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Episode 10




By: Faith Lucky.




Jeanne’s Pov:


Mrs. Tristian had told me not to give a thought to what Alex said. But, she had warned me to avoid getting into trouble with him.


I can’t believe I’m being asked to stay away from my crush.




Mrs. Tristian had told me Molly was to take a glass of milk every night before going to bed. So, I went into the kitchen to make her a glass of milk.




The kitchen was fabulous and almost looked like a supermarket. Everything was in tins, rows, cartons, packets and bags. They were all in bulk. There were about four gas cookers in the kitchen, two ovens, microwave, and the whole place was sparkling neat.




I opened one of the refrigerators and my eyes beamed at what I saw. It was stocked to the brim with different kinds of fruits.






I took out an apple and ate from it. It was so cold and delicious while munching it. Just then, the door opened and one of the love boys walked in.




Oh, my gee!


It was Carl.




My hands shook and the apple fell to the floor. It came as a shock to me.


“Hey” He called as he walked in, and I quickly picked the apple from the floor but didn’t eat it.





‘Good… good evening sir’ I stuttered with a bow, and he chuckled.




He went to one of the refrigerators and brought out a bottle of red wine. Then he opened another refrigerator and brought some ice cubes and an empty glass cup. He kept them on the kitchen table and stood facing me.




He was young, very handsome and stylish too. His hair was dark and curly and he had pink lips.




‘What are you doing here?’ he asked while pouring out wine from the bottle into the glass.


I gulped nervously.


‘I …I …’ I paused and looked around. It seemed I’ve forgotten what I came here to do.


‘I came to get a glass of milk for Uhm… Molly’ I replied and quickly went for an empty glass. I took a spoon as well and brought down the tin of milk, but I was too nervous and it fell from my hand, but luckily it didn’t spill on the floor.


Surprisingly, Carl bent down and picked it up. Whaaat?




‘Hey, you don’t have to be twitchy around me, ok? I don’t eat people’ he said with a smiled as he returned the tin to me.


I just stared at him, gob smacked.


‘I’m not Alex’ he further said.


‘I’ve got no issues with ladies, I mean, just as long as you aren’t a commoner’ he added and winked at me, and I managed a nervous smile.




He looked back at his drink and put some ice cubes into the glass. After that, he returned the big bottle into the refrigerator.




‘Nighty – night’ he whispered and winked at me again as he finally left the kitchen with the glass of wine.




I heaved a sigh.




Wow! That was so close. I can’t believe he spoke so nicely to me.




I smiled and prepared the glass of milk, after that, I went with it to Molly’s room.


she was watching a movie when I went in. I handed it over to her; she collected it and drank from it.




I turned off the TV and got ready to tuck her to bed when she was done with her milk.




‘Alex is mad at me’, she said as she lay on the bed.


‘He wouldn’t talk to me anymore’.


I winced and looked at her.


‘Why?’ I asked.


‘Well, I broke our deal. He’d made me promise him I’ll never have a nanny’, she replied, and I scoffed.


‘Are you serious? So, the rumors are true then? You were really the one sending the nannies away? But, how come you developed interest in me?’, I asked and she shrugged.




‘I don’t know, I guess I just liked you. Please, nanny, can you sing me a song?’ she said and I rolled my eyes and nodded.


‘Okay then.’




I paused and cleared my throat, and then I began singing a Barbie song.


Now that I’ve seen the world around me


‘Now that the answers are all close


Old concerns behind me


Now adventures ma ………




She smiled and closed her eyes as I sang along, and by the time I was done, she was already fast asleep.


Wow! What a quick sleep.



I smiled and covered her well with a duvet and turned off the bright light afterwards, leaving only the sleeping light on, then I left the room.




When I got outside, I stood staring at Alex’s room which was adjacent to me. A soft song was playing from there. Could it be him?




I drew closer and placed my ear on the door, trying to see if I could hear him doing anything. I smiled as I listened, but the only thing I could hear was the sound of the music playing.




Oh, Alex! I wonder what he was doing. Could he be sleeping, reading, showering or what?




I giggled and leaned closer to the door.


‘And what do you think you’re doing?’ I heard a familiar voice and quickly turned around to see Alex standing behind me.


What? I quickly left the door and stuttered for words. I thought he was in the room.




He was putting on a black trouser and a blue shirt; he didn’t have any jewelry on him aside a gold earring on his left ear. His lips were still pink and I got to know they were natural and a cool fragrance came from him.


‘I …I’m sorry sir, I was just…’ I stuttered and just then, his phone rang, he sighed and picked the call.


‘Yes? … I know. I’ll send it right away.’ He spoke dazily on the phone and walked into his room.




I looked at him as he closed the door and immediately I heaved a big sigh of relief.


Gosh! I thought he was in already.




I looked at the door and thought of drawing near again but I quickly snapped out of the thought and left for my own room.




I smiled happily as I lay on my bed. Seeing Alex gave me so much joy, even though he was mean and cold to me.



I remembered all the time he stared at me. It was so beautiful. I wish he could get to like me.








I woke up early the next morning and prepared for school, so I’d also have time to dress molly up.




I went to her room afterwards and helped her bath and dress up.




Their uniform was a purple shirt, tucked in a short flair skirt and a pair of purple stockings with black sneakers.




I brushed and packed her hair in a ponytail and she looked so sweet.




‘Do the love boys come down for breakfast?’ I asked while packing her hair in front of the mirror.


‘Uh…sometimes; but notnot all the time- especially Alex” she replied and I smiled and nodded.


I wish Alex would come down today.




“Nanny, will you sing me more songs today?” She asked after a brief silence and I smiled at her.




“Sure. I’ll do that on our way to school” I replied and she nodded happily.




When we were done, I took her bag and left the room with her so we could go to the dining for breakfast.


But when we got outside her room, I met Alex standing outside his.


I developed goose bumps immediately.




He was on a call but rounded it up when he saw us.



He was putting on a white long sleeve with the two upper buttons open, exposing his chest a bit.


And his dark curly hair flopped across his eye.




“Good morning, Alex” molly greeted immediately he dropped the call.




“Yeah” he replied simply and touch his forehead with two fingers.




“Uhm…g…good morning, sir” I greeted nervously with a bow but didn’t hear a reply.




“Can I have a word with you, Jeanne?” He said and I lifted my head to see him walking into his room.




Oh, God!


This is a dream.




I looked at Molly and she was looking back at me.




Did Alex just ask to have a word with me in his room?


What could he possibly have in mind?






The Loverboys



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