, dripping down to my shirt and wondered if it was raining. It never occurred to me I was weeping.




I kept walking absent – mindedly, not knowing where I was headed. My car was behind me.




My Jeanne is Olivia – the same girl I risked her life. My Jeanne – the mother of my baby.


She’s Theo’s Olivia. How did this happen?


Oh, God!





My legs couldn’t carry me anymore and I fell weakly on my knees.




I covered my face with my palms and placed them on the floor.




“No…No…” I mumbled into my palms and that was when I got to know I was crying as a result of the tears that filled my my palms when I lifted my head from it.




I lifted my head to the sky and looked at the blistering sun and tears came running down like rainfall.




Oh, God! I want this to be a.a dream.




“Jeanne…” I whimpered inaudibly and placed my both hands on my hair.




“Jeanne…” I called again and closed my eyes.








“Alex!!!” I heard someone scream my name from afar and I was forced to open my eyes.




I fluttered my bleary eyes open and saw different nurses around me, all appearing to be double.


I noticed I was moving and they were running along with me.




“Oh, my God! Alex, look at me. Please” I heard the same voice that had woken me up say and that was when I spotted my mum among the moving nurses.




I found it difficult breathing.


I couldn’t say a word or move a finger.


What’s happening?




“Get the drip ready. Where’s the mask?” One of the nurses asked as they moved me on a stretcher.


Immediately, one of them placed an oxygen mask on my nose.


I felt so much pains and drowsiness.




“He’s loosing a lot of blood”.




“Damn it! Get the theatre cleared immediately. Is Dr Myers ready???”




“Tell Surgeon Bauer to come over as well. Make it snappy!”




“Clear the way!”




“Hurry up!”




I kept hearing different voices in my head and I was able to spot one familiar voice.


“Sir, Please!”


It was Olivia, begging me not to hand her over to the criminals.


It was my Jeanne.




I felt my strength leaving me; the life was gradually going out of me.


I need someone to take out my heart. I won’t be able to bear this.




The whole place started going round in circles and I felt I was in a total different place. I couldn’t even hear anyone anymore. All I heard were echoes.


And finally, I closed my eyes.




Jeanne’s Pov:


I stayed all alone in the room for a long time, thinking about the pathetic situation. I felt so scared and worried.


Could Alex really be at the hospital? How’s he doing? Will he be fine?.




I know he must be so worried about me. What if he does something crazy?




Oh, Alex, please stay strong for me.




I took the TV remote from the bed and turned on the small TV in the room, praying it’d work so I could perhaps, get some news on Alex.


If only I could just see his face.




I turned on the network channel and noticed there was a fuss at the capital hospital. What’s going on there?




Immediately, Alex’s picture came up on the screen and a presenter showed up as well and gave an highlight on it.




*Popular leader of the Loverboys band was involved in a fatal car accident and is currently being attended to here at the capital hospital*




The TV remote I held fell from my hand immediately as I opened my mouth wide in shock.








What accident? How did this happen?




Oh, my God!!!




I ran to the door immediately and tried to open it, but it was locked.


God, no, no.


I need to get out of here. I need to see Alex.



I knocked on the door, but got no reply. Then, I ran to the window and looked outside. The floor was too far from me. I’d only get injured if I try jumping. And the baby…




I sank my fingers into my hair, thinking of what to do.


Oh, God! Alex! What happened to him?


How the hell did he end up in an accident that serious?


What do I do now?




I was about bursting into tears when an idea suddenly niggled at me.




I looked at the long curtains hung around the walls and window and thinking about it, I pulled them down.




I started tying them to each other, turning it to into a rope and soon, i was done.




I took the long rope which I had made and tied it to the window, letting it fall over outside.


I looked outside again and noticed there was no one around.


Oh, God! Help me.


I need to do this.




Then carefully, I held onto the rope and started climbing out of the window.


My heart was racing so fast.




I climbed gradually till I finally got to the floor and landed safely on it. I know Theo’s going to kill me if he finds out about this, but I can’t help it.


I just need to see Alex.




Without wasting more time, I started running to the gate and luckily for me, the gate man wasn’t there.





I opened the gate successfully, but just when I was about running out, I heard someone yell behind me.




“What are you doing? Stop there!”




I turned and noticed it was one of Theo’s boys and immediately, I ran out the gate, taking to my heels.


I didn’t even know where I was.




I ran for a long time before I got to the road and I stopped the first cab I saw.


Oh, God! I don’t even have any money with me.




I opened the door of the cab and got into the back seat immediately.




“Miss Jeanne?” The driver called with a flinch, obviously recognising me as one of the lovergirls.




“Take me to the capital hospital, please” I said, breathing heavily and he zoomed off.




I looked behind and breathed out a sigh of relief when I noticed we weren’t being followed.




I laid my back on the car seat and placed my hand on my tummy.


I suddenly felt a light pain on my lower abdomen. I shouldn’t have ran the way I did.




“Are you okay, miss? Do you need me to call the police?” The driver asked, looking at me from the little mirror in front of him.




“Please, don’t. Just take me to the hospital” I replied and took in a deep breath.






The Loverboys


(Anna Darius)


Grand finale #Season_2

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