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Episode 33








Jeanne’s pov:


I waswas really so nervous.


I mean, I was expecting Alex to do the worst to me, but his silence was something else.




He didn’t join us for breakfast today. And after breakfast, Molly and I left for school.




So many thoughts kept flashing through my mind.


And today was Tuesday.


Oh! That means the Loverboys will be attending Mr Leonard’s further maths class. Wow!



But I was still worried about Alex.


Why didn’t he react to the coffee stuff? Could he have something in mind?




Oh, God! I was so nervous.


I have a feeling I might get into trouble. I just hope my instincts are wrong.




We received the first two classes and next, it was time for further maths, which of course, the Loverboys were bound to come.





We all settled on our seats, awaiting Mr Leonard to come in.




Just then, Kim walked in with two of the lovergirls.


Wow! She was looking as dazzling as ever.




She was putting on a short pink gown and a pair of blue sneakers and trust me, she was damn so hot.




The entire students turned to admire her as she walked gracefully and surprisingly, she came to my seat.


Yes, where I was.


What the heck?




“Hey” she said lowly as she stood in front of me.




I gulped nervously and looked at them.


What could these lovergirls possibly want from me?




“G…Good morning, miss Megan” I greeted nervously.




“Hi” one of the girls behind her waved at me.




“I want to have a word with you – in private” Megan said and started walking away and one of the girls signalled me to follow and I was startled.




Do they really want me to come with them?


But why?




I swallowed hard and sluggishly stood up, following them.



We didn’t go far; just the next passage after the class.


What could these ladies want from me? I hope I haven’t done anything wrong.




“Listen to me, Jeanne” Kim said immediately we got to the passage and they stopped walking.




“I have something important to tell you” she paused and rubbed her palms together. Okay; what is going on?



We both stood, facing each other and I was really curious.




“I don’t want to have any problems with you, Jeanne” she continued. “That’s why I want you to do exactly as I say.




“Quit the nanny job and leave the Loverboys mansion”.




That sounded like a bomb explosion to me.






What the hell is she talking about?


Why does she want me to leave the mansion?




I stuttered and couldn’t think of what to say.








“I want it done in the next 24 hours. Consider this a warning.”


And with that, she walked away with her crew.








is this for real?


No. She’s got to be joking.




Why on earth does she want me to quit the nanny Job in the next 24 hours? What could be the problem?




Oh, God!




I remained standing there for a while. What do I do about it? .


I’m not ready to quit the job.


What will happen to Molly? She needs someone to take care of her.




Oh, God!




I buried my face in my palms, lost in thoughts. I need to think of a way out of this.




After a while, I returned to the class and oops! Mr Leonard had already commenced teaching.


And the Loverboys were there as well.






Hold on; Alex was sitting next to my seat; like, where my bag was kept.






Does this have to happen all the time?


Oh, Alex!




I slowly started walking in, thinking of how I’m gonna sit next to Alex again.



“Where are you coming from, young lady?” Mr Leonard asked on my way in and I stopped walking.






“Uhm…sorry sir. I just made use of the restroom” I replied twitchy, hoping he doesn’t go any further.




He turned back to the board and resumed with the equation he was solving and I went ahead to my seat – next to Alex.




I didn’t know if I was to greet him or just stay quiet. I was too nervous. What would his reaction be?




He didn’t even look at me, but just stared through the window.


and I noticed a bluetooth ear piece was connected in his ear.


Oh, my! Mr Leo probably has no idea about this. And I’m pretty sure he’s listening to songs right now.




He wasn’t even with a pen or a piece of paper, just his phones and car keys.


This guy’s so such a lazy ass.


I wonder if he knows any other thing aside music.




I sighed and tried focusing on Mr Leonard. But my mind was kind of restless as I kept thinking about what Kim said.




Why does she want me to quit the job?


And what’s gonna happen if I don’t?




“You all should solve this equation in your books” Mr Leonard said when he was through solving two examples on the board.



“I’ll go round and check out your works in 3 minutes” he said and the students started working on it immediately.




I looked at the equation and copied it down in my book and started solving.


Alex was the only one not busy because he didn’t come with a book. Even the rest of the Loverboys were writing.




“You’re doing it the wrong way” I heard someone say and being taken abacked, I lifted my eyes to see/confirm whom it was.








He sat up and collected the book and pen from me, placing it in front of him.




With my eyes opened wide like they wanted to burst out, I watched muddledly as he solved the equation in my book.




What? Is this for real?


Is Alex really writing in my book?


Good heavens!




In less than a minute, he was through with what he was doing and he slided the book back to my locker.


Good lord!


Alex really touched and wrote in my book!








I stared at him gobsmacked and didn’t know what to say, if I was to thank him or what.


I was too transfixed.




I was actually waiting for the coffee blast, and now, this?




“Okay; time up. Let’s see what you got” Mr Leonard’s voice broke into my thoughts and that was when I could stop staring at Alex.






It really looks like a film trick.




Mr Leo started going through the students books, first from the front row.


He checked all the students there and confirmed it to be wrong.




Then, he got to our row .




“Where’s your solution, Alex?” He asked and Alex opened his palms.




“I didn’t come with a book” he replied non-challantly.


Mr Leo scoffed.




“Are you kidding me?


How can you think of coming to class without your writing materials?”


He paused and sighed.




“I’ve been warning you about this, Alex. You need to take your studies more seriously. Acting this way won’t do you any good, son.”




“Yes, mum” Alex replied and few of the students chuckled -including me.




Mr Leo sighed and shook his head and moved over to me.



I showed him my solution and after going through it, he nodded satisfactorily.




“Good job, Jeanne. Impressive. You’re the first student who’s getting it correctly” he said with a light smile and I just bowed and awaited him to move to the next table.




I turned and looked at Alex who was trying not to state at me.




This is unbelievable. I can’t believe he’s such a genius.


Even I who was so good at maths would’ve gotten it wrongly if not for him.


So, why does he hate skipping classes?




I cleared my throat and looked at him again.


I needed to say something.




“T…Thank you, s…sir” I said nervously, but he didn’t look at me or reply.


Then, I took in a deep breath and stared down at the table.






I went for my training afterwards and miss Beatrice gave us some new skills and after that, we were asked to perform one after the other.




“Good job. You all are impressive” miss Beatrice said when we were done.




“And you, Jeanne, I like the improvement in your dance steps. Keep it up” she said to me and I smiled shyly and bowed.






It seems I’m really making a great change.



Then she went ahead to remind us of the training coming to an end in 2 days and on the 3rd day would be the voting.






I’m really so nervous right now.




When we were done, I decided to go out. But on my way out, I accidentally bumped into Tasha, stepping on her toes.


Oh, no.




“Are you blind?” She asked immediately as she crossed her hands and faced me.




“Oh, my God, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to.” I said hastily, hoping she gets over it.




“Simply because your dance steps improved, it’s already affecting your sight, huh?” She asked and I flinched.


Don’t tell me she’s doing all these because she’s jealous.




“Hey, she apologised already, right? Let it go” I heard someone say and I turned to see Megan stepping in.




Tasha scoffed and turned to her.




“Can her worthless apology get her stupid dirt off my foot?” She asked angrily.




“Well, I suggest you cut it off, then.” Megan replied and took my hand.


“Come on, Jeanne. I wonder why you’re wasting your time with such a pillock” she said and walked out with me and I could hear Tasha gasp.





Oh my God!



This Megan really has some nerves.


I laughed.




“Hah! Thank you Megan” I said immediately we got outside.


She smiled and faced me.




“it’s nothing. But you really need to have some guts, Jeanne. Learn to fight back.




“By the way, I’m sorry once more for the other day…”




“We’ve talked about it, Megan” I interrupted with a smile.


“I understand. You don’t have to keep apologising”.




She sighed and hugged me.




“Why don’t we have some snacks? Come on, bill’s on me” she said and I agreed and we left for the canteen together.




“So, who’s your role model?” She asked as she set two trays of cookies and canned drink on the table where we sat.




“Uhm…I don’t have one, yet.” I replied.


“Initially, it was Kim, but not any more”.




“Great” she said with a nod.




“And you. Do you have one?” I asked.





“Of course! Mira – the dance diva.” She replied excitedly.




Mira! Isn’t that Daniel’s ex girlfriend?




“Do you also like her?” She asked.




“Uhm…kind of; not really”




“Oh, Jeanne. I think you should make her your role model. She’s perfect and I adore her far more than Kim or whatever her proud name might be.




“Here; take a look at some of her pictures”




She opened her phone and gave it to me and I started going through the pictures of Mira. Wow!


She had like a thousand pictures of hers on her phone. It seems she’s really obsessed with her – the same way I was obsessed with Kim.




“She’s beautiful” I complimented, still going through the pictures.




“Of course she is. She actually won an award last year under the CCG as the best female dancer in America. Ewen Kim couldn’t beat her to it”. She replied happily.




I kept sliding and came across a picture of she – Megan – with a cute boy.




“Oh! That’s my…ex” she said lowly and bit her lips.




“Wow! What happened between you two?” I asked, surprised.




“Uhm…don’t really know. He just changed” she replied and I decided not to pressure her about it since it was obvious she didn’t want to discuss it.




I kept sliding and found lots of his pictures in there.


Obviously, she was still in love with him.




Then, I came across a picture of she and a pretty young woman together.








I know this -lady- woman.






She’s the same lady we had almost knocked down the other day on our way to school; the one who had said: *you’ve really become this pretty huh?*


The one I had seen at that party. The one who looks familiar to me.






How come she’s with Megan?




“Megan,” I called as I turned the phone to her direction.


“Wh…Who’s that woman with you?” I asked, curiously.




Megan looked at the picture and smiled.




“That’s my mum” she replied and my eyes beamed.






She’s Megan’s mum?





The Loverboys


(Why’s she scared of Alex?)

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