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Episode 22






Alex’s Pov:


Pen Williams.


The name resounded in my head.




“You know where it is?” I asked him, trying to be sure I didn’t misheard.




“I do, sir. It’s at the outskirts of the town. Although, I’ve been unable to confirm if Pen is still there or not.” He replied and I sighed and stared at the ceiling.




I’ve been waiting for this opportunity my whole life.




A drip was connected to my hand and suddenly, I pulled it off.




“S…Sir?” Oscar called in surprise as I removed every connections from my body.




“I want you to help me get out of here, Oscar, without being seen. I need to get to that agency” I told him as I struggled to sit.




“B…But, sir, your health…”




“Please, Oscar, don’t worry about me. Just help me get out of here” I cut him off with a groan.




He looked displeased but knew I wasn’t going to change my mind.


So, feeling hopeless, he took off the face cap he was putting on and gave it to me and I wore it on my head.




I was putting on the hospital’s ward cloth and it was definitely going to draw attention.


But luckily, Oscar was putting on a pull over. So, he took it off and gave it to me while he remained with a light shirt.




Mum was still sleeping and quietly, I started leaving the room with Oscar supporting me cause of the pains.



We got out of the room room met three guards there and that was when I knew I was busted. Damn it!



“Sir!” One of them called in surprise when he saw me.




The other brought out his gun and pointed it at Oscar.




“Stand down. I’m going with him” I told them and they flinched.




“Sir? Wh…What’re you talking about?” They asked and I sighed and touched my forehead.




“Please, I’m begging you; just let me go. I promise to be back. I’ll be fine. Just don’t stop me” I said and tried walking away with Oscar.




“But…I’m sorry, sir. We can’t let you…”




“Touch me if you wanna die” I cut him off with a glare and they kept mute.


Oscar held me and we successfully left the building together.






We made use of his car as he started driving to the location of the agency.




But, on the way, I told him to stop by a pharmacy and get me some pain relieves and he did.


At least, they could help ease the pains I was passing through.




“Are you sure you wanna do this, sir?” He asked when he resumed driving to the agency.




I didn’t say a word as I took in a deep breath and leaned my back on the car seat.


Pen. I hope I get to meet her. That bitch.




She’s the reason I kidnapped Olivia and took her away from Theo.


I still don’t know what their reasons were for demanding Olivia in exchange for my mum.


I mean, they kidnapped my mum and didn’t request for money or anything, just Olivia.




I know she meant a lot to him, but I had no choice. My mum’s life was at stake.


I had lost my dad already. Molly was less than a year old. She couldn’t grow up without the love of a single parent. I just wanted to do what I felt was necessary.




But, since then, I’ve been looking for them – Pen Williams. She was the master mine behind it and I’ve been looking for her so I could know what happened to Olivia. I have a feeling she might still be alive.


And if I’m able to get her and hand her back to Theo, then I’m sure he’d finally forgive me and forget the past.


I’ll be free to live my life with Jeanne in peace.




Oh, God! Help me.






We drove for a long time and I almost fell asleep.


But, just when I was about dozing off, the car came to stop and I forced my eyes open and looked around.


We were in a wide area with a tall building in front of us and lots of cars were parked outside.




Oscar had parked the car among the parked cars so we wouldn’t be noticed.




“Is this it?” I asked, staring at the building.





“Yes, sir” he replied.



“But sir, we can’t go in just like that. The security’s very tight inside and the gate’s actually a remote gate. It can only be opened from inside and the walls are electrified. So, there won’t be an easy pass” he explained and I touched my forehead.




What the heck?




“So, what do we do?” I asked anxiously.




“Well, we’re going to have to think of a better plan…”




While he was still talking, I saw the gate open and I tapped him to take a look.


We watched keenly and saw a blue car driving out.




Wait; the driver, it was a young woman, and I know her. She was with Pen that night.


Yes, they were working together.




“I know that woman” I told Oscar as I watched her drive pass her.


She obviously didn’t notice us.




“You do?” Oscar asked.




“Yes. Follow her”.




He started the car immediately and started trailing after her.




He tried being careful because he didn’t want her to know she was being followed.





He maintained a long distance between both cars and at a point, we had almost lock track of her.



But luckily, he was able to pick up the trail again and since he was too far away, he tried meeting up with her by going on a high speed and unfortunately and unconsciously, he knocked someone down – a lady who was trying running across the road.




Oh, God!


What the hell???




“Damn it!” I grouch as he opened the door and we rushed out immediately.




Hah! Thank goodness; it wasn’t severe.


The lady wasn’t really knocked down, but she fell on the floor right in front of the car.




“Hey” I called as I ran to her on the floor.




Hold on; isn’t this…




Of course! I know her.


She was one of the contestants in the lover girls training and she was close to Jeanne.


I think her name is…Yes! Megan.




“Sir Alex?” She called in surprise as she stared into my face, still on the floor.




Oscar came close and helped her up.




“Why weren’t you careful, young lady? Were you hurt?” He asked her and she shook her head.




“You…you’re fine now, right? You can go on your own?” I asked, taking a look round her body.


There was just a scratch on her right arm.



“Yes, sir. I’m with my mum” she replied and Oscar signalled me to return to the car so we could continue on our way.




I gave a final a final stare at her and headed back at her. But immediately, I heard someone call her name.




“Megan! What the hell happened?”




I quickly turned to have a look, guessing it might be her mum.




I turned and saw a woman in a short curves-revealling gown, scuttling towards us – Megan.




My hand which was already on the car’s door fell as my eyes dilated in shock.




She halted when she saw me – our eyes interlocked- staring at each other.


The red bag she was holding fell from her hands as well.




What… the…hell?




Pen Williams!!!






The Loverboys


(She’s Olivia!)




Grand finale #Season_2

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