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Episode 47








Jeanne’s Pov:


I opened my eyes slowly as the morning sun glinted on the windows which reflected on my face.


I exhaled and looked down at my body and noticed I was still n*ked and covered with the duvet.


Then, I remembered everything that had happened the previous night.


Oh, God!




I sighed and sat up and placed my hand on my forehead. I can’t believe I actually lost my innocence to Alex. How did this even happen?




I looked around the room and noticed Alex was not in. The bed was still rumbled just the way it was after the incidence and…Oh! I saw the bloodstain!


Oh, God! It really did happen. I was no longer a v*rgin. I can’t believe I had s*x.




Just then, the door of the bathroom opened and he walked out – shirtless- putting on just a white trouser.


Oh, my! How do I face him? What do I do?


I wish there was a way I could disappear.




“Hey” he called as he walked close to the bed.


I looked at his chest which was covered with tattoos and remembered holding them the previous night.


Oh, Alex! What did you do to me? How did you get me so easily?





“You’re awake” he said and I couldn’t tell if it was a question or a statement.



He came up and sat on the bed, facing me.




I took in a deep breath before speaking up.




“Uh…Good morning” I greeted with my eyes staring below.


I couldn’t afford to look at him in the face.




“Hope you slept well?” He asked and all I did was nod.


Then, he rose his hand to my face and brushed my hair behind my ears.




“I prepared your bath water already. It’s warm. So, go on and freshen up” he said and I nodded without looking at him and stood up.




Since I was n*ked, I used the duvet to wrap my body before leaving the bed.


Then I tried walking and that was when I got to know there was a serious problem. My legs! They were hurting so bad and I had great difficulty moving them.




What the hell did Alex do to me? Or is this how it’s supposed to feel?




Considering he was probably staring at me, I decided to just try and move. I took slow and steady steps. But before I got to the door, I felt a hand carry me up from behind and I flinched and realised it was Alex.






He carried me into the bathroom and laid me in the bathtub which had already been filled with soapy water. He removed the duvet from my body before putting me in, but thank God the soapy water was able to cover me quick enough.




“I’m sorry” he muttered and pecked my hair and I wondered if he was apologising for the pains or for something else.



He left afterwards and I felt more relaxed in the warm water. I laid properly in it and closed my eyes, enjoying the warmth of the water, especially as it touched my v*gina.




The whole thing still seemed like a dream to me. I still can’t believe I’ve lost my innocence to Alex.


But, why did he make the move in the first place? He didn’t even say a word to me. And I couldn’t resist.




My heart skipped as I recalled how it had all happened. I remembered how he kissed me and s*cked my bo*bs. Then, how he fi*gered me and finally, the penetration. I can’t believe I was even able to moan and scream.




Oh, Gosh! How did I let such a thing happen to me? What could Alex probably be thinking now? maybemaybe this is a dream.


I’m still finding it incredible to believe Alex and I had s*x!




I spent a long time in the bathroom, feeling scared and shy to go out and face Alex.


But since I couldn’t stay in there forever, I had to leave. So, after spending almost an hour, I came out of the water, took a white towel and tied it round my chest, then left the room, returning to the bedroom.




As I entered the room, I noticed a great change in it.


Well, of course, the bedsheets has been changed to a sparkling white one, all the scattered clothes on the floor were no longer there. And a tray of meal was kept on the neatly arranged bed.


Wow! Did Alex do all these?




immediately, the door opened and Alex walked in.


Oops! Fireworks.




The nervousity in me resumed as he entered the room.



“Oh! You done?”:he asked and I nodded.




“Okay. Made breakfast already. Come on” he said and I sat on the bed and he sat, facing me.




It was a meal of coffee, fried eggs and bread.


He dished out some eggs for me and poured out coffee from the big jug Into a mug and gave it to me.


I took a slice of bread and put in some eggs. Then, I closed it and ate and surprisingly, Alex was watching me the whole time.




He served himself after I started eating and we began eating together.


Gosh! I feel so awkward.


How I wish he would say something about last night.




“Our flight is ready” he said after a little while.


‘So, we’ll be leaving after breakfast”.




I just nodded and continued eating nervously.




“Jeanne…” he called but was suddenly interrupted by a call which came into his phone.


He excused himself and left the room and I kind of wondered why he left to receive the call.




I sat alone and ate slowly from my plate.


I can’t wait to go back home so I can at least, stop sharing a room with Alex.


The nervousness is killing.




Not long after, i heard my phone ringing and I went for it, but uncannily, it was a strange number.


Huh? Who was calling with a strange number?






The Loverboys


(A date)

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