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Episode 32








Evans Pov:


He scoffed and stared vacuously at me.



“Jeanne?” He repeated and I nodded slowly.


What’s gonna happen now?




He scoffed again and turned around facing the window.


He was now backing me with his hands crossed behind his back.




Okay, why the cold silent now?




He didn’t say a thing as he just faced the window and I can’t really rell; I mean, I don’t know; but did i just see a smile on his face?




No. I’m definitely not seeing clearly.




“You can leave” he said coldly after a while and I was startled.


Seriously? He won’t say anything about it?




Still surprised, I just bowed and left the room.




Jeanne’s Pov:


I returned home with Molly and Mrs Tristan and it was pretty late by then.




I helped Molly shower and went ahead to make her a glass of milk in the kitchen.




The loverboys were home, but I didn’t see any of them as they all stayed in their rooms.




When I got into the kitchen to make Molly a glass of milk, Evans came in, looking like someone who was being beaten up.





“Hi” I greeted, looking at him.




“Jeanne” he called and stood in front of me.


“Jen, we’re in a big mess”.




I winced and paused on what I was doing.




“What are you talking about?” I asked, placing one of my hands at akimbo.




“While you were away” he started.


“Sir Alex asked me to make him his coffee. And…well, you know, mine tastes different from yours. So, he got suspicious and asked me to make it the way you did.”


he paused and sighed.




Okay; I really hope he’s not going where I think he’s going.




“I couldn’t do it, Jen. So I had to tell him the truth.” He said.




“What truth?” I asked immediately, hoping he’s talking about something else.




“I…I told him you’ve been the one making his coffee” he said and I gasped and covered my mouth with my palms.




No no no. He’s definitely lying. There’s no way he’s serious.




“You’re joking” I said with a scoff.




“I’m not Jen. For goodness sake, why will I be joking?”




“Evans, are you kidding me? What do you mean you told him the truth? What silly truth?




“I’m sorry, I…”




“Damn it! You promised me. You promised you wouldn’t spill it out. How could you do this to me?”




Immediately, Alex walked in.




Oh, God! This is going to be trouble part 2.




I gulped nervously as he walked in and I wondered what he had in mind.


I couldn’t even think of greeting him.




He walked pass us and went to the refrigerator, bringing out a bottle of wine.


Evans and I kept staring dumbfounded at him.




He took some ice cubes and put them into a glass cup and poured some wine in




Then, he stood and drank from the glass and dramatically, he was staring at me. Oh, God!



He emptied the glass and turned in more drink and this time around, he took the glass and bottle and walked pass us, leaving the kitchen.




With my lips open, I turned and looked at Evans and he was staring back at me. He didn’t say a thing!



But I have a terrible feeling there might be something behind that silence.



Kimberly’s Pov:


I sat in my room with Eva, facing me and smoking from her cigarette.




“So you have a sister for real?” She asked but I didn’t reply as I just stared into space.


She sighed and smoked from her cigarette.




“So you guys have no idea where she is?” She asked and I shook my head.




“Wow” she mouthed.


“But…are you happy about it? Like…are you glad you have a sibling?”




I sighed and rose my brows.




“Well, of course. I mean, I’ve always wanted to have a sibling – someone to be close to around the house. So, I think it’s okay” I replied and she shrugged and smoked.




“Well…I pray you guys get to find her soon enough” she added.




“By the way, Kim” she said after a pause.


“I think that Jeanne of a girl is really something else. I can’t believe she got paired up with Alex.”




I sighed and stood up, going to face the window.




“I think I’ve had it with that lady. It’s time i put her aside” I said angrily.


“Do you have something in mind?” She asked and I smiled and turned to look at her.




“Of course, I do.”






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