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Episode 37






Kimberly’s Pov:


I smoked angrily in my room – with EvaEva and Joyce watching.


I hate everything! I hate Jeanne!


Because of her, I was insulted. She made Alex make a fool out of me.




“I seriously can’t believe Alex stood up for that lady” Eva said and it increased my anger.


“Normally, Alex would had just walked away. But surprisingly, he forced you to apologise to her in public and that’s weird.”




“You can’t imagine what those lame students are saying about it. Some even went ahead to call her his crush and all that. This is so unbelievable” Joyce said.




“And I can’t believe she wants to become one of us. I mean, what’s gonna happen if she becomes a lovergirl?”




“Not even in death!” I said angrily and turned to look at them.


“Over my dead body will I allow that animal become a lovergirl. The voting is taking place tomorrow and I’m gonna make sure I frustrate her.




“She’s messed with the wrong person and I’m gonna put her in her place.”



Jeanne’s Pov:


I woke up the next morning feeling so energetic and happy. It was a glorious day.




I smiled when I recalled everything that had happened between Alex and I the previous night.


Gosh! I can’t believe i was able to fall asleep.




I took my bath and dressed up and went ahead to attend to Molly.


I stopped and looked at Alex’s room, wishing I could see him, but it was locked.


I shrugged and went into Molly’s room.




After bathing and dressing her up, we went down for breakfast and that was when I got to know the loverboys were not at home. They had left early that morning for an appointment.






Too bad. I was hoping I’d see Alex.




After breakfast with just Mrs Tristan, we left for school.




Believe me when I say this, but my name was ringing on the lips of everyone in school.


They all kept throwing glances at me and I could clearly overhear their conversation about me when I walk pass them.




yes, she’s the one…




Alex made Kim apologise to her…




I heard she works in the mansion…



Could there be any intimacy between them?




I listened in amusement and couldn’t believe my ears.


Gosh! So many rumours


I just hope I don’t get into more trouble with Kim.




After lectures, I went ahead for my training and today’s section was really tedius because it was the last day of training and tomorrow would be the voting.




We all sang and danced one after the other and miss Beatrice commended us for it.




“Remember, don’t eat heavy food before coming tomorrow” she said in conclusion.


“when performing, clear your minds from every other thoughts. The only thing that should be important to you is the task ahead.




“Sing from the deepest part of your heart and dance for fun. Be confident. And I wish you goodluck” she rounded up with a smile and we appreciated her.


Then, she left afterwards.




Megan came to me and suggested we had snacks as usual . and I agreed.


I wonder if tomorrow’s event would affect our friendship.


But I hope it doesn’t.




“Tell me, Jeanne; what’s the secret? Your dance steps have really improved” she said as we sat facing each other in the canteen and I smiled.


“it’s just determination, Megan” I replied and she nodded.




“Well, I’m happy for you. I wonder what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Will the lover girls even make a pick?” She said and shrugged.


It was obvious she was also curious and nervous.




When we were done eating, she left, telling me she had an appointment with a friend.




I walked back to our training hall which had become empty and I climbed the stage.




I walked over to the speakers and turned on the music.


I needed to practice more.




I started dancing and felt so good.


Even if nobody told me, I could tell I was doing great.




I danced for a long time but stopped when I noticed someone standing by the door. It was a lovergirl!



I rushed and turned off the music.




It was lovergirl Hetty; one of my favourites. And she doesn’t move around with Kim and the rest. She was putting on a short and crop top and looked so classic. What’s she doing here?



“G…good day, ma’am” I greeted nervously.


“Hi” she replied simply and walked in.




“You’re one of the trainees, huh?” She asked and I nodded lightly.




“I love your moves. They’re wonderful. Keep it up” she said and my eyes beamed. Did she really compliment me?



“Thanks, ma’am” I replied ecstatically and she smiled.




“But…they’re some tiny errors you still made” she said and looked at her wrist watch.




“Got some time to spare?” She asked and I nodded.


Of course.




She walked to the speakers and turned on the music again and stood on the stage with me.


Then, she started dancing and giving me some hints and I entered into another training section with her.


It was incredible.




When I got home later in the evening, I helped Molly shower and eat.


Then, we sat at the dining I helped her out with her homework.




While we were doing it, the loverboys returned and sat in the sitting room.




I saw Alex.




I smiled as I watched them – him – sit frazzledly, throwing their phones beside them. They looked really tired.




Carl, Malcolm and Daniel were putting on the loverboys polo, while Alex was putting on an all-white appearance and it was so beautiful.




“Gosh! That guy’s a complete mess” Daniel said blearily and Carl chuckled.


“I can’t believe he could be that stupid.”




“I don’t know why he just can’t accept the fact he’s a looser” Malcolm added and I wondered whom they were talking about.


They must’ve had a busy day.




Evans came in not long after with a tray of food and kept it in front of Daniel.




“I’m so tired I can’t even eat” He said as he opened the covered food and took out a meat.


Well, obviously they were tired. They didn’t even acknowledge my presence or Molly’s.




Evans left and returned with another tray and kept it in front of Carl and the next one he brought was for Malcolm.




“Don’t worry about mine” Alex said before he left. “I’ll let you know when I’m ready. But for now,” He paused and stood up.


“Tell your assistance to make me a cup of coffee” he added and took the stairs.








I looked at Evans and he starred back at me and shrugged.




Alex really wants me to make him a cup of coffee again?




Evans left the sitting room, headed for the kitchen and I stood up and followed him.




“you didn’t tell me you’ve gotten an assistance, Evans” I said jokingly as I entered the kitchen.




“Of course, I didn’t. Alex did” he replied and I scoffed.




“It’s pretty amusing he didn’t get mad at you for what you did, you know?” He said as I prepared the coffee.



“Well…let’s just say it’s a miracle” I replied and he shrugged.




When I was done with the coffee, I put it in a small plate and took it to his room.


I took in a deep breath before knocking on the door and his cold, yet sweet voice replied from inside:


“Come in”.




I breathed out and opened the door, going in with the coffee.


He was sitting on the bed with his laptop in front of him.




“Good evening, sir” I greeted with a bow as I walked in and he collected the coffee from me.




“Hi” he said simply and sipped from it.


With the look in his eyes, it was obvious he liked it – as usual.




I gulped down nothing and turned around to leave.




“Your training’s ending tomorrow, right?” He asked and I turned back to him.




“Yes sir” I replied with a nod.




“Good luck” he said and I smiled and bowed.


I felt like asking him if he would be present for the vote, but I felt scared to.




I really wished he’d come.




He turned back to his system and I finally left the room.





I woke up the next morning, feeling really really nervous.



Today was the D-day; the day I became a lovergirl or not.




I had decided not to go to school. So, I just prepared Molly and dropped her off at school.


The loverboys were at home, but by the time I returned, they had left already.




I stayed indoors and did more rehearsals.


I would be singing a song by the loverboys – Love me again – which I had already discussed with the instrumentalists.




I ate just pasta and when it was time, I dressed up and went to the studio.




I walked into my training hall and discovered I was actually the last person to arrive as the rest of the trainees were already there.




They were all looking exquisite and Megan waved at me immediately she saw me.




“Hey” she called and came to meet me.


“You’re looking good” she complimented and I smiled.


Really? I’m just putting on a white flay gown and flat shoes.




“You’re nervous, huh?” She asked and I shrugged.




“i guess we all are” I replied and she chuckled.


Tasha rolled her eyes at me when I looked at her and I scoffed.


Like I care.




Shortly, miss Beatrice came with three other people and spoke to us in a whispering like tone:


“The lovergirls are here!” She said as if it was a secret and my heart skipped.


They’re here!




Oh, God!


This is so happening.




We all fixed our gaze at the door as we awaited their entrance and immediately, they came in.






They were all looking stunningly beautiful with Kim in their middle. And they were just five of them.


But, where are the rest?




“Welcome, lovelies. Please have a seat” miss Beatrice said warmly to them and ushered them to seats which were facing the stage.




The people miss Beatrice had come with, who were dressed in suits, also took their seats.




I looked at Kim as she sat; facing us. She was putting on specs and made her look so hot.


I wonder what’s gonna happen now.


I was so scared.




Immediately, three other girls walked in. It was the rest of the lovergirls! Including Hetty who had danced with me yesterday.




Wow! It seems they don’t like moving with Kim and the rest. Could there be having issues?




“Welcome ladies. Please have a seat” miss Beatrice said and also ushered them to a seat which faced the stage.


I noticed one of the girls with Kim turned and glared at one of them.




Then, Miss Beatrice climbed the stage and took up the mic.




“So, let’s begin”. she said and my heart began thumping fast.




I suddenly looked at the entrance. There was no sign of the loverboys.


Oh, God!


Could it mean they won’t be coming?




Although, miss Beatrice had made it known they rarely do come, but I was hoping they would this time around.




My anxiety suddenly increased. I was so scared.


Will Kim allow me to pass this training?




Miss Beatrice once again, told us what we need to do and Tessa was the first to go.




She sang a song by the lovergirls which was written by Kim and she danced it so perfectly. Gosh!


This girl was really a diva. Look at the way she twists her waist.




Indeed; she was a dancer. But her singing skills wasn’t as good as her dancing skills.




Next, it was Megan’s turn and she sang a song by Mira – her role model.




She was also a crazy dancer. But if you ask me, I’d say Tessa still beat her to it.




After her was Roxanne and she sang a song by the loverboys which was written by Alex.


She also sang and danced to her best and after her, I was next.




Oh, God!




I took in a deep breath as I slowly walked to the stage. Gosh!


I’ve never been this nervous in my entire life. My hands were shaking.




I cleared my throat as I stood in front of the mic stand and my eyes ran into Kim’s.


She made an evil grin at me when we made the eye contact and I quickly took my eyes away.


Oh, God!


Help me.








Then, I introduced myself and my song and began singing. And even if I was too nervous, I could tell I was doing perfectly good.




I sang and tried dancing as best as I could and caught Hetty smiling at me.




When I was done, I bowed before leaving the stage and miss Beatrice came up.


My hands were all sweaty.




Oh, God!


I really hope I performed well.




“Bravo, girls” miss Beatrice said.


“Bravo. You all were adorable; trust me. You did excellent.




“So, now it’s time to hand the moment over to the lovergirls to cast their votes…”




“They’ll be no vote” Kim suddenly said and everyone flinched and looked at her.



“M…ma’am?” Miss Beatrice called, confused.




“I’ve decided to make use of a different method this section. And by so doing, I’ll be the only one who gets to chose” she said and some of us gasped.






“Kim, what’re you talking about?” Hetty asked with a scoff and Kim rolled her eyes and stood up.




“Like I said, I’ll be making the choice. So, as it stands, I’m chosing you, Tessa Patrick, as the new lovergirl” she said and Tessa screamed and ran out.




Oh, my God! This is not happening.






Hetty stood up immediately.




“What nonsense are you talking about, Kim? This isn’t how it’s done. There need to be a vote” she said angrily.




“Shut the f**k up, Hetty. I’m the leader and I get to make and change the rules. Now, if you’re not happy with it, you can go to hell” Kim replied derogatorily and Hetty’s eyes glinted with anger.




“You must be insane, Kim. This is not going to happen…”




“Oh, really?” Kim cut her off and laughed.


“Do you really think you can stand me for a second? Seriously, bae; I’d love to see you try”.





Hetty fisted her hand and one of the girls with her held her by the shoulders.



It was obvious there was nothing they could do about.




But why does Kim have to act this way? Could it be because of me?




My heart got turn apart.


I felt hot tears form up in my eyes, about to pour out.




I knew this was going to happen.


My whole dreams were shattered. They had all gone to waste. Why does such misfortune have to be fall me?




I looked at Kim and she was smirking at me. She’s finally gotten what she wanted – destroying my dreams.




Oh, God!


What do I do now?




“And who’re you to change the rules?” I suddenly heard a familiar voice say from behind and noticed the lovergirls gasped in surprise.




Wait, I know that voice.


Of course I do!




I quickly turned around with the rest of the trainees and there I found the loverboys, standing by the doorway with Alex in their middle.








The loverboys!



They’re here!




They came!




Oh, my God!






The Loverboys


(The new model)

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