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Episode 50




By: Faith Lucky.




Alex’s Pov:


I sat nervously in the room, rethinking what I was about doing.


I know you might probably be wondering why I haven’t said a word to Jeanne about my feelings after deflowering her.


Well, one thing is for sure; I’m in love with Jeanne, but I’m just scared because i don’t wanna get her in trouble.




If Theo gets to know I have a new lover, he’s definitely going to come after her. He’ll be a threat to her life.


But, as it stands now, I can’t control it anymore; the feelings; I can’t hide them anymore. I love Jeanne and want to be with her.


And that is why I’ve come up with an idea.




Tonight, I’m going to confess my feelings to her. I’ll ask her to be mine. And when she agrees, we’ll leave the country together. Yes; we’ll elope – go far away, where no one will be able to find us.




I’ll quit from the band and run away with her, to a far away country. The money I have already is enough to feed us for thousands of years.


So, we’ll be fine; get married and raise a family together, on our own.




Yes, that’s exactly what I intend doing.




Jeanne’s Pov:


I twirled in front of the mirror and smiled.


“You look good, nanny” Molly who was sitting behind me said and I laughed.




“Thank you dear.” I replied and added a little lip gloss on my lips.


I hope I’m looking good enough.




I was putting on a long black gown with an opening at the back. Then, a set of red heels and had a black purse with me.


Well, I need to look perfect.


I mean, I’m going on a date with Alex!




Gosh! I’m so nervous, though.


I wonder what he’s going to say to me.


I just hope it gets to satisfy my curiosity.




I checked the time – a minute pass 7. He must be waiting for me by now. I took my purse and just then, my phone awakened with a ring. Oh! It was Megan!



“Hey,” I said on the phone as I sat back on my seat, in front of the mirror.



“Jeanne! Longest time” she said and I could sense her happy mode – as always.




“Hi, Megan. I’ve missed you” I replied, smiling.




“Yeah, I know. Sorry for not calling all these while. I’ve been really busy. So…congratulations on your success” she said and I chuckled.




“Thanks a lot. How have you been?” I asked.




“Well…I’ve been fine, I guess. Anyway, don’t worry about me. So…I just wanted to congratulate you. Good luck. Maybe we can meet up later, huh?” She said and I nodded like she could see me.




“Okay, then. No problem. Thanks for calling.




“Bye” and the call ended.


I smiled as I slipped the phone into my black purse.


Oh, Megan. I’ve really missed her.




I stood up and holding Molly’s hand, we left the room together.


When we got outside; I looked at Alex’s door and noticed it was locked.


Huh? It seems he was out already.




I took Molly to her room and reminded her to stay safe till I get back.


Mrs Tristan wasn’t at home, but I think the loverboys were still around.




After giving her a peck, I closed the door and left her room. Then, I took in a deep breath and sauntered through the sitting room, heading outside to see if Alex was there already.




I opened the door of the sitting room and stepped out and…wow! I found him beside one of his cars.




Oh, my God! He was looking so breathtaking in his all white appearance. I wonder why he loves white this much.




He was backing me and I took out time to admire him from behind.


Gosh! Now I’ve really become so nervous.


What’s he gonna say to me?




After staring for what seemed to be like forever, I decided to go ahead and meet him.


I started walking levelly and the sound of my heels made him aware of my presence as he turned and looked at me.


Wow! I caught those sparkles in his eyes.




It’s a good thing I didn’t end up falling before I got to where he was because the way he had been staring at me, they were indescribable.




I cleared my throat a little when I got to where he was.




“H-hi” I stuttered and cleared my throat again.




He didn’t say anything immediately, but just stared at me for a moment.




“Ready?” He asked and I nodded.


Then, he opened the front door for me and I walked in.









He drove in silence for about thirty minutes and finally, he stopped the car and I figured we had gotten to our destination.



He came out and opened the door for me and surprisingly, when I was about coming down, he stretched out his hand to me.


I placed mine on his and came down and that was when I had a proper look around.


Where was this place?


It was quiet and looked more like a garden. And It was beautiful.




With Alex still holding my hand, we walked in together and that was when I confirmed it was indeed a garden – a dazzling one.




Since it was dark, little lights of different colors were hung all around the flowers and it gave the place an ineffable and breathtaking view.


It was amazing.




Then, as we walked in, in the middle of the garden was a table for two, arranged there in it with flowers, covered plates and drinks on it.


Wow! When did Alex have time to prepare all these?




He took me to the table and made me sit before going to take his own seat at the other side of the table, now facing me.




“So…what would you want to eat?” He asked as he started opening the plates on the table.




Wow! They were lots of appetising foods and berries.




He was about dishing out the rice, but I stood up and tried doing it myself.




“Jeanne, come on. It’s my treat, okay? Let me serve you” he stopped me and I nodded and returned to my seat.




I watched him admiringly as he dished out some rice into a plate for me and adding some beef on it, he passed it to me.



Then, he also served himself and returned to his seat.




We started eating, quietly at first.


Well, I was too nervous and didn’t know what to say. And him…He looked like someone who was lost in thoughts.




“So…what do you have to say about the band? The lovergirls?” He finally broke the silence and I swallowed down my mournful content before speaking up.




“Um…its nice. At least, Hetty, Mia and Lea like me, unlike Kim and the rest” I replied and he nods.




“Well, Kim has always been that way. She’s always been oppressive. You just need to be careful around her.” He replied and I took in a deep breath and looked down at my food.




We didn’t say any other thing for a while and it kind of ate me up.




“Jeanne” he suddenly called.


“There’s something I need to talk to you about”.


Okay; now my stomach’s rumbling. What does he want to talk about?


Oh, God!




I didn’t say a word but just lifted my eyes to look at him.




He stood up from his seat and approached me. Then, standing in front of me, he dipped his hand into his trouser pocket and brought out the a tiny fashionable box and my eyes beamed.




“Can you stand for a minute, please?” He asked and I gulped nervously and stood up, facing him.


My heart was racing so fast.



He opened the box and my sparkles flashed into my eyes immediately.


I looked at it and discovered it was a necklace.


Hah! It was pure gold!




I gasped in surprise as the pendant glittered even in the darkness. What does Alex mean by this?




He went to my back and fixed it on my neck.


Oh, my God! It was so beautiful! I almost cried.




Then, he came back and stood in front of me.




“Jeanne” he called and held my hand.


My eyes were now glistening.




“I’ve always wanted to say this to you.


“That night in Korea, when I took your innocence, i didn’t take it for granted. And I did it because of how I felt about you”.


He paused and sighed.


Oh, God! What could he be talking about?




“I know this might be sound crazy, but…I love you, Jeanne; I really do. And as crazier as it may sound, I don’t know how or when it happened. But I’m madly in love with you already…and I want you to be mine.”


He paused and placed my hand on his chest.




“Will you be mine, Jeanne?” He asked and immediately, tears streamed down my cheeks.




Oh, my God! Is this a dream?


Is Alex really confessing his feelings to me? Or am I hallucinating?




Oh, Jesus! How did this happen? The leader of the loverboys asking me to be his. This is a dream coming true.






I whimpered as the tears flowed down my cheeks.


I couldn’t believe what was happening.




“Alex…” I called in a crack voice and covered my face on his chest. He rubbed my back.




Then, slowly, he lifted my face from his chest and went for my lips. He kissed me twice and made our foreheads touch.




“Will you be mine, Jeanne?” He added in a whisper and I sniffed and nodded.




“I love you too, Alex” I said tearfully and he smiled and embraced me.




He hugged me for a while and unlocked, holding my cheeks.




“Thank you, Jeanne. You don’t know how much this means to me.” He said and I smiled ruefully.




He went for my lips again and kissed me and this time around, I reciprocated.


It was so divine.




He placed his hands on my waist while I placed mine on his shoulders and we continued kissing.


I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feelings and he pressed his hands softly into my waist.




Oh, God!



I hope this is not a dream.


I want to believe Alex’s really mine now – my forever crush.




Just then, we heard footsteps and quickly unlocked from the kiss to see someone entering the garden.


It was a boy.




He walked with steady steps and passed the entrance of the garden, then stopped in the middle of it, facing us.




He was putting on a black trouser and a brown jacket and looked extremely handsome.






What the hell?


Oh, my God!


Am I dreaming or something?




It’s Theo!!!






The lost loverboy!


Standing right in front of me!


What the hell?




Alex’s hands fell from my waist and I looked at him to see a total different look in his eyes; a look of fright.


His hands were shaking.





I looked back at Theo and he sighed and took a step closer.




“Hello, Alex” he said with a smile.





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