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Grand finale #Season_2


Episode 9






Jeanne’s Pov:


“You’re pregnant” the doctor’s words resounded in my head and I left my mouth wide open, unable to close it.


I couldn’t even blink my eyes anymore, but just kept them dilated, staring nonplussed at the doctor who seemed to be speaking in a strange language.




What…what is he talking about? What does he mean pregnant? Who’s pregnant?




“Ma’am…” he called when he noticed I was blenched.




“D…D…Doctor, I don’t…understand” I floundered and he exhaled and handed the paper to me.




“The results are right there, ma’am. You can take a look at it” he said as he fixed the paper into my hands.




I moved my eyes to the paper and looked at it.


Oh, my God! The pregnancy box was ticked positive.


Oh, God! No.


Is this a dream?




A tear dropped from my eyes to the paper as I looked at it with disbelieve.


I was pregnant?


For…For Alex?




Oh, my God!




I bent my head and wept.


How did this happen?


Was it a result of the intercourse we had in Korea? But…It was just once.




Oh, God! I remembered he…he had released in me. Could it be the reason? I’m really pregnant?




“Are…are you alright, ma’am?” The doctor asked, placing his hand on mine.




How can I be? How do I cope with this under my present condition? I…I can’t believe I’m pregnant…pregnant for the almighty Alex…The same guy who’s life is in danger?




How do I live with this in the hands of Theo? With all the maltreatments he makes me go through? How do I cope?




And…The baby; am I just going to keep it a secret? For how long?




If I tell Alex about it, he might do something crazy to get me away from Theo, which is also going to endanger his life and affect I and the baby. But, what do I do?


I can’t believe I’m carrying a baby in me.


I’m…I’m about to become a mother.




Oh, Jeanne!




The doctor stood up came to where I was, wrapping his hands around my shoulders.




“I know how you feel, ma’am” he said sympathetically.


“With someone of your recent status, it’s really gotta hurt a lot.


If you want, you can go for a termination”.




I lifted my head but didn’t look at him.


What? Kill my own baby? Alex’s baby? What’s he gonna do if he ever gets to find out?


And how can I bring myself to kill my own flesh and blood?




I looked at the paper again and wept bitterly. I don’t know; most women rejoice at the hearing of such news; why does my own case have to be different?




No wonder I’ve been getting those recent symptoms. Oh, God! What do I do now?


Why did this happen?




“Ma’am” the doctor called again and weakly, I stood up from my seat.



I folded the paper and inserted it in my trouser pocket and wiped my tears afterwards, but more tears kept streaming down.




“I can’t do it” I whimpered and the doctor scoffed.




“But, ma’am; you know who you are. Do you really want to become a mother?” He asked and I wept more.




I couldn’t say any other thing and tracing my steps, I started walking to the door.


The doctor kept looking at me, undoubtedly surprised.




When I got to the door, I stopped and looked at him.




“Please doctor; don’t tell anyone about this” I said tearfully and wiping my face again, I opened the door and walked out of the room.




I met Hetty walking towards me when I got out of the room and I tried as much as possible to control my emotions.




“Hey” she called when she got to where I was and I sniffed.


I tried to smile, but couldn’t.




“Are you okay” she asked and I nodded.




“What did the doctor say?” She asked.




I took in a deep breath and touched my head.




“It’s nothing important. He just wants me to have enough rest because, it might start affecting me if I don’t” I replied and she looked at me with dissatisfaction.




I couldn’t bear to tell her about it. How can I?




“Are you sure?” She asked and I nodded.




“Um…I need to be on my way now” I told her and she flinched.




“What? You wanna go back to Theo?” She asked with an alarming stare.




“He…He should be looking for me already. I don’t want any more troubles” I said and she scoffed.




“But Jeanne, you can’t go back to that guy; not after what you’ve told me…”




“But I don’t have a choice!” I found myself yelling at her and I busted into tears afterwards.




“Jeanne…” she called and hugged me.


I wept on her shoulders and unlocked from the hug.




“I…I need to go.” I stuttered, cleaning my eyes.




“Um…at least, let me drop you off” she suggested.




“No. If Theo gets to know I brought you close to the house; he’s definitely going to be mad at me because he…he’ll sense I told you about it” I said with sniffs.




“But Jeanne…”




“I need to go, Hetty. Please, don’t tell anyone about this” I said and hurried away, releasing more tears.


I hope she doesn’t follow me.




Hetty’s Pov:


Oh, my God! I can’t believe Jeanne is pregnant.


I mean, of course, I’m aware of it.


I was standing by the door and had overheard the doctor telling her about it. I was thinking she’d tell me, but she didn’t.




How’s she going to cope with it living with someone like Theo? And who could be responsible for it?




She told me she was dating Alex before Theo showed up. And…Alex is the reason she’s undergoing all these totures from Theo.


Could it be possible she’s pregnant for him?


Of course, it is!




Hah! But Jeanne is really pregnant. This is incredible. How did she let it happen?


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But, one thing’s for sure; if she goes back to Theo in that condition, the baby’s life will definitely be in danger and so will her life.




I need to tell Alex about it.






The Loverboys


(She’s pregnant?)

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