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Episode 9








Jeanne’s Pov:


“Is she dumb?” Daniel asked and Molly spoke up immediately.




“She’s my new nanny” she said and the confusion on the lover boys faces increased.




“New what?” Malcolm asked.


“Did mum really hire a new nanny?”




“Uh…g…good evening sirs” I greeted nervously with a bow.


Then I heard Alex scoff.




“is mum around?” Carl asked.


“No. But she’ll be back soon” Molly replied, fiddling with the toy she held.




“this has got to be a joke” Alex said and touched his forehead restlessly.




He threw his specs on the floor and sighed.


Then, he came up to me and that was the moment I developed goose bumps.


He was standing in front of me!




I took my eyes from the floor to look at him and my eyes ran into his sparkling eyes which were staring vacuously at me.




“Get out of here” he said icily and left, talking the right staircase.



Oh, God!




Daniel brought out his phone and started operating it and walked away.


Carl and Malcolm just shook their heads and also left.




I turned and looked at Molly immediately, my heart beating heavily.




“I told you he’d be upset” she said and shrugged and my dilemma increased.




“I…am I really supposed to leave?” I asked, worried.




“Well, that’s what he said, right? But I’d suggest you just hang around and wait for mum. I’m sure she can talk to him” she replied.




I placed my palma together and sighed. I was so scared.


I hope Mrs Tristan gets back in time.




“Come on, nanny, let’s wait in your room. You wouldn’t want him to see you again” she said and I nodded and followed her to the room.




I was so anxious. Alex had really seemed angry when he saw me.


Will I be able to stay here?




I kept looking through the window, hoping Mrs Tristan gets back in time before Alex throws me out of the house.




After a while, Mrs Tristan returned.


Oh, thank goodness!



Molly suggested I stayed in the room while she went out and explained things to her.


So, she left while I remained in the room with my fingers crossed.




I spent a long time in the room, waiting for a reply from Molly but I didn’t see her




So many horrible thoughts kept flashing through my mind.


Could it be possible Mrs Tristan has finally agreed to let me go?


Are they really going to send me away?




I waited a little more time in the room until I felt I could wait no longer.


I needed to see the condition of things for myself.




I left the room and slowly went downstairs. The only person I saw in the sitting room was just a house servant, dusting some items.


He just glanced at me and took his eyes back to what he was doing.




I took in a deep breath and looked at the right staircase and slowly approached it.




I got on it and started walking carefully, trying not to be noisy.


The staircase was a bit long and pretty too and when I finished climbing on it, I quietly went to where Alex’s room was.




I started approaching it and as I did, I could clearly hear his voice and that of his mum.


I stopped and tired to listen it them.




“We’ve been over this, Alex” I heard Mrs Tristan say.


“You know how stressful looking after Molly is. And now I’ve finally gotten some one she likes, you want me to just send her away?”



“I just don’t want any lady around me…”


“And why?” She cut him off.


“Talk to me Alex; why don’t you want any lady around you?”




I didn’t hear anything immediately.




“Please mum; just take her away from me” I heard Alex say and his voice had sounded tearful. Oh, God! What could be wrong with him?



“I’m sorry Alex, but since you won’t open up to anyone, I don’t know how I can be of help” Mrs Tristan say and I quickly left the passage, guessing she might come out of the room.




I went to another passage and leaned on the wall.


Alex’s words replayed in my head:


“Please mum, just take her away from me”.




He had sounded bittered and scared.


What could the problem be?


whys he so scared of ladies now?




Or, could it be possible it was a result of the deaths of the girls he loved?


But, what could be the cause of their deaths?


What really happened to the loverboys?






The Loverboys


(What does he have to say?)

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