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Episode 20








Theo’s Pov:


Four years ago,




Life was the sweetest thing to me back then cause we were happy – u and the rest of the boys – especially Alex.


He was a brother to me.




We all ate together, shared the same bed, had so much fun.


The rest of them were flirts, but as for me, I avoided anything that involved women. I didn’t want to fall in love; I was scared of heartbreak, and the heartbreak that had occurred is part of the reason I became this cold hearted.




Alex always wanted me to fall in love, but I was scared to. But, one day, I broke my own rule. I fell in love.


She was a poor, ugly girl with a scar and the loverboys were surprised I had chosen someone like her.




Her name was Olivia.




The first day I met her was in a garden and I don’t know how she had gotten there.


I and the rest of the boys had gone for a meeting and I had decided to go for a stroll and when I got to the garden, I heard someone singing and it had sounded like the voice of a fallen angel.


I was bemused and listened enthusiastically as she sang in her tiny sweet voice and it captured my soul.




When she was done, I came out and net with her and the moment she saw me, she ran away.




She was so . scared and naive, dressed in tattered clothes, and walking barefooted.




I called after her, but she didn’t stop to . look at me and it startled me.




That night, I was unable to sleep as her voice kept replaying my head. It was so beautiful. Who could she be? I thought.




I was worried by it for days and fortunately for me, I met her again. But, this time around, it was when my car had ran over her while she was running across the road.




She became unconscious and I took her to the hospital.


Indeed, the scar on her face made her really ugly, but I don’t know, I just liked her.




I sat on the hospital bed and watched her sleeping face the whole time. When she finally woke up, she was scared and tried running away, but I stopped her. She was so scared.




I tried making her feel free around me, but she told me her aunt was going to kill her if she didn’t return home immediately. But, I couldn’t lose her again; not so easily.


I pleaded with her to just allow me feed her since she was injured and she. Agreed.




I ordered some foods for her and I was surprised at the way she had eaten like an animal. At that moment, I got to understand she was going through hell in the hands of whoever she was staying with.




I felt so much pity for yer and wanted to help. so far, she was the first lady I felt different towards – I still can’t explain how it happened.




When she was done eating, I took her home, but she didn’t let me follow her to her doorstep, saying her aunt was going to kill her.


But, I made her promise me she was going to come visiting.


We chose a perfect place to meet – the garden I had first seen her.




I was scared she wouldn’t show up, but surprisingly, she did.


The happiness I had felt when I saw her at that moment, it had given me the conviction that I was a goner.




Although, I admit I had fallen for her a little too easily, but I felt it was because it was my first love.




She was so naive and didn’t even agree to sit close to me. Instead, she sat on the floor.




We talked for some time and I got to know she was living with her cruel aunt who told her her mother abandoned her.




I felt bad for her and told her to come with me, promising to take good care of her. But she refused, telling me she wanted to stay back with her aunt and await her mother’s return.


She had a feeling her mother would return for her someday and she wanted to get to meet her.




I tried convincing her, but she wouldn’t listen. So,.I let her be, hoping to talk to her aunt and make her change.



I introduced her to the loverboys and they were really shocked about it, although they never detested it.


Alex supported me and advice me to for it.




We became friends for a long time and she became more free around me. She sang to me each time we were together. It occurred to me, but I was scared to confess my feelings to her. I was scared of heartbreak.


What if she says no to me?




She occupied my every thoughts, day and night and I felt I could hold it no longer.




One day, I told her about it – my feelings – and that was the most nervous day of my life.




I confessed my feelings to her and she ran away in fear. I was heartbroken, but she returned some days later and told me she wasn’t ready for it yet. She told me she was scared and needed some time.


But, I think she also loved me. Of course, she did.




Everything was going on fine and her feelings were becoming obvious.


But, Alex ruined the whole thing. Everything changed.




His mother was abducted by some strange people and they requested him to bring Olivia In exchange for her.


They threatened to kill his mum in the next 24 hours if he failed and he was frustrated and thought of falling for them.




I know he had his mother to protect, but he shouldn’t have taken my Olivia away.




I pleaded with him not to, but he didn’t listen. I cried and begged but he turned deaf ears to me.


He drugged me and went ahead to abduct Olivia and hand her over to them.


And since then, I didn’t get to see her again. He took my Olivia away. They probably killed her.



I was heartbroken – the same thing I’ve always been scared of happened to me and it tore my heart. It left me in pains. She was just a poor naive girl who wanted to survive. Who had so many plans.




She meant the world to me but he took her away and since then, it shattered me. I just wanted revenge.




I vowed never to let him stay happy again.


I don’t have the heart to kill him, but I just don’t want him to be happy;to fall in love.




I know I shouldn’t be doing this; but I can’t control it. This is why I’ve been scared of heartbreak. It turned me into a monster.


And now, I can’t help it.






The Loverboys


(I know where she is)




Grand finale #Season_2

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