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Episode 35




By: Faith Lucky.




Megan’s pov:


I climbed the stairs and headed to mum’s room.


But, even before I got to the door, she came out of the room and met me.




“Mum” I called immediately.


“What the hell happened? Why did you leave without me?”




“Didn’t you tell me the loverboys weren’t in the studio?” She asked angrily.




“Well, I…I had no idea they were in. Besides, why’re you so concerned about them? Are you seriously running away from them? What did you do wrong…”




“Shut the fu*ck up!” She snarled and I was startled.




Then she sighed and waved the bristle of her hair aside.




“Listen to me carefully, Megan” she said, pointing a finger at me.


“You’ve barely spent 2 weeks at the Alpha Records, yet, you’ve almost gotten me into the trouble – twice.


“The next time you do this again, trust me, I’m taking you out of the country”.




And with that, she walked away.




I remained standing, abacked.


I didn’t even know what to say or think.


What the hell is wrong with mum?




Jeanne’s Pov:


I almost found it difficult falling asleep as so many thoughts kept flashing through my mind.


I was so worried.




First, I had to think about Megan’s strange mum.


I still had a feeling she knew me but was trying to avoid me.


And why was she running away from Alex?


Who is she to him?




Secondly, I had to think about Kim and her warning.


But why does she want me to quit my job? It isn’t like I wanna do it.


And I’m scared what her reaction might be.




Maybe I should tell Mrs Tristan about it. But, what if Kim denies it and make me look like a lier?


What then would happen?




As I laid alone on the bed, I shivered.


There’s no way I’m quitting the nanny job. I don’t want to.


I can’t leave Molly, Mrs Tristan and the loverboys.


Although, I couldn’t help but worry what Kim’s reaction would be.




The next morning, I bath Molly and dressed her up for school after attending to myself as well.




On our way out of the room, I noticed Alex was in his room and was playing the keyboard.


Oh, Alex; I didn’t get to see him the previous night.


They had attended a concert and didn’t return on time.




I stood and listened to the tune he was playing. It was familiar.




Yes; it was that touching song he was playing the other day, the one I had suggested a chorus.


Oh! How I wish I could tell him about it.




“Nanny, are you admiring my brother?” Molly broke into my thoughts and I flinched and looked at her.




“What’re you saying, baby? Come on, let’s go” I said and took her away before she’d get me into trouble.




On our way to the dining, a thought suddenly niggled at me.




I stopped and turned to face Molly.




“Uhm…baby,” I called and held her hand.


“Can you do something for me?”




“What is it, nanny?” She asked, licking her tiny pink lips.


Okay; I really hope this is gonna work out.




“Uhm…can you deliver a message to your brother when he comes down to the dining?”




“Huh? What’s that?”




“I want you to tell him to use a high-pitched chorus for the song he was playing this morning.


Tell him it’d be suitable”.




She scoffed and gawped at me.


“A high-pink what?” She asked with a funny expression.




“it isn’t high-pink. It’s high-pitched. Say it; pitched”. I told her.




“Okay; pitched” she said and I smiled.




“Good girl.


“Now, make sure you don’t tell him I asked you to do it, okay?” I said and she nodded and we continued on our way to the dining.



when we got to the dining, I met Mrs Tristan and two of the loverboys – Daniel and Malcolm.


Carl was in his room.




“Good morning, ma’am” I greeted Mrs Tristan as Molly and I sat next to each other.




“Good morning, dear. How was your night?” She replied and asked.




“It was fine, ma’am.




“Good morning, sirs” I greeted the loverboys and Daniel waved at me.




“Good morning, Jeanne” Malcolm replied and I smiled and sat down.




We started eating and close to when we were done, Alex came down.




Finally. .




He walked down gracefully, trying to fix his sleeve button.




“Good morning, mum” he said lowly as he walked up to her and gave her a peck.




“Good morning, darling. Don’t tell me you won’t be joining us for breakfast today” Mrs Tristan replied, staring at him.




He sighed and touched his forehead.




“I’m sorry, mum. I’m having a meeting in less than an hour.” He replied and turned to Daniel.




“if Steven calls later, could you stall him for me, please?” He asked and Daniel chuckled.




“Sure” he replied.




I looked at Molly and she was staring back at me.


Then, I signalled her to go ahead and she stood up.




“Alex!” She called just when he faced the door and he turned back to look at her.




She stood in front of him and started twisting her finger.


Oh, God!


Are you sure I didn’t make a mistake assigning this girl to this task?




“What is it, Molly?” He asked, wondering what she had in mind.




“Uhm…Alex” she called and coughed a little.


“I have a suggestion to make uhm…regarding one of your songs.”


She paused and cleared her throat.




“I think a high-pink chorus would be perfect for it”.




Oh, Jesus!


Kill me!




“Pink what?” Alex scoffed and asked.




She licked her lips and looked at me, then back at him.




“Sorry, it’s high-pit” she said and Daniel laughed.




“Are you trying to say high-pitched?” Malcolm asked.




“Oh, right. High-pitched.” She said quickly and gave him a thumbs up.




“So…which of the songs are you talking about?” Alex asked.




“Oh! She said it’s the one you were playing this morning” she said and I felt a loud bang in my head.




“She?”; Alex asked with a scoff.


“What she?”




She bit her nails.




“Oh! I meant to say *me*


“Damn it! Stop pushing words into my mouth. The most important thing is I want you to use a high-pit chorus. It’s just a suggestion, but if you don’t wanna make use of it, no problem” she said with a huff and started walking back to the dining.




“You’re giving a suggestion you don’t even know about” Daniel said with laughter and she rolled her eyes.




“Thanks, Molly” Alex chuckled and said and left.




I slowly turned and looked at her but she just faced herher food and didn’t want to look at me.


She knew she ruined the whole thing.




Kimberly’s Pov:


I walked tho and fro, angrily at the balcony with Eva and Joyce behind me.




“Kim, you need to calm down. You can’t let that lady ruin your day” Joyce said, but it couldn’t calm me down.




“How can she think of disobeying me?” I asked angrily.


“I told her to quit that God-damn job but she’s yet to do it. Does she really think she can stand against me?”




“Well, there’re ways to take care of it. You shouldn’t let her make you feel this restless” Eva said and I paused and stared into space.




“Yeah, you’re right. There are ways to take care of it. And I’m so going to take care of that lady” I said with loathfully.


I can’t wait to lay my eyes on her.




Jeanne’s Pov:


After receiving the morning lectures, I decided to go to the library to check out a particular book.




On my way there, I took the stairs. And while I was still on the stairs, I ran into Kim and three of the lovergirls.




They were also on the stairs and they stopped in front of me, making me unable to walk any further.


Oh, God!


Don’t tell me.




Some students were downstairs.


Maybe, I should rush down and escape these ladies.




“G…Good morning, miss K…”



Before I could finish up what I was saying, she slapped me.






I gasped and touched my cheek as I stared at her in shock.


What the hell?




“How dare you disobey me?” She asked angrily, making a fist with her hand.




I stuttered and tried moving back.




“I thought I asked you to quit the job? Did you think I was joking? Huh?”




“Miss…Miss Kim, I…”




“You don’t talk when I’m talking” she cut me off and immediately, pushed me down the stairs.




I screamed as I felt myself going off the stairs.


Why’s this girl so cruel to me?




I leapt to the last stairs and just when I was about falling to the floor, I felt myself push against a chest and next, I fell on the floor.


But…I wasn’t lying on the floor. I was lying on something; someone.




My eyes were closed because of the shock; but after the strange occurance, I opened my eyes to see what was going on.









I was lying on top of Alex!




Like; loverboy Alex!




What the hell?




Did I fall on him?


But how?


What’s he doing in school?


And why did I have to fall on him?




Oh, my God!


Kim pushed me on me. She probably had no idea he was coming.




Oh, Jesus!


I’m lying on Sir Alex’s chest!




I left my mouth open in shock as our faces were almost touching each other’s.


I could feel his breath and I was sure he could feel mine as well.




The students around were already screaming. I had no idea what Kim was doing now. But I fell on Sir Alex!



Oh, my God!






The Loverboys


(The softer side of him)

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