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Episode 17






Kim’s Pov:


The party was booming with life as I walked in with my crew – all looking dashing.


Dignitaries filled the whole place, but the first person I saw that caught my attention was Theo.




He was dressed in all black and looked really handsome. Well, I’ve always had a difficult time choosing between him and Alex.


But, I think Alex is cool.




“Wow! Take a look at Theo” Eva said from behind and i shot her a stare and turned back to Theo.




We walked up to a table where I took a glass of drink and began sipping from it. My friends surrounded me.




“Hold on, girls” I said after a pause.


” have you noticed Jeanne has been a bit scarce for sometime now?”




They all looked at me.


“Really?” Joyce asked.




“Yeah. I mean, haven’t you noticed? She doesn’t show up at the studio anymore, she hasn’t been in school, and she’s not even here at the party” I replied and Caroline breathed out an “Oh”.




“Well, maybe she’s sick or something” Alina said.




“Yeah, maybe. But don’t you think the officials should have done something about that by now?” I asked and they kept silent and looked at me.



“Well, the competition’s starting tomorrow? She’s definitely bound to come” Eva said and I rolled my eyes.




“They’re just wasting their time with the contest. I’m still going to be the leader” I said with a smirk.


Well, of course, I’m proud of it.




“Seriously? You sound so sure” Caroline said with a scoff and I glared at her.




“Well, of course; or do you have a problem with that?” I asked, folding my hands and she laughed.




“You know, I don’t, Kim; but I just want you to know the position’s open for everyone.” She replied. Hold on; what’s this lady trying to say?



I was about saying something to her when Eva tapped me.




“Alex!” She said in a low gasp and I turned to see Alex walking in, looking as cute as ever.


Gosh! I’m really confused.




Alex and Theo; who’s hotter?




Alex’s Pov:


I walked into the massive hall and looked around for the rest of the lover boys.




Paparazzi tried coming to me, but I waved them aside because I wasn’t in the mood to talk.




The performances would be starting anytime soon and I needed to meet with the loverboys so we could get ready for it because as soon we’re done, I’ll be leaving. I need to go back to Jeanne.





I went to the bar to get a cold drink first and while I was there, someone came up to me – Theo.




So, he actually came to the party?




I shot him a stare and took my eyes to the waiter at the counter, trying to ignore his presence.




“Hey” he called and I scoffed and looked at him.




“Are you talking to me?” I asked and he made a grin.




“Well, I don’t think I see anyone here aside you” he replied and I chuckled and shook my head.




“You don’t wanna get on my bad side, Alex; where’s Jeanne?” He asked coldly.




“Have you tried checking beneath my hair? Maybe she’s down there” I replied with a smirk and watched him fume.


He scoffed.




“You’re making a mistake. And if I confirm you really took her, I’ll make sure you regret it” he said angrily and I turned to look at him.




“And the next time you threaten me, I’ll make sure that’d be your last” I told him, also sounding angry.




If not for the fact that paparazzi was all over, I’d have smacked him in the face already.




He was about saying something when something like a text came into his phone and I noticed he smiled after going through it.




“Don’t worry, Alex; we’ll see who wins the game” he said and walked out.




Hetty’s Pov:


I opened my eye lids and felt a little headache.


I tried touching my forehead and discovered my hands were tied.


What? What’s going on?


Where am I?




I opened my eyes properly and that was when I discovered I was in a dark room and I was tied to a chair. What?


Why am I here?.who brought me here?




Oh, my God! Josh!


I can remember he had shot at me, but it wasn’t a gun; it just made me pass out.




Oh, God! Who could be behind this? Why am I here?




“Hello?” I called and my voice echoed in the quiet room.




“Anyone there? Get me out of here!” I said at the top of my voice but nothing happened.


Fear was beginning to eat me up.




I tried loosening my hands but couldn’t. They were tied to the back of the chair and my legs were tied as well. There was no way I could free myself.




Suddenly, the door opened and two boys walked in.


One was holding a gun while the other was…what???






My eyes opened wide in surprise as he walked in with the other boy who later stood at a distance. What the heck?


Is this a dream or what? Is…is Theo behind this?




He squatted in front of me while I starred at him, gobsmacked.




“T…Theo?” I called with shock resounding in my voice.


His dark eyes were staring into mine.




“Hey” he called in a whispering tone.


“Surprised to see me?”


I scoffed.




“Did…did you actually bring me here?” I asked and he smirked.




Okay; this guy’s crazy.




“What re you doing, Theo?” I asked and he took in a deep breath.




“You see, Hetty; what I want is very simple. Give it to me and we can all go home; but if you make me repeat myself, I swear, you’re not gonna like the consequences” he said In a cold voice.


And what is he talking about?




“Where’s Jeanne?” He asked and it made my heart skip.




Why’s he asking such question?


Oh, my God!




“Where’s she?” He asked calmly and I tried not to make my nervousity obvious.






“Where the fu*k is she?” He said raucously and I was startled.


Why am I seeing a beast in front of me instead of Theo?




“I…I don’t know. How can you ask me such a question? We…We don’t live together” I replied, wishing I didn’t have to stutter.




“you spilled drink on her that day in school and suggested she goes to the restroom to clean it off. And when she did, that was the last time I saw her. So, where the hell is she?”




“I don’t know, Theo! Just let me go” I yelled and realised I had been to loud.


He scoffed and bent his head.




“You’ve just made the worst mistake of your life, Hetty, by making me repeat myself” he said in a low tone and I flinched.


What’s he talking about?




“Theo…let me out of here. This is crazy; stop it” I said but he ignored me and looked at the other boy in the room who started walking towards him.




“They’re definitely going to look for me” I told him.


“When they notice my absence, they’ll get suspicious and they’ll look for me. And by the time they do, you’ll be sorry you hurt me because you’ll be cooling your ass in jail”.




The boy came to him and handed something to him.


What the hell?




It looked like a…wait; it was a taser. What? It’s an electric shocker weapon that should only be found with the police.


What’s Theo trying to do?





“You see, Hetty” he said , while looking at the taser.



“You’re free to sue me to court if you want to, but that’d only be when you’ll have even the slightest proof against me”.




I kept staring at him and next, he activated the taser and placed it on my legs and I screamed as it electrified me.




“Theo!!!” I cried and he stopped, still holding it in hands.




oh, my God! What’s going on? How can Theo think of doing such a thing to me? Now I understand what he meant by saying if I’d get the slightest proof against him.




Using the taser, I’d only feel excruciating pains, but there would be no mark on my body to signify I was abused.


Oh, God! No.


Don’t let this happen to me.




“Where’s she, Hetty?” He asked and it made me shiver.


My anxiety suddenly increased.




“Theo, please…”




He cut me off by placing it on my legs again and I screamed out my lungs again in agony.


The pains drove me wild and crazy as I felt I was being electrocuted to death.


Oh, God! Theo!




He didn’t stop as I kept screaming but finally stopped when I promised to tell him.




“Just stop it, please” I cried when he stopped.


It hurt so much.


I bent my head and wept bitterly. I couldn’t take this anymore.




“You have two seconds to spill it out, Hetty” he said and pointed the taser towards my legs.




“I was only trying to be of help” I said tearfully.


“I was only trying to help her, Theo. She’s gone through a lot already”.




He sighed and touched his hair.




He brought the taser to my legs again and I shrieked.




“Please, don’t! Stop it” I cried and he paused.




“Just let her be, Theo, please. You can’t put all your anger on her.”.








“She’s pregnant, Theo” I cut in but couldn’t lift my eyes to see the look in his face.




I heard him scoff and stood on his feet.


Oh, God! Am I doing the right thing?




“What…what did you just say?” He asked, nonplussed and I whimpered.




“You heard me, Theo. She’s pregnant” I replied tearfully.






The Loverboys






Grand finale #Season_2

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