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Episode 39






Jeanne’s Pov:


We walked into the breathtaking cinema and I gasped as I looked around.


This was my first time here and it was beautiful.


Molly held my hand as she walked beside me while I walked beside Alex who’s guards were behind us.




Immediately the people around noticed us – Alex – they all got excited.




Whaaat? It’s loverboy Alex!




Oh, my God! Are you kidding me?




If not for the guards behind him, I’m sure they’d have all been crowding him by now.










They all couldn’t stop saying his name as they also started taking pictures of him.




We went over to the receptionists who also became excited.



“Good evening, sir.


“Good evening ma’am. We’re glad you’re here” one of the ladies said with a wild smile.




“Yeah. We’re here to watch Elena of Avatar” Alex replied and looked at Molly.




“It’s not Avatar, Alex. It’s Avaldor” she said and he shrugged and looked back at the receptionist.




“Oh, sir. I’m sorry, but that was shown yesterday; not today” she replied and Molly flinched.




“What?” She shrieked.


“But Chloe told me it would be shown today. She’s such a liar”.


She sighed despondently.






So we just came all the way here for nothing?




“Well…I guess we should be on our way then” Alex told her and she huffed.




“Uhm…but sir, we do have a lot of interesting movies to watch over here. You can take a look” the receptionist said and gave us a list of the available movies.




Alex went through them briefly and passed the list to me.




“I’m not a fan of movie. What do you think?” He asked and I ran my eyes through the list.


I can’t believe he’s asking me to make the chose.




“Uhm…The divorce” I said and pointed to it.



“That sounds boring. Who’s planning a divorce among you two?” Molly asked and the receptionist laughed.




“I’m sorry, pretty. But we don’t have any kid shows tonight. You can only find them during the day time” she said and molly and molly groaned.




Then, Alex booked our tickets and we moved over to the food section.


Each of us carried what we wanted.




Molly took some popcorn, sausages, biscuits and limca drink.


I took some popcorn and a bottle of coke. While Alex just collected a bottle of coke as well.




One of his guards stayed behind to pay for everything while we proceeded to the movie hall.




“I love you, Alex!” Someone shouted from the crowd and he turned back to see who it was, but couldn’t spot her from the crowd.




He just smiled and waved at the crowd and we continued on our way.


Wow! I wonder what it feels like being a celebrity.




We walked into the enormous movie hall which had almost been filled up and found our way to the back to get a seat.




The people who we already there couldn’t believe seeing Alex in the same hall with them.




Hah! Oh, my gee! It’s Alex!”




Gosh! Do celebrities always receive such treatments each time they’re in public places?





Alex, Molly and I went to the backback while one of his guards followed us in and sat behind us.



Almost all the people there kept turning back to look at us until a computerised voice spoke from the speakers:




*quiet, please. Movie in progress*




I noticed Alex heaved a huge sigh of relief and finally, the lights went off and the movie started.


Just the bright light from the TV reflected in the room. And the sound systems were superb.




Wow! Now I’ve known the difference between watching a movie from the cinema and watching at home. I’ve always thought it was a waste of time and money.




people who came with snacks started eating from theirs and molly didn’t hesitate to open hers as well.




She consumed the sausage and went for the biscuits immediately and next, the drink. . The popcorn was the last thing she ate with relishment.




I also opened my popcorn and coke and started eating with courtesy.


Alex just opened his coke and sipped from it and that was it. He didn’t touch it again.




The whole place was quiet and just the sound of the movie could be heard. I leaned properly on my seat and tried concentrating on the movie.


At the start of it, it was noted it was written and produced by Faith Lucky. I think I’ve heard of that lady before.


It seemed interesting.




It was a story of two young couples who married forcefully because they were betrothed to each other.




They didn’t really want it, but their hands were tied since their families willed them to it.



The boy’s name was Robin. And the girl’s name was Andrea.




Robin hated it to the core that he was forced to get married to Andrea because he had someone else whom he loved. He always saw her as a bad luck and wished he wasn’t with her.




And Andrea…she didn’t entirely like the idea of getting married to Robin, but she liked him.


A part of her was happy she ended up with someone like him and she prayed someday, he’d get to like her.


She fell in love with him.




She badly wanted to be the perfect wife, but her work kept getting in her way.


She was an accountant and barely had time for herself, nor her family.


It pained her a lot but Robin didn’t seem to care much about it.




They remained married for five years and Robin only made love to her once in a blue moon.




One day, one terrible day, she found out a disastrous secret; something she wished she didn’t have to know.




It shattered her life; her dreams, although, they didn’t let the secret known to us at that moment and it got everyone kind of curios.




She returned home, frazzled to tell her husband about it. But to her greatest surprise, she caught him having s*x with a lady right on their matrimonial bed.


Geez! What kind of a husband is this?




I turned and looked at Molly and she had placed her tiny head on Alex’s shoulder.




Definitely she’ll be asleep within the twinkle of an eye.



Andrea was devastated.


What could be more shocking than this?




she busted into tears and sat on the floor, crying out her eyes. The lady quickly dressed up and ran out of the house. Her name was Becky and she was Robin’s mistress.




Robin felt remorse, of course, and he couldn’t bring himself to say anything to Andrea as she sat crying on the floor.




He went to her and tried holding her, but she slapped him.


Wow! I love that slap.


I wish she could give him more of it.




He stared at her for some time and stood up.


“I’m sorry, Andrea” he said.


“This whole thing was a mistake. We were never meant for each other.”


He paused and breathed out heavily.


“I want a divorce” he said and Andrea’s eyes glinted.


Oh, God! How can he do such a thing to her?




She looked at him in disbelieve and told him to get out, tears rolling down her cheeks.


He stared at her for sometime and stood up and left. He made use of the guest room that night.




She kept crying through the night and couldn’t fall asleep.


Yes, she stayed awake all through.




The next morning, surprisingly to Robin, he woke up and discovered she had prepared breakfast


something she rarely did because of her work. And why was she still at home?




She greeted him genially like nothing happened between them the previous night.


He was startled.




She told him to join her for breakfast, but he refused, feeling suspicious.




Then, she ate from the plate he was supposed to eat from and he became relaxed a bit and decided to join her. He didn’t even bother to ask why she was still at home, instead of going to work.




After eating in silence, he brought up the divorce issue again and the way she responded to it shocked him.




She smiled and told him she was ready to do it; but just on one condition; she needed a favor from him.




He was curious to know what she wanted and finally, she spilled it out.


She told him she wanted them to stay as happy couples for just three weeks and after that, they could go on with the divorce.




Robin was stunned and found the idea absurd.


Why the hell does she want them to stay together for three weeks before going on with the divorce?




He told her he didn’t like the idea and she went on to plead with him and consider it her last wish to it. He made it clear to her he wouldn’t develop any feelings for her if that was what she wanted. And she told him she didn’t have a problem with that just as long as he stayed with her for those three weeks.


Then, he agreed.




He went back to his mistress and told her not to worry; that everything would be over in three weeks and they could finally be together.



Becky was overwhelmed and couldn’t wait for those three weeks to pass by.




Days passed and Robin noticed something different in his wife – although he couldn’t really spot it out.




She always prepared breakfast before leaving for work and always came back early enough to make dinner for him. She suddenly had more time for him than she used to and it was really surprising.




He enjoyed her meals and her warmth close to him on the bed. He found himself making love to her more often.


Well, that was the deal, right? Stay as happy couples for three weeks.




Days turned into weeks and a lot of things happened Robin found himself feeling something he’s never felt for his wife before.


It’s as if some beauty in her was hidden and he was just discovering them.




On one cool evening, he was driving along the bank where she worked and decided to drop by to know if she was through so they could go home together.




Surprisingly, when he got there, he was told she had stopped working there some weeks ago. She quit the job.




Robin found It hard to believe as he puzzled over it.


He quickly drove home and when she returned, he asked her about it and was shocked by her reply.


With tears, she told him she had quit her job so she could have more time for him. And all those time she left, claiming she was going to work, she had been going to her mother’s place.




Robin couldn’t believe what he heard.


So, she quit her job because of him? To make him happy?







Time flew like the wind and Robin found himself spending more time with Andrea than he did with Becky.


And finally, their three weeks deal was completed and it was time for the divorce.




Robin got a call that morning to the office and when he met with the manager, he received the best news of the year that he had been transferred to Paris to manage one of the companies there.




He gave a shout of joy and couldn’t wait to tell his wife about it.


Of course, she was his wife. There was no way he was letting go of her.




He had been confused about it before; but finally, he’s gotten to know he was in love with her.


Yes! He loved her and would spend the rest of his life with her – in Paris.




He drove home excitedly and on a high speed. But on reaching home, his bubbles were busted.




He found her lying unconsciously on the bed. He called and tapped her, but there was no response. And he didn’t hesitate to rush her to the hospital.




Oh, God! She had cancer!




Robin cried his eyes out as the doctor told him about it in the office. She only had three weeks to live – which had already been spent with him – and now, she was a living corpse.


The doctor made it clear she only had minutes to live.




And another shocking news he received was this- she was pregnant.


Oh, God! No!


She was going to die with the baby!



I felt my cheeks becoming hot as tears formed up in my eyes, but I tried not to let it out.


I just hope this doesn’t happen. She can’t die.




Robin sat in front of her on the hospital bed, holding on to her hand, crying profusely. But she was too weak to weep.




“Why didn’t you tell me about it?” He whimpered.


“That was the day you told me you wanted a divorce” she replied and his acrimony increased.




How could he have been so stupid?


Why did he ever act the way he did in the past?




All those time she tried being the perfect wife for him, he had no idea she was dying and was just trying to use the last moments of her life to make him happy.


Why did such misfortune have to be fall him?




“Please, forgive me, Andrea. Stay for me. I love you” he cried in her palms and she smiled ruefully.




“I’ve always loved you, Robin; despite the fact we were forced to get married. And it has always been my wish you get to love me. At least, knowing you loved me before I died, is a sweet memory I can take home.


“I guess you’re right. We were probably never meant to be. But I’m glad I have a place in your heart” she said tearfully and Robin buried his face in her palm and soaked it with tears.


He couldn’t afford to lose her.


Where would he get someone like her again? She was too special; too unique.




Oh! If only he knew, he’d had cherished all the times he had with her.


He’d had made all their moments fun.


But why can’t he have a second chance?




Her hands went cold and stiff. He didn’t hear anything from her again.


The anaesthetic machine had gotten to a flat line.




He lifted his eyes from her palms where he wept and looked at her. His eyes widened with shock.




He ran out of the room immediately, yelling on the doctors and nurses.




They ran in and set to work immediately while he watched blearily from the window.




But, it was obvious. He didn’t need the doctor to tell him even after he saw him shook his head.




His breathing had become tensed. More tears flowed down his cheeks as he watched them cover her up with a white cloth.


That was the moment he knew he had lost a precious gem – one that could never be replaced. *


Hot tears streamed down my cheeks as the movie came to an end with that.


Oh, God! Why did she have to die?


Why is it this tragic?


Why did she die just when her dreams were about coming true? It was too heartbreaking.




Tears strolled down my cheeks uncontrollably as I kept staring at the TV screen which was now displaying the casts.


I still found it hard to believe. It felt so real; like it had happened in front of me.




“Jeanne” Alex called and that was when I realised people were already leaving the hall- most of them grumbling as well.




I couldn’t look at Alex because of the tears I was shading.



So, I just stood up quietly while he followed and the guard behind us carried Molly on his shoulders as she was still fast asleep.




We walked out together and I kept my head bowed the whole time so Alex doesn’t see my tears.


I was trying so hard to control it, but I couldn’t. I hate tragic movies. They get me too emotional.




We got outside and I stood and awaited the guard to lie Molly in the car.




I fixed my hands in my cardigan pockets and took in a deep breath, trying to stop the tears.


Then, suddenly, Alex came upto me and surprisingly used his palm to clean my face, wiping off my tears.




I lifted my head in shock to look at him and I caught him smiling.




“You’re one funny person, Jeanne. I can’t believe you’re crying over a movie” he said and I scoffed and bent my head.




“I’m…I’m sorry, sir” I replied, not knowing why I was apologising, anyway.




He went to the car and returned with a face cap, putting it on.




“Come on; let’s get some ice cream” he said and my eyes sparkled.




He wants us to walk together?




I stared at him, puzzled and he took the lead and I followed.


His guards tried following us but he signalled them to stay behind.


So, we walked alone.





My sniffles were beginning to die bit by bit. But I still had that urge to cry.




Alex and I walked silently along the tranquil street and finally, we got to an ice cream kiosk.




He collected two cups of ice cream – one vanilla; the other banana and he gave the banana flavor to me.


The cap he was putting on was really being of help, although the ice cream man kept staring at him like he looked really familiar.




After paying him off, we left the kiosk and I thought we were heading back to the car, but we weren’t.




He took me to an unknown place where we used a ladder in climbing the high part of the building. What is this place? And how does he know somewhere like this?




I got a little scared when climbing the ladder, but Alex supported me till I got to the top and he climbed up afterwards.




I noticed it was a flat surface and Alex held my hand to sit and he sat beside me.




What a lovely view.


It seemed as if we were in the air and were close to the sky.


A lot of dancing stars filled the sky and the atmosphere was so breezy.


I got lost staring at the stars.




“It’s beautiful, huh?” Alex asked and I nodded without looking at him. It was such a beautiful sight to behold.




He didn’t say anything immediately as he licked slowly from his ice cream and I also decided to find time to lick mine as well since it was beginning to melt.



“You know, back in those days, my friend and I, whenever we were tensed, we’d just take some ice cream together” Alex said and I shut him a stare.


Why do I have a feeling he’s talking about Theo?




I lowered my gaze to my ice cream and took in two spoons.




“Sir,” I called after a pause.


“Can I ask a question?” I asked and he nodded.


Then, I cleared my throat.


“Uhm…back then in school, during Mr Leonard’s class, when those people in suit had come in and asked you about some missing stuffs in that store; why did you lie about the fact that you had seen me in the store that day?” I asked and he smiled lightly and looked at the stars.




“Well…I had a feeling you didn’t do it. So, there was no need pointing you out.” He replied and I was startled.


I looked into his face as he stared into the stars and I smiled.




I ate from my ice cream again and joined him in staring at the stars. It was so beautiful.




“Do you believe in the wishing stars?” He suddenly asked and I dallied a little and replied:


“Yes, sir”.




“Have you made one before?”:he asked and I nodded slowly.




“So, has any of it come true?” He asked and I nodded again.


“What was it?”




“Uhm…I had wished to become a musician and it’s already coming true.


“And…as for the other wish, I know it’ll come true someday” I replied and he nodded slowly.



‘So..wishes do come true” he said but I couldn’t tell if it was a question or a statement.




“I wish it does” he added in somberness and kept quiet for a while.


I could see that morose nature of his slowly trying to take over. Please, don’t.




“Can you sing me a song? That song you were singing the other night; something about stars and wishes” he said and I felt surprised a bit.




Alex really wants me to sing for him?




“Uhm…okay, sir” I replied and cleared my throat and began singing.




The whole place was calm and peaceful and Alex stared into space as my voice went on.




The stars are up and bring tonight.


All it takes is just one wish


Dreams may do come true


But wishes never fail..




Oh…Make a wish.


The stars are up tonight.


And they’re waiting for that wish


All you need to have is faith…




I fixed my eyes on the stars as I sang on a low key. I enjoyed doing it.




Wishes do come true


Wishes do come true



They do come true


Wishes do come true




I sang the chorus, but surprisingly, when I was about singing it again, Alex took it from me and sang it in a stylish way and I was shocked.




I quickly turned and looked at him in surprise as he sang the chorus so angelically while staring at the stars.


Oh, my! He’s singing my song!




When he finished the chorus,.I sang it again, this time around in a high key, hoping he’d join me, but he didn’t. Instead, he just smiled and stared downwards.


But when I tried singing the chorus again, he joined me this time around and we sang in perfect harmony.


I was singing on a high key while he sang on a key that wasn’t high or low- just perfect.




Oh, my God! It was so beautiful and I didn’t realise a tear was rolling down my cheek.




I laughed tearfully when we rounded up the song and I covered my mouth with my palm.


Oh, God! I wish we could do it again.




“So, have you made a wish?” He asked after a while and I sniffed and cleaned the tear off my face.




Then, I closed my eyes and made a wish – the same wish I’ve always made.


“I wish I find my family” I said while looking at the stars.


Then, I turned to Alex.




“And you, sir? Have you made a wish?” I asked and he sighed and nodded.



“I already have” he replied and I rose my brows.


I wonder what he wished for.




He looked at his ice cream which had melted and threw it away.


Mine had also melted, but I gulped down the liquid instead of throwing it away. I couldn’t waste it like that.




“Come on; let’s go” Alex said and I nodded and we stood up together and climbed down the ladder.


He held my hand as I climbed down from the ladder and it kind of felt strange to me.




“Have you been told we’ll be going to Korea together?” He asked as we walked back to the car.




“Y…Yes, sir” I replied a little bashfully.


I felt odd talking about it, I mean, considering the fact we’ll be staying alone in the same apartment.




We didn’t say anything to each other as we finally got to where the cars were parked and Oh, my God!


Alex and I have been holding hands the whole time!




He finally let go of it as the guards opened the door for us and he prodded me to go in first and I did.


Molly was in the other car since she was sleeping. So, Alex and I made use of one car, sitting next to each other.




The drive was silent as Alex kept staring through the window the whole time. It seemed he had something going on in his mind.




I kept replaying the whole thing that had happened in my head. They were almost bringing tears into my eyes again.



And just like a dream, Alex was becoming nice to me – someone who had told me to stay away from him because he disliked me.


The whole thing was a miracle.




We finally got home and the guards opened the door for us and we came out of the car.




One of the guards carried Molly from the car and started taking her into the house and I followed him so I could cover her up in bed.


Alex followed behind – silently.




“Good night, Jeanne” he told me when I was about entering into Molly’s room.


Oh! I had kind of expected him to come in with me.




What am I even thinking?


“Goodnight, sir” I replied with a bow and watched him entered his room.


Hold on; he was kind of looking cold now.


What could be wrong with him again?




I remained standing and staring at the closed door until the guard that had gone to lay Molly came out of the room and I went in.






Alex’s Pov:


I walked into the room and plonked myself on the bed, burying my face in my palms.




I knew this was going to happen;


– these feelings -it was something I’ve been trying to avoid; something I’ve been scared of.




She’s beautiful and has a killer voice and from the very first day I saw her here, I knew this was going to happen. I knew the feelings would come again.




She was so pretty when she cried . and all those times she smiled at me made me remember what it felt like to be loved again.




I don’t want to be this cold hearted guy that I’ve become. I want to fall in love and live a happy life.


But I’m scared. I’m scared of these feelings I’m beginning to get for Jeanne because it’s only going to put her life in danger. He’s going to kill her if he finds out.




Yes, it’s Theo.




I betrayed him- did something terrible to him in the past. But it wasn’t my fault. I was only forced to do it.




But he wouldn’t understand it and vowed to make sure I don’t ever experience love again because I took away the only girl he ever loved.


But it wasn’t my fault. They wanted her. My hands were tied.




He vowed to make sure I don’t ever fall in love again and since then, he kills every lady I fall in love with.


He’s nowhere to be found, but he knows my every move.




He already took two away from me and is watching out for who the next one would be. And that is why I’m scared of these feelings I’m having for Jeanne already.


He’s definitely going to kill her again.


But I don’t want him to. I don’t think I’ll be able to survive another heartbreak. I swear, I’ll die if he takes Jeanne away from me too.


My heart is too weak already to receive any more heartbreaks.




I lifted my head from my palm and noticed they were already soaked with tears.


Oh, God! My heart was aching so much.




I want to fall in love again, but I’m scared to.





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