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Episode 3








Jeanne’s Pov:


She paused and took in some juice.


“Oh, that?” She asked and continued eating, but I wasn’t.


I was just staring at her, hopefully waiting for an answer.




“Well, I have no idea. Nobody does – maybe except the loverboys” she replied and I sighed disappointed




“But it all started four years ago” she added.


“Theo was the leader of the band back then and him and Alex were best of friends. They seemed inseparable.


“Normally, Theo was a nice quiet guy, while Alex was the flirty type. Carl, I Daniel and Malcolm were just like Alex – always having fun.



“But unexplainbly, Theo disappeared; like he just disappeared and nobody has heard from him since then.


“So, Alex took over as the band leader, but things were never the same again…”




“Like the deaths of his girlfriend?” I interpolated and she shrugged.




“well, yeah. The death of his girlfriends. It’s also kind of complicated.


Since Theo left, Alex has fallen in love with two girls and they both ended up dead”.




“So what do you think?” I asked.


“Do you think it’s just a coincidence?”




“Well, I don’t know about that. Like I said, it’s complicated. Maybe its a coincidence, maybe it’s not. But one things for sure; something really big definitely happened between Theo and Alex – something really big”.




A brief silence stepped in for a while.




“I heard they’re no female workers in the loverboys mansion” I broke the silence.




“Oh, yes. Alex’s idea” she replied. “He’s been trying to avoid contact with girls in every way.




“You know his dad is late and his mum and little sis actually live in the mansion because of the kid.


She’s a very very busy woman and travels out of the country a lot.


So, as a result, she stays in the mansion so whenever she was away, the loverboys could help in looking after Molly.


But the loverboys are usually very busy and many times, Molly has gone missing.




“Huh? Why doesn’t she just get a nanny or something?” I asked, muddled.




“Hello? Have you forgotten I said no female workers in the mansion?



Alex’s mum has hiredhired about eight nannies – if I’m not mistaken – but they all lost their jobs within 24 hours”.




I gasped.




“You mean Alex sends them away?” I asked.




“Nope. Not Alex, but Molly. She always cooks up one complain or the other or ill treat and scare the nannies away and in the end, they end up running away.


But, it’s rumoured Alex’s the one behind it. I heard he’s actually the one making her send the nanny away and that’s because he doesn’t want any girl around him. Even their cook is a boy.”




“But why’s he suddenly abstaining from girls?” I asked.




“Well, maybe he’s scared to fall love again. I mean, after what happened to the other two girls he loved. Anyway, I don’t know; I have no idea” .




I nodded and looked down at my food.




“So, who’s your favourite among the loverboys?” I asked and she blushed.






The Loverboys


(What happened to them?)

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