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Episode 36








Jeanne’s Pov:


I suddenly felt a hand drag me up like a baby and I got to know it was one of Alex’s guards.




“Sir…” the guards called and also helped him up from the floor.


He sighed and glanced at his shirt which had become stained.




“Alex!” Kim called in a frightened voice; running down the stairs.


The three lovergirls came down as well.




“Oh, my God! I…I had no idea you were coming around. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do it” she said bitterly and tried holding his hands, but he withdrew them.




“Have you gone sane?” He asked and a wild gasp ran across the students.


Oh, my God!




“What exactly were you thinking, Kim? How can you push someone off the stairs?” He asked angrily and touched his forehead.




Kim fumed and glared at me.


I didn’t even know what to say.




“She…she was being impossible, Alex” she said detestfully.




“And that’s enough reason to push her off the stairs?” He asked and sighed.


“You need to apologise” he added.




“I already did. I said I’m sorry” she replied, staring at him.




“Not to me; to her” Alex said and tilted his head to my direction and she scoffed. What?



“you…you want me to apologise to who?” She asked in disbelieve.




“To the lady you pushed down the stairs” he replied and my eyes dimmed.




Kim should apologise to me…In public?








She chuckled and moved backwards.


Even the students had began talking within themselves.


It was impossible for someone like Kim to apologise to someone like me.




“You’re joking, right?” She asked with a scoff.




“Well, I don’t see anyone laughing” Alex replied and she heaved.




“Alex, I…I can’t do it. It’s all her fault. You can’t expect me to apologise to her…here”.




“if you don’t do it, Kim, you can be sure you’re out of Alpha Records” Alex said and her face flushed.




“You…you won’t do that” she stuttered.



“Well, there’s only one way to find out” Alex replied and sheshe chuckled.


Don’t you think I should get out of here?




She bent her head and placed her two hands on her waist. Anger was clearly eating her up.




“I’m sorry” she muttered angrily, staring at the floor.




“You have to do it properly.” Alex said.


“Look at her when saying it”.




She exhaled and slowly lifted her head to look at me.


Her eyes were glistening.




“I’m sorry” she said repugnantly and ran away.




“Kim!” One of the lovergirls called as they also ran after her.




Okay; maybe I’m just dreaming.


Did Kim actually apologise to me?




My heart was beating rapidly.


I looked at Alex and he shot me a stare and I quickly bowed my head.


Then, he walked away with his guards.




Seriously, I wish there was a way I could just vanish and find myself home.


my legs seemed to be numb and I don’t think I’ll be able to walk.





The students couldn’t stop staring at me.




Oh, my gee! Kimberly apologised to someone today…




I can’t believe Alex stood up for that lady…




Did you see the look on Kim’s face? There were tears in her eyes…




They kept talking non stop and I had to find my way out of there.




I so wasn’t myself throughout the rest of the day in school.


I just stayed in class and didn’t want to go out because my name was ringing all over the school building:


*Loverboy Alex made Kimberly apologise to his crush*




It was funny how news spread around.




By 12pm, I went ahead for my training and it took me a lot to be able to follow up because my mind was so occupied.




But, thinking of it, with Kim’s attitude towards me, what’s gonna happen during the voting on Friday?


I’m scared she might influence the rest of the lovergirls not to chose me.


Oh, God!


What if I fail because of her?




After the training, Megan and I ate together and talked about a lot of things. But she didn’t bring up her mother’s issue.


I guess she was also fed up with it.



When I got home later in the evening, I helped Molly change and shower and we ate afterwards.


The loverboys were yet to return and so was Mrs Tristan. I wonder what poor Molly must have gone through before I came here.




When we were done eating, we sat at the dining and I helped her with her assignment.


Then, we sat in the sitting room and watched some movies. It was an “Henry danger” programme, but my attention was so not there.




I leaned on the couch and closed my eyes, resuming my ruminative mood.




I thought about a lot of things.


Why does Kim treat me this bad? Is it because I don’t have a family? Is that why she hates me?




And my family…where could there be? Are they still alive? And do I really have one?






Will I ever get to see them? Will i ever regain my memories? And what could be the reason behind my loss of memory? Could it be possible someone was behind it? But, who and why?




I got lost in deep thoughts and didn’t realise when I fell asleep.




The next time I woke up was when the loverboys returned and were entering the sitting room. It was actually Molly’s blaring voice that woke me up.




“Good evening, Alex” she greeted with a smile and I rubbed my eyes to have a look at them. Oh, Alex!



“Evening, Molly”: he replied simply and took the stairs, his eyes buried in his phone.


He didn’t even look at her – or me.



I watched him as he took the stairs and remembered what he did for me in school. It also made me smile in front of the rest.


I wish I could talk to him.




“Wats up, Jeanne?” Carl asked and that was when I could divert my attention to them.




“Uhm..good evening, sirs” I said with a bow.




“Good evening, Jen” Malcolm replied.


“Good evening” Daniel also said and took the stairs.




“How have you been?” Carl asked.




“I’m fine, sir. Thanks” I replied with a smile and they left the room afterwards.


They all looked pretty tired.




“Do you like my brother, nanny?” Molly asked after a while and I opened my eyes in shock.




“Wh…What?” I asked bemused.




“Well…I’ve seen the way you look at him. Are you crushing on him?” She said and I gasped.


How does she know the meaning of crush?






I didn’t say anything to her, but just coughed and pretended to concentrate on the movie.


Then, she shrugged and also looked back at the Tele.


Spoilt brat.



After a while, I suggested we go to bed since it was late already, but she told me to follow her and I did.


She took me out of the house and came out to the balcony, sitting on it.




“Why did you come here?” I asked her as she sat on the floor.




“Come on, nanny. Let’s take some air” she replied and prodded me to sit and I sighed and sat next to her.




Then, she looked up at the sky which was filled with sparkling stars.




“it’s so beautiful, nanny. Isn’t it?” She asked, staring beatifically at the stars.




“Mmm. Yeah.” I replied and also had a look at it.




She didn’t say anything immediately but just kept staring and smiling at it.




“Nanny, do you have a younger sister like me?” She asked and I scoffed.




“Uhm…I don’t know. I mean, maybe” I replied and she shot me a confused look and stared away.




“Uhm…nanny, if you pass the training and become one of the lovergirls, are you going to leave and stop being my nanny?” She asked and the question struck at me.


I haven’t even thought of that.




“Of…of course, not, baby. We’ll still be together” I replied perfunctorily and she smiled and nodded.




Next, she placed her head on my laps.



“Sing me a song, nanny – a barbie song. It’s been long you sang to me, remember?” She said while staring into my eyes with her dazzling eyes.


This kid is one of a kind.




I sighed and rubbed her hair with my palm.




“Okay, baby. But this time around, I won’t be singing you a barbie song, but one of my own” I said and she nodded happily.


I know she’s just looking for a way to sleep. She falls asleep too quickly.




I cleared my throat and began singing one of the songs I always love singing because it gives me hope.


Molly was staring at me, with her head still placed on my laps.




The stars are up and bright tonight


All it takes is just one wish


Dreams may do come true


But wishes never fail.




Close your eyes and make that wish.


Don’t be scared it’ll be okay…




I smiled as I sang satisfactorily, and my eyes were fixed on the stars the whole time.




Wishes do come true


They do come true


Wishes do come true


Just close your eyes and wish


I finally concluded the song and took in a deep breath when I did.




I looked at Molly and noticed her pretty eyes were closed. I smiled.


What a fast-sleeper.


Oh, God! How do I carry her in now?




“Where did you learn that song?” I suddenly heard someone say from behind and I quickly turned to see who it was.






It was Alex!




If not that Molly was on my legs, I’d have sprang on my feet.




He was standing by the doorway, but after speaking up, he started walking to where I was.




“Uh…It…It was composed by me, sir” I replied as I fluttered my eye lids.


He was putting on a short and a white T-shirt and didn’t have a lot of jewelries on except for a gold chain on his neck and an ear ring on his right ear.




He scoffed and dropped to a crouch beside me.




“You write songs?” he asked and I nodded lightly.


I can’t believe Alex is squatting close to me.


His eyes were gleaming in the dark.




“it’s beautiful” he added and my heart leapt.


I smiled bashfully and bowed.




“T…Thank you, sir” I replied.



Seriously, I think I’m hearing jingle bells playing in my heart.




Then, he stood up and took Molly from my legs, carrying her in his arms.








I also stood up and followed him as he started walking into the house.




He took Molly to her room and laid her on the bed and I covered her with the blanket and turned off the bright lights.




He walked out of the room and I also did and when I got outside and was about heading to mine, he stopped me.




“Come with me” he said and walked into his room and I flinched.




Did…did he just ask me to follow him to his room?




I rubbed my palms together and took in a deep breath before going in.




A sweet fragrance welcomed me.




The room was looking all blueish because of the dim lights that were on.


Phones, laptops credit cards and ATM cards were scattered all over on the bed and table.




I looked at the window side and found Alex sitting on the keyboard.




I cleared my throat and drew near.



“Sit” he said and gestured me to sit on the chair opposite him and I did.


We were now facing each other with the keyboard between us.




“Uhm…I didn’t really get your message earlier on…about the song; the one you had asked Molly to deliver” he said and I opened my eyes in shock.




“S…Sir?” I called, gobsmacked and he chuckled.




“So, what song were you talking about?” He asked and I coughed a little.


I can’t believe he understood it.




“Uhm…its the song you were playing this morning…something about second chance” I replied and he looked down at the keyboard and striked some keys.




“Okay, let’s do it. Let me hear you out” he said and started his soft touch on the keyboard.


He played a short intro and after few seconds, he entered with the first verse:




I know I’ve wronged you bad.


Just hear what I’ve got to say


A second chance is all I need from you..




He sang it so beautifully and when he was rounding up the verse, he signaled me to come in with the chorus and I got myself ready. kindly hi Nath on 08067268368 to be added to his story room to enjoy better stories from there.


Then, I entered with the chorus I had in mind, singing on a high key:




Don’t you walk away


Remember all you promised


A second chance is all I need



A second chance I ask




I promise to be true


And love you till I’d die


A second chance is all I need


Just give me one more try




He looked down at the keyboard as I sang and I noticed his eyes were beaming.




Then, when I was done, he played the keys for a little more while before halting.




“wow!” He said lowly.


“it’s beautiful”.




I smiled shyly and bowed.




“T…Thank you, sir” I replied and he nodded.




“This is a relief to me.” He said.


“My manager has been on my neck for a new song. So, I came up with this, but was having issues with the chorus. But, thank God you were spying on me and came up with this”.




I smiled again and lowered my gaze.


Well, that’s all I could – smile, smile, smile.




“So , I guess I have three things to thank you for” he continued.


“Thank you for treating my dog


“Thank you for always making that extraordinary coffee.



“And thank you for helping me with a chorus”.


He looked at me while saying it and my heart skipped.






I can’t even feel my buttocks anymore. It feels like I’m sitting on the air.




I’ve always been scared he’d skin me alive if he ever gets to find out; but here he is, thanking me.




Carl was right. Alex is a fun guy. And tonight, I could see that softer side of him.




I coughed a little and bowed again.


I was so twitchy.




“I guess you should catch some sleep now. It’s pass bedtime” he said and I nodded and stood up.


I hope I don’t trip when walking.




I sauntered to the door but stopped when I got to it.




“Uhm…Sir,” I called and turned back to look at him and he was also staring at me.




“Thank you for what you did today in school” I said, nervously and he smiled.




Wait; Alex just smiled at me today.


Oh, my geeeeeee!




“Good night” he said warmly and after staring at him for a few more seconds, I finally opened the door and walked out.





The Loverboys


(The vote)

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