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Episode 44




Jeanne’s Pov:


The next morning, I woke up feeling excited and nervous. I mean, it was time for the concert and I was really nervous since it was going to be my first performance on stage.




Some makeup artistes were called for that morning and they came with lots of pretty dresses and shoes and assisted me in selecting the best.


Alex was in the sitting room also getting ready while I made use of the bedroom.




After putting on my long black sparkling dress, the makeup artistes set out to work on me and it took about an hour before they were done.



wow! I was looking like a princess!




I smiled and admired myself in front of the mirror. I can’t believe I’m actually the one looking this good.




“You look amazing, ma’am” one of the ladies said to me and I smiled.




“Thanks” I replied and stood up and went for my black heels.




Then, I took my blue purse and left the room together with the make up artistes. I suddenly felt so shy going out.




When I got to the sitting room, I mer Alex talking to some men, backing my direction.


But, when he heard our footsteps, he turned to have a look and I noticed he seemed lost staring at me. I was kind of surprised at the way he fixed his gaze on me; like he had seen something he didn’t expect.




“Uhm…Alex,” one of the men called and tapped hin on the shoulder and he slowly turned back to them. It seems he had forgotten he was talking to someone.




I noticed he shook his head before resuming his discussion with the men.




Then, finally i got to where he was and by the time I got there, he had rounded up whatever it is he was discussing with the men.


So, they left and he turned back to look at me.




“H-hi” I said with a little crack in my voice.


Although, we’ve already greeted before, I just needed something to say.





“Uhm…you look beautiful” he said softly with a smile and I bent my head shyly.








He wasn’t looking bad either – looking as handsome and killing as always.


I wonder what’s going to happen when the world watches me sing with the all famous lover boy – Alex.




“So, shall we?” He asked and stretched out his hand to me and I posed, wondering if he really wanted us to hold hands.




I took in a deep breath and placed my hand on his and we walked out of the house together. *


Few minutes later, we arrived at the venue and my heart beat increased at the population I had seen.




They were just too much and we’re just the ones that were outside, not talking about the ones that were inside.




I kept looking through the window as the car drove to the back and Alex and I came down with the guards and met some men who were already waiting for us.


The men in suits welcomed us and took us in through a restricted area where we were sure not to get hooked up by fans.




Alex held my hand through the while and I guess that was because he could sense I was nervous.


Well, I really was.


can I do this?




We got to the backstage and awaited to be called. We met a lot of people there and Alex was the one who did most of the talking because he seemed to be farmiliar with them.




Finally, we were called onto stage and my nervouity increased.



Alex was the first to go, but before he left, he held my hand and stared into my face.




“Hey, remember everything I told you, okay? Just see it as one of usual rehearsals and do it for fun. Okay?” He spoke calmly and I nodded with a nervous smile and he left.




I rubbed my palms together and sighed and as one of the boys around gave me a microphone and not long after, I heard Alex playing the interlude of the song.


Well, that was the plan. He was to sing the first song part of the song alone, then I’d enter at the second part and we go on from there.




I listened carefully as he sang the first part perfectly and when he was done, he gave the intro to the second part and that was the moment I was supposed to go in.


Oh, God!




I took in a deep breath and opened the red curtains and I found myself on stage in front of a mega huge Korean crowd, all eyes staring at me.




Alex was backing me, facing the stage and playing the keyboard.


Press men surrounded the stage and kept flashing their lights at me.




I sang the second part as I walked slowly and stylishly to the stage and the crowd suddenly started cheering and I wondered why. They don’t know me, right?




But I found myself becoming more relaxed as I sang the exact way I was supposed to and it got to a point that Alex left the keyboard and we both started dancing just as we had planned.


The rest of the instrumentalists had taken over.




We sang and danced it so perfectly and ended with Alex twirling and making me fall in his arms. *


The next thing I heard were screams of people and I left Alex’s body and noticed the crowd were all going wild.



They screamed and jumped and cheered and I found it unbelievable.


Did it go well?




Alex smiled and embraced me.


“I told you, didn’t I?” He said but I couldn’t even think of what to say.




We love you!!!












You’re incredible!!!








They kept screaming and waving at us and finally, I bowed and left the stage with Alex.


Oh, my God!!!


They like me!


It seems my performance was awesome.




“I did it!” I said happily and embraced Alex immediately we got behind the curtains.


He laughed and pulled from the hug.




Wait; did I really hug Alex?


Well, you won’t blame me. I’m just too excited.





“Oppa!” I heard a familiar voice and turned to see Da-hye scuttling towards us.



Huh? What’s she doing here?




“Oh, my! You guys were incredible!” She exclaimed and pecked his cheek.


Shouldn’t I be the one she should be congratulating?




“Hi, Jeanne.” She finally waved at me and I just waved back to her.




“By the way, you were awesome dear. Congratulations” she added.




“Thank you, ma’am” I replied with a perfunctory smile and she turned back to alex.




“So…what are you doing here?” Alex asked.




“Oh! I came to watch your performance. Won’t you give me a hug for that?” She said and giggled.




“Ma’am Jeanne” someone called and I turned and noticed it was a man with two camera men beside him.




“Could you spare us a minute please? Please?” He said pleadingly and I almost laughed because of how he said the please.




“Uhm…sure” I replied and followed them to the room they wanted.




I sat in front of them and answered tons of questions and…wow! Is this what celebrities go through?




When we were done, I decided to go back to Alex. But when I got to the spot where I left them, I couldn’t find them anymore.





Where did they go?




I decided to look around and finally found them behind a corner, standing at a close range. Why’re they alone?






“Alex,” Da-hye called and held his hand.


“There’s something you need to know”.




Oh, my God! Is she really going to tell him about it now?




I stood and hid properly behind the corner so I don’t get seen.


My eyes were gushing with curiosity.




“What’s it?” Alex asked and shockingly, she kissed him!






She gave him a soft tender kiss on his lips but he pulled away after a while.








“Alex, I love you” she said in a serene tone and my heart skipped.


She really did it.


She confessed to him.


Oh, my God!




I looked at Alex who expectedly had a surprised expression on.





She wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him again.




“Da-hye…” he called and pulled away from the kiss.


She tried doing it again but he stopped her.




“Hey, stop it” he said calmly and she paused and looked into his eyes; her hands still wrapped around his neck.




“I’ve…I’ve always seen you as a friend, Da-hye” he said.




“Yeah. But we can be something more” she replied and kissed him again and he pulled away.




“No, I’m sorry. It can’t be” he replied.




“Why not? We’re perfect” she said as she placed her forehead on his.




She tried kissing him again but he stopped her.


“I love someone else” he said and that was the only thing that made her pull away.




Wait; what did he just say?




“Alex?” She called in a tone that portrayed she was undoubtedly shocked.


“You…you’re…” she tried speaking but couldn’t.


She bent her head and scoffed.




She didn’t say anything for a moment and neither did Alex.




“She’s the one, right?” She suddenly asked.


“It’s her, isn’t it? Jeanne?” She asked and busted into tears.


Hold on; what the hell is she talking about?




“I’m sorry” Alex simply said and she ran away in tears.


Wait; why didn’t he deny it?


Why didn’t he tell her she was wrong?




What is…going on?




I slowly turned and left the corner, returning backstage.


My heart suddenly started beating heavily.


Why didn’t Alex deny it when Da-hye had asked him if he was in love with me?


And who was the lady he claims to be in love with?




“Hey” I heard his voice immediately and turned to see him walking towards me.


My whole systems were rotating.




“Wats up?” He asked as he stood in front of me and for a while, I didn’t understand what he said.


“I’m…I’m fine” I finally replied, nervously.




“Are you…okay?” He asked, sensing the caprice in my mood.




“N…Yeah. of…of course” I stuttered a reply and he furrowed his brows.






“By the way, I was thinking it’d be fun if we went out and grabbed some drinks; you know, to celebrate your victory.” He said and I didn’t even know when I nodded my head.




“Okay. So…shall we?” He said and took my hand and we left the scene together.



My head just kept muzzing and I couldn’t think straight. The whole scenario that had taken place between Alex and Da-hye still replayed in my head and it . left me confused and speechless.




I followed Alex quietly to the car where he asked the guards not to accompany us and he took off on the road.




“Are you sure you’re okay, Jeanne?” He asked as we sat next to each other in the car.




“I’m fine. Just uhm…you know, thinking about something” I replied and itched my head.




“Okay. So, how was the performance?” He asked and I cleared my throat before speaking up.




“Uhm…It was okay. I enjoyed it. I just hope I get good recommendations” I replied and he chuckled.




“Of course you will. Trust me” he replied and I gave a perfunctory nod.




We didn’t say any other thing and next, he turned on the car FM and surprisingly, the news being presented www about us.




Popular leader of the loverboys perform live on stage with a lady who’s about to become a part of the lovergirls band




I looked at Alex and we smiled together.




Miss, what do you have to say about this? the reporter asked and my anxiety increased. Oh! They’re going to ask people about it now!




well, it was amazing. I really had a wonderful time there.



And Jeanne, she’s incredible. I love her voice and her dance steps




Oh, my gee!




They moved onto someone else and she also gave the same remarks about me. Wow!


Oh, Lord; help me.




A lot of it went on and I kept smiling continously.




“Guess you have me to thank.later on” Alex said and I laughed.




Then, finally, he stopped the car and I figured we had gotten to our destination.




“Oh, my God! I’m so happy Alex. I really hope this works out” I said happily, still in the car.




“What do you mean? It’s working out already” he replied with a smirk and I laughed again.


I was so happy. People were giving good recommendations about me.




I opened the door and stepped out and just then, a call came into Alex’s phone and he stayed in the car to receive it.




Wow! Where is this place? It’s so beautiful.




I smiled as I gazed at the tall beautiful building in front of us.


Wow! I couldn’t wait to go in with Alex.





But thinking of it, I think Korean’s beautiful.




I took my eyes around and admired the other amazing buildings around. Even their roads were so clean.




And talking about the roads…


I looked across and my eyes caught the sight of a guy, standing beside a black flashy car, staring my direction.




He was dressed in all black and wore a face cap. But; that didn’t stop him from looking familiar to me.




He was tall and looked handsome – just like he’s always looked in pictures and on the net!!!




Oh, my God!!!




What the hell?




Isn’t that Theo???






The Loverboys


(Kissed me)

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