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Grand finale #Season_2


Episode 4






Jeanne’s Pov:


We stood, staring at each other, speechless for a while.


He was undoubtedly confused at the way he had seen me – with my luggage.




“Jeanne, I’ve…I’ve been looking for you. I waited for you at the garden, but you didn’t show up. I…I tried calling you as well, but your line wasn’t going through”.


He paused and drew closer.




“Are you going somewhere?” He finally asked and I felt my heart breaking into two.


Oh, God!


Is this really happening?









“Alex,” I interrupted him and sniffed.


His eyes explained he was overly curious.




“I’m leaving” I released the bombshell and stared at the floor.


I couldn’t afford to look into his eyes.




For a moment, he was silent; but the next moment, he scoffed.




“Leaving?” He repeated grimly.


“I..I don’t get you. What do you mean you’re leaving?”




I was trying so hard not to shed a tear.


How can I do this? Leave the same guy I’ve always wanted to be with?


Why should Theo be this cold hearted?




“I’m sorry, Alex; but it’s not working out – this…this relationship – it’s not working out. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you by this. But…I’m going to stay with Theo from now on. Forgive me, Alex” I said tearfully and rolled my luggage.




He kept mute, staring at me as I rolled my luggage to where he was. But , when I was about walking pass him, he held my hand.




“Jeanne” he called in a crack tone.


I stopped and stood backing him, my hand still in his.


Oh, God! I couldn’t even look at him.




Then, he hugged me from behind and that was when I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore.




“What’re you talking about?” He asked ruefully, still holding me.


I bent my head and wept.


“You can’t leave me, Jeanne. Please, don’t listen to anything they say to you. You can’t leave me” he added morosefully and it was obvious he was already crying.




Oh, God! I can’t believe I’m making Alex cry.


What am I doing?




“Alex” I called tearfully and touched his hands that held me.


I don’t want to do this. But, I’m scared of Theo. He’s threatened to kill Alex. And I won’t be able to take it if something were to happen to Alex and I knew there was a way I could’ve prevented it.




We stayed that way for some time, just holding each other without saying a word.


But, I have to go.


Theo has warned me not to exceed 30 minutes and I’m scared of what his reaction would be if I disobey him. I can’t believe I’ll be living with someone like him.


What have I done to deserve this?




“I’m sorry, Alex. But, I have to go. Please, don’t stop me” I said as I forcefully removed his hands from mine, disengaging from the hug.




“Jeanne, please…” he called, but I tilted my head and slowly went for my luggage.


Oh, Alex; I wish I could tell you the truth.


But I’m scared.




I was about lifting my luggage when I heard someone call:








I swiftly turned and found Molly standing by the doorway, tears rolling down her cheeks.


What the hell is she doing here? Shouldn’t she be asleep in her room?




With whimpers; she walked from the doorway and drew closer to me.




“You’re leaving?” She asked tearfully.


“You never coming back? But you told me you’d be back. You told me you just wanted to give your clothes to someone. Were you lying to me?”




My heart ached as I busted into tears, uncontrollably.




No; I couldn’t take it anymore. I might just slump.


I took my luggage and was about running off when Alex said something that stopped me.




“He’s making you do this, right?” He asked and I stopped; but didn’t turn to look at him.




“He’s…he’s forcing you into this?” He added and I sniffed.




“I’m sorry” was all I could say as I finally ran off with my luggage.




I sat in the back seat and continued crying profusely as the driver drove me back to Theo’s place. I felt so much pains and wanted all these to be a dream.




Oh, Alex; I’m sorry for doing this. And I wish things could change so we could be together again.


But for now, I need to do this for your safety. That’s just how much I love you. And I hope you’ll be able to wait for me until I get rid of Theo.




I cried throughout the drive until we finally got to our destination and I had to stop the tears since I was going to face Theo.


Gosh! I was so scared of him. How am I going to cope with living with someone like him?



Carl was right when he had told me he was responsible for the deaths of Alex’s girlfriends. And he was also right when he had told me he had become cold hearted.


Truly, I have seen how cold hearted he was and it’s making me scared to even breath around him.




But; since he really was responsible for the deaths of Alex’s past girlfriends, then why didn’t he kill me as well? Or…could it be possible he just wants to give me a greater punishment by using me as a revenge tool against Alex?


But, what really transpired between him and Alex that turned him this way? And why does it have to be this unforgivable?




No matter what, I’ll try my best to get rid of Theo, so I can go back to Alex.




After parking in front of the house, I opened the door and came out of the car and the driver helped me with my luggage from the boot.




I was so scared as I rolled my luggage into the house; so many thoughts kept flashing through my mind.


What and what does Theo have in store for me? If he’s really using me as a revenge tool, what punishments would he have in mind for me?


Why do I have a feeling I’ll be going through hell?




I entered into the breezy sitting room and found him sitting on the couch, watching the TV with a glass of wine in his hand.




I stopped by the door and suddenly felt like running out since I had a feeling I was walking into hell.




I stood speechless for some time, but not until he broke the silence.




“I said 30 minutes” he said without looking at me.


“Do you know what the time is?”





I gulped nervously and entered fully into the house with my bag.


I stood behind the couch where he sat and stared at the floor.




“I’m…I’m sorry. Alex wasn’t around when I arrived. I had to wait for him” I replied anxiously.




He didn’t say anything for a while and levelly, he stood up and signalled me to follow him and I did.




We took the stairs and arrived at a door which he opened and asked me to go in and I did.


He also came in with me and it made me really really nervous.




No; no matter what he’s willing to do to me, I’m never going to let him take advantage of me.


Alex is the first person to pass through my legs, and if God helps us to overcome all these and be together, I want him to be the only person that’d ever do what he did.




“This will be your room for now” he said coldly.


“But remember, Jeanne; you live only on my orders. So, you only eat when I want you to; you only sleep when I want you to. You don’t leave the house without my permission. And even when I permit you to, you must never spend a second above the time frame I give to you.




“you know you violated tonight’s own, but I’m only letting it go because it’s your first time. But the next time it happens, you won’t like my reaction. Is that understood?” He asked and I nodded perfunctorily.


Tears were already building up in my eyes.


What sort of conditions are these?




Next, he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a…what???


A pocket knife!




I gasped and moved backwards and he followed me until I got to the wall where I became stuck.


I looked at the knife which he opened and pointed towards me and my fears increased.





He drew very close to me and since I was stuck to the wall, I couldn’t move. What’s he doing?




“I wonder why you had to fall for someone like Alex” he said lowly as he made the tip of the knife touch my face.




“I understand he’s rich, handsome and all that; but you didn’t look deeper to see the evil side of him”.


He paused and moved the knife from my head down to my jaw.


My heart was beating heavily.


But…what was he talking about?




“Well, none of that is important anymore, because the fact remains; you fell in love with him and that’s something you gonna have to pay for.”




I closed my eyes and whimpered as he took the knife back to my face again and pressed it a little harder against my skin.


Oh, my God! I felt a cut there.


What does he want with me?




“What if I decide to make your face disgusting?” He spoke almost in a whisper and my heart pounded.


Oh, God! Please.




“What if I decide to make holes in your face with this and make you ugly? What would Alex do? Seeing his pretty Jeanne becoming something else? Hm? Mine wasn’t that pretty, afterall”.




I shut my eyes as a tear came rolling down. I was so scared. I just felt I was standing right in front of the devil.




He took the knife from my chest and made it touch my chest.


He used the tip to punch a hole in the middle of my shirt and I winced.




Then, in a soft breath, he whispered into my ears:


“Take off your clothes, Jeanne”.






The Loverboys


(She knows my past)

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