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Episode 30




By: Faith Lucky.




Jeanne’s Pov:


I went for my training afterwards and when we were done, I followed Megan to her house – as agreed.




“You didn’t tell me you were working for the loverboys, Jeanne” she said as we stepped down from the car.


she had gotten to know about it on Saturday.




“I’m sorry megan. I just didn’t thought it was necessary” I replied as we entered the sitting room.




Wow! Her house was fabulous. They were doubly rich and I wondered what her mother does for a living to acquire all these wealth.





“Are you kidding me?” She looked at me and asked as I took a seat.



“You didn’t think it was necessary? Of course, it is. I’d have been paying you unlimited visits” she said and I laughed.




“Besides, why didn’t you let me visit you when you were sick?” She asked, leaning on a table.




“I’m sorry Megan. But I was scared of the loverboys reaction. They don’t really appreciate the presence of ladies in the mansion” I replied.




“Oh! Alex, right?” She asked and I nodded.




“Hm. So, how were you able to work there, then? I thought he’d have driven you away?” She asked.




“Well…He tried to. But his mum is the only reason I’m still there”.




“Wow! That sounds serious. So have you gotten to know any secrets yet? Like, why he dislikes ladies?” She asked and I shook my head.




“Mmm. Too bad.


“So tell me; what re the loverboys like, huh? How do you feel around them? Do you get to touch them? Do they come home with their girlfriends?” She asked enthusiastically and sat next to me.


I laughed.




“Well…they’re friendly a bit – especially Carl. But Alex…he’s unpredictable” I replied and she nodded slowly.




“Do you get to touch them? Have you kissed any of them?”




“Megan!” I called and laughed hysterically.


“What are you saying? I’m just a nanny there. How can I kiss them?” I asked and she smiled.




“Well, you see, you’re just so lucky. I wish I were in your shoes. I’m ready to give up my birth certificate just to work in that mansion and be close to them. I had wanted to go to the Alpha High school but mum wouldn’t approve of it”.




I was laughing because of what she said.




“So…shall we proceed to the kitchen?” I asked after a pause.




“Yeah. Just a second” she said and hurried to the fridge, probably taking a drink out of it.




I took my eyes around, admiring the beauty of the place.




My eyes got to the stars and I saw someone – a young woman -walking away.


She was putting on a long red gown that swept the floor and I couldn’t see her face because she was already walking away.




Huh? Who was she? And why was she leaving even before entering the room?




I looked at Megan who took out a drink and closed the fridge. She probably didn’t see the woman.




I was about telling her about it but just then, a call came into her phone.


“Mum?” She called on the phone, looking surprised.


The call was on loud speaker and I could hear her mother’s voice from the other line.




“Come upstairs, now!” The woman said strictly and ended the call and even Megan was startled at the way she had spoken.




She paused in a ruminative mood.




“Uhm…I’ll be right back, Jeanne” she said and took the stairs and I stared in amusement. Are you sure everything’s fine?



Megan’s pov:


I felt so curios as I climbed the stairs to mum’s room. Why did she have to call me on phone to come up? Why didn’t she just come down stairs and say what she wanted to say?




I opened the door and walked into her room and there I met her, facing the window.


But immediately she noticed my entrance, she turned and faced me.




“Why the hell did you bring that lady here?” She snapped and I scoffed and looked at my back, then back at her.


She was really taking to me.




“Who’re you talking about mum?”: I asked, bewildered.




“Stop playing games with me, Megan. The lady downstairs. What the hell is she doing here?”




Okay; this is getting really weird. I’m confused already.




“Mum, chill. What’re you talking about? She…she’s my friend. And she came here to teach me how to make sau…”




“I don’t give a damn what she came here to do, Megan. She isn’t accepted in my house. So get her out of here” she said.




“Mum, are you trying to say I’m not allowed to bring friends to the house anymore?”




‘You can bring anyone you want to, Megan. But not Jeanne”.




Her eyes dimmed immediately and her face went cold. It dawned on her she had said something she shouldn’t had said.




“Y…you know her?” I asked confused.


She covered her face with her palm and sighed.




“Damn it! This is the reason I never wanted you to go to that stupid place in the first place. Now, you’re already getting me into trouble” she groused. .




I scoffed and looked at her.




“Wh…what’re you talking about?” I asked.




“Listen to me, Megan; I don’t want you to have anything to do with that lady. And keep her away from me.




“Now, get her away from me before I do something crazy” she said belligerently and started towards the door.




“Mum…” I tried calling but she snapped at me.


“Get her out of here before I do it myself” she said churlishly and walked out the door.




I stood with my mouth open. I couldn’t move because of the shock.




Why does mum know Jeanne from? And why does she want her to leave?


Could she be hiding something?




Jeanne’s Pov:


I waited a long time for Megan to return and after a while, she returned.



But, I noticed she was kind of looking broody.




She walked slowly and stood in front of me. And she was trying not to look at me.




“Uhm…Jeanne” she called and stood in front of me.




“I’m…Uhm…I’m sorry to say this, but…my mum…she wants you to leave.” She said and I furrowed my brows.




“Your mum?” I asked; muddled.




“Yes. She said she doesn’t want any visitors at the moment.”




I scoffed and stood up and she looked at me.




I was surprised.




I looked at the stairs, then back at her.


Then, I sighed.




“Okay then. I’ll be on my way” I said and grabbed my bag from the chair.




Then she held my hand.




“I’m sorry, Jeanne. Well, you know my mum, I told you about her before, right?” She said remorsefully and I smiled and touched hers.




“You don’t need to worry about it. I understand.


“See you tomorrow” I said with a smile and left.



As I walked out the door, I couldn’t help but think about the whole thing.




Why did Megan’s mum want me to leave?


Could it be true she really didn’t want any visitors at the moment?


Or she just made that up?


And with the way Megan was looking, I wonder what they talked about in the room.




Anyway, it’s her house and she has the right to do whatever she wants to.


Too bad I didn’t get to see her face.




I got to the road and boarded a cab, heading home.






The Loverboys


(Coffee secret exposed)

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