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Episode 20




By: Faith Lucky.




Jeanne’s Pov:


My heart beamed immediately.


“Y…You do?” I asked and he nodded and drank from his bottle again.




“Yeah. And it all started four years ago.




“Normally, Alex was a normal flirty guy who always wanted to have fun. And Theo was just a gentle quiet guy and a best friend to Alex.




“Alex was a flirt, but Theo never really believed in love. He didn’t even want to associate with any lady. He just concentrated on his music life and skills of art. He was a great artist.




“But one special day, he fell in love. Yes, he finally found a lady that won his heart. But…she was poor and ugly too”.




“Ugly?” I cut in.




“Yeah. Although, I only met her once.


She was poor and ugly and probably, the only thing Theo liked about her was her voice. She had an enchanting voice that can grip a man’s attention. So I guess that was what I might have attracted Theo to her.




“Now, that’s the little I’m sure of because the rear of the story is kind of blur and confusing. I really don’t know what happened, but I’m 100% certain that something dangerous had transpired between Theo, Alex and the girl.




“Despite the fact she was poor, Alex still liked her and accepted her for his friend. But I don’t know what happened. It seems something happened to the girl and…Alex was kind of behind it.




“Due to the conversation I overhead him and Theo having, I have a feeling he was forced to do something and it broke Theo’s heart. It hurt him so bad that he lost control of himself and almost ran mad. He became a monster.”




“A…a monster?” I asked bewildered.




“Yes. That calm, gentle personality of Theo, turned into that of a cold hearted beast.




“Belive me, when I had looked into his eyes the last day before he left the band, I had seen anger in them – a vengeful look.




“So he left and we’ve never heard from him since then. But I and the rest of the loverboys are making investigations to know what happened between them.” He concluded and drank from his bottle.




I remained stunned silent as the little story seemed to send shivers down my spine. It got me startled.




What could’ve happened between Theo and Alex that made him become cold hearted? And what about the girl he loved?




I recalled the dream I had the previous night about them.


Their words replayed in my head




*You betrayed me, Alex!


We were meant to be brothers*



*I’m sorry, Theo. But they wanted her.


I had no other option*




What could’ve happened? Now I think my anxiety is just getting increased.




“But, sir” I called and Carl looked up at me.


“Do you think Theo might be responsible for the deaths of uhm…Sir Alex’s girlfriends?” I asked and he shrugged.




“Well…I don’t know. Perhaps. Like I said, Theo became a cold hearted guy and he’s capable of doing anything.




“And Alex…He falls in love tootoo quickly. He’s easily attracted by a lady’s beauty and that’s his weakness. That is why he didn’t want any female worker in the mansion. Don’t be surprised if I say he’s already fallen in love with you”.




I coughed immediately and spilled out drink from my mouth and he laughed.








“You’re such a drama queen, Jeanne” he said and laughed again.




“Anyway, I’m serious. It’s possible he’s fallen in love with you already. He tried paying you off to leave the mansion, right? It’s possible he’s already having feelings for you but is scared to fall in love again.”




I flinched and itched my nape. There’s no way this guy’s serious. He’s just assuming. How can someone like Alex fall in love with me when he’s still snowing me that kind of attitude?




“So, uhm…any girl he falls in love with is likely to end up dead again?” I asked.



“Yeah; maybe. Like I said, we’re making investigations to know what happened” he replied and I nodded and bent my head.




Now I understand why Alex is really scared of ladies. He’s scared of falling in love again because he doesn’t want her dead.




But what could be the cause of their deaths?


Could Theo really be behind it? And why?




“Uhm…Sir, thanks a lot for the drink. But if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to return to the kitchen.


Evans had requested my help in there” I told him after a while.




“Sure, Jen. Thanks for keeping me company by the way” he replied with a smile and I stood up, bowed and left.




Wow! I can’t believe I’m being close to a loverboy.


I decided to go to Molly’s room and check up on her first.


But when I got to the passage, I noticed Alex’s door was slightly open and I heard the sound of a dog barking.




I drew near and peeped in and I found Alex sitting on the bed with Ambrose jumping all around him.


Oh! He’s back.




He was so happy as he played with the dog who barked and ran around lively.


Wow! It seems the medicines did work.




“Come on, Ambrose; don’t hurt yourself” Alex said as he carried him up in his arms and nuzzled him.


He barked and licked Alex’s nose and he laughed.



Oh, my God!


He laughed!


I saw Alex laugh!


Oh, Jesus! The grumpy loverboy laughed today.




My eyes dilated as I watched keenly.




Alex did laugh today. And Oh, God! It was so cute! He even had dimples.


Oh, heavens!


Why does he have to keep hiding his smiles? It can move mountains.




I watched elatedly as he played happily with the dog. I’m glad I was able to make him happy.




“Daniel finally got the doctor to treat you, huh?” He asked as he laid upwards with the dog on his chest.




“You almost made me scared. Don’t ever fall sick again, okay?”


He paused and dipped his hand into his trouser pocket, bringing out a sparkling gold chain.




“Here; more gold for you” he said as he wore it around his neck.




“Do you like it?” He asked as he laid back on the bed and the dog barked and climbed his face.




“Hey, Ambrose; he’s teaching you this? Get off my face” he said and pulled him off his face and ended up laughing again and I also laughed – silently.




It was so beautiful watching him smile. I wish I could make this happiness permanent in his life.





I starred for a little more while and finally walked into Molly’s room. She was still sleeping.



Then, I left and returned to the kitchen to help Evans out.






The Loverboys


(Who treated my dog?)

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