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Episode 19






Jeanne’s Pov:


my feet wobbled as I starred at Theo and the boys who had directed their gazes to us.


Oh, God! We were out in the open!




Alex gripped my hand, but before we could make a move, Theo brought out a gun and shot him.








“Nooooo!” I screamed at the top of my voice as I saw Alex sliding to the floor in blood.


God, no no no no.




“Alex!!!” I screamed in fright and tears and fell on my knees beside him on the floor. What’s Theo doing?



His hand was on the bleeding side of his stomach and I watch him struggle.






Theo started coming towards me with the rest of the boys.




“Alex! Please, look at me; I beg of you. Stay with me. God!” I wept bitterly as also placed my hand on the bleeding side.


How could Theo do such a thing? How can he be this heartless?




“Je…Jeanne” Alex called my name with great difficulty and it brought more tears to my eyes. Oh, God! What do I do?



Theo came to where I was and held me roughly by the hair, showing my face to Alex.




“What re you gonna do now, huh?” He asked with a snigger to Alex.





I sobbed and held his hand on my hair.




“Theo please, stop this” I whimpered and he chuckled.








He dragged me up by the hair and handed me to two of the boys who started taking me away.


God, no.




“No! Alex! Please, stop it! Alex!!! Let me go. Theo, please” I kept crying and screaming as the boys took me to the van while Theo remained standing there with Alex.




“Theo, please! I’m begging you. Have mercy!”




The boys succeeded in taking me to the van and immediately they pushed me in, they sedated me and I dozed off.




Carl’s Pov:


I drove in my car to Hetty’s apartment so I could check up on her like Alex requested.


I was also kind of curious as to why she didn’t show up at the party yesterday.




I drove into her quiet estate and when I got to the gate, I found someone lying on the floor, looking lifeless.




I quickly parked the car and rushed out and I discovered it was Hetty.






My eyes bulged out as I ran to her on the floor.




“Hetty!” I called and knelt in front of her unconscious body.


What the hell happened to her?




I checked her body and discovered there were no marks, but she looked really scattered.


What happened???




I was about carrying her up when a call came into my phone and I checked and discovered it was from Daniel.




I quickly received it and his voice came out perturbed.




“Where’re you, Carl? Alex was shot. He’s at the hospital” he said immediately on the phone and my heart skipped.




“What???” I shrieked.


Oh, God!




“Where’s he?”


He gave me the name of the hospital and immediately, I carried Hetty into my car and drove off.




Jeanne’s Pov:


I opened my eyes and found myself lying on a cold voice. It was the room I had been staying in Theo’s house.


Oh, God! I’m really back here.








I sprang on my feet when I recalled what had happened. But, I couldn’t move because my hands were tied to the window.




“Theo!!!” I cried in the empty room, wishing he could hear me.


Oh, my! Alex!


How can Theo do such a thing?


Where’s Alex?




I fell on my knees in tears, crying profusely.


Then, the door opened with Theo walking in and immediately, I stood on my feet.




“Theo!” I called as he stood in front of me.




“Theo please, I beg of you; take me to Alex. I need to see him, please! I need to be sure he’s okay”.




He came close and slapped me and I fell on my knees.




“Did you really think you can hide from me?” He asked angrily, holding my hair and I wept more.




“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. Alex…Alex forced me to stay with him. I swear, I wanted to return to you, but he wouldn’t let me. He just wanted to keep me safe.




“Please, Theo, I’m begging you; I can’t lose Alex. I promise to do anything you want. But, just this once, let me see him. I need to know if he’s okay. Please, Theo; I’m begging you” I said tearfully, my heart racing fast.




He scoffed and came close, holding me by the hair.




“If you so please, I can open your tummy and bring out the baby so I can send it to him. Wouldn’t that be better?” He asked and my heart skipped.




Does he know I’m pregnant?







He pushed me to the floor and I felt a slight pain beside my tummy.




“Please, Theo; I need to see him. I’ve pity on me” I cried, still on the floor.




“At least now” he said.


“You know the consequences of disobeying me”.




Then, he started walking away.




“Theo!!!” I called, but he didn’t stop to look at me.




Then, I stood on my feet.




“No matter what Alex did to you in the past, I’m sure he didn’t kill all the girls you fell in love with. I’m sure he didn’t shoot you!


No matter what he did to you in the past; it’s nothing compared to what you’ve done to him.


He may have hurt you really bad, but you’re a greater monster than he could ever be!” I said with anger resounding in my voice and he stopped by the door to look at me.




He stood mute, staring at me and I couldn’t explain it, but I saw a different look in his eyes.




He took in a deep breath and finally left the room and I fell on my knees immediately, bursting into more tears.




Oh, Alex!


Where could he be?


I need to see him.




Theo’s Pov:


I walked into the sitting room and made the call.


It ringed for some time before he picked up.




“Yes?” I said lowly on the phone.


“Were you able to get him to a hospital?




“Okay; good”.




I dropped the call and exhaled softly. Then, I ambled to the mirror, staring at my reflection.




Jeanne’s words niggled at me:


*you’re a greater monster than he could ever be!*




It repeated in my mind as I stared at my self in the mirror.


Have I really become a monster?




I sighed dejectedly and left the mirror, going to my keyboard beside the window.




I sat in front of it and started playing a soft tone – like I used to.


It’s been ages since I last touched a keyboard. It used to be my favorite.


But, what happened?




A tear strolled down my cheek as I closed my eyes and played the tone.


Have I really become a monster?




But, I was never like this; I never wanted to r


turn into this?


What really happened?


The anger…I can’t control it.


I stopped playing and leaned my head on the chair where I sat.


The memories came flashing in – the memories of how it all began – how I became a monster.


It was never my fault.




And it all started four years ago…






The Loverboys


(Four years ago)




Grand finale #Season_2

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