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Episode 19









Jeanne’s Pov:



I entered into the building and went for the training hall.


The other three trainees were there as well and we received some lectures from miss Beatrice and one other woman who identified herself as Mrs Clara.




After that, we went into rehearsals and that was when I got to know miss Beatrice was a crazy dancer.


Her dance steps were incredible.




We first of all did some exercises to enable our body to be flexible.


Then we went into the dance practice after that.




With the look of things, I think I’ll be able to catch up and have a little dancing skills.




When we were done, Megan came up to me and suggested we ate together.


She seemed really friendly and I think I like her personality.




We dashed into the cafe and ordered some snacks and drinks and found a suitable place to sit.




“When did you start dreaming of becoming a musician?” She asked as we both sat, facing each other.




She was eating a hot dog sausage and a bottle of Chapman, while I just ordered a plate of french fries.




“Uhm…I don’t really know. I’ve just always had this passion of becoming known in the musical world” I replied and she smiled.




“Well, as for me, it started when I was a kid. Whenever I was free, I’d just take up something that looks like a mic and start singing round the house. It’s always been my passion. But, do your parents support your dreams?” She replied and asked.



“Uhm…well, yeah. My dad supports me” I replied.




“Mmm. I guess you’re lucky, then. Actually my mum also supports me. I mean, she likes the idea of me becoming a famed musician. But when I had told her I wanted to enrol as one of the lovergirls, she refused and I was surprised.


She didn’t give me any reason in particular and just told me she didn’t want me to have anything to do with the alpha records.




“But trust me, I’m a stubborn little brat and I didn’t let her stop me. Although we had to go through a lot of augments and loggerheads, but she later agreed. So I’m here” she said with a satisfactory smile.




“But…what about your dad?does he also support you?” I asked and noticed she cringed a little.




“Uhm…I don’t have a dad. I mean, I don’t know my dad. Mum never mentioned him to me and…I guess I’m not surprised because I have a feeling she was a big flirt in the past” she replied and I chuckled.




Then, I noticed she was through with her sausage and she left and ordered for another.




“it seems you like sausages a lot” I told her when she returned.




“Oh, yes! It’s my favourite. Too bad I don’t know how to prepare it”.




“Well..I do know how to make it” I told her and her eyes beamed.




“Oh, my God! Are you serious?” She asked in disbelief and I nodded.




“Oh, Jeanne! Can you teach me please? I beg of you. I promise to teach you some dance steps after that” she said with pleading eyes, placing her palms together. And I scoffed.



“I…I don’t know…”




“Of course, you can. Let’s fix a date. We can make it at my house and then, we’d rehearse after that, please?” She said desperately and it took me sometime before telling her I’d think about it.




“Thank you sweetie. Let’s make it tomorrow” she said happily.




“I still have to think about it…”




“I know. But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll come around” she said calmly and I smiled and we continued eating.






I returned home with Molly and helped her shower and eat. And then she laid to rest.




Then I walked over to the backside to get something and I came across Ambrose’s cage.


I stopped to look at him and saw he was lying very quiet in there.




I drew closer and with the look of things, no one has attended to him yet.


But I thought Alex asked Daniel to call in a veterinarian?




I bent and looked at him in the cage and felt pity for him. He couldn’t even bark or make a sound.


He seemed so weak.


I wonder why they can’t pay attention to him.




I went over to the garage and asked one of the drivers to drive me to the nearest veterinary hospital.




We got there after a while and I rushed in and explained things to the doctor and he gave me some prescriptions and medicines.




I thanked him and left after paying him and I returned to the house and went straight to Ambrose’s cage.




I know I shouldn’t be doing this; but feel bad for the dog and fear he might die if immediate attention is not given to him.




I opened the cage and brought him out and he tried resisting it but couldn’t since he was too weak.


He tried barking at me, but his voice only sounded like that of a cockroach.




“Calm down, Ambrose. I’m here to help okay?” I said and just as if he understood what I said, he became calm and felt relaxed in my hands.




I sat on the pavement and placed him on my legs.


Then, I drew my bag close and brought out the things I bought




I had gotten some biscuits and I pouted them in a plate and had it mixed up with the medicines.




“Here, Ambrose, have a bite” I said as I brought the plate closer to his mouth and he started eating the biscuits, slowly though.




I smiled and rubbed his head.




“I feel sorry for you, doggy” I said.


“Even your owner who claims to love you a lot can’t even find time to take care of you.




“Well, I’d say youyou shouldn’t blame him. He’s a very busy guy. And don’t worry; you’ll be fine now, okay? But promise me you won’t tell him I took care of you”.



I paused and laughed and he made a whimpering tone.


Then he stopped eating from the plate.




“Come on, Ambrose. You need to ear all of it” I said and took the plate to his mouth again but he looked away.




Then I kept the plate and took a biscuit from it and tried feeding him myself and surprisingly, he ate from me.






I smiled and fed him another piece and he still collected it and that was how I ended up feeding the entire biscuits to him.




“Good boy” I said happily and nuzzled him.




“Now, just stay in and relax and you’ll be fine within the twinkle of an eye okay?” I said as I carried him back to his cage and laid him there.




“Remember to keep our secret safe, okay?” I said in a whisper and he just laid quietly and looked at me.




Then, I closed the cage and left.




I decided to check on Evans in the kitchen and there I met him really busy.




“Hey” I called as I walked in and he turned to look at me.




“Hey, Jeanne. It’s a good thing you’re here. Please, I can really make use of a helping hand” he said hastily as he blended some tomatoes and I sighed



“Well, I guess we’re gonna start splitting your salary from now on” I said and he laughed.




“Okay. So what am I doing?” I asked and he passed a tray of green peas to me.




“Just help me work on that please” he said and I nodded and collected the tray from him.




“So what’s the occasion? Why are there lots of food?” I asked after a pause




“Aren’t you aware the lovergirls are coming over for dinner?”




“Oh!” I gasped.


I almost forgot.




“Yeah. So the loverboys already gave me a list if meal to prepare which the lovergirls are likely to request.” He said.




“Wow! But isn’t this job too stressful for you?” I asked and he shrugged.




“Well, considering the payment I’m getting, I think it’s worth the while” he replied.






I winder how much they’re paying him. Must be really huge.




“So…did you go to a catering school? Or you’ve alway known how to cook?” I asked after a pause.




“Well…Both. I’ve always loved and known how to cook. So I went ahead to a catering school to make it perfect” he replied and I smiled.



“Hmm. It’s rare you know? Seeing a guy that knows how to cook. Does it make you feel odd?” I asked and just then, a call came into his phone.






“Yes sir”




It seems he was talking to one of the loverboys.




Soon, he dropped the call.




“Oh, God, Jeanne, please; I really need you to deliver this to Sir Carl. Please” he said as hurried to the fridge and took out a bottle of wine


He placed it on a tray and kept a glass cup beside it.




“Please Jeanne, he’s in the garden. I really can’t abandon my meal right now” .




“Hold on; the loverboys are home?” I asked, puzzled.




“No. Just Carl. But the rest will be back soon. Please Jeanne; get the drink to him” he said in an endearing tone and I sighed.




“Evans, I…”




“Don’t be such a hard nut” he said and I rolled my eyes at him and left the kitchen with the tray.




The problem is, I’m always too nervous around the loverboys.




I went into the garden and met Carl sitting there, operating his phone.


I coughed a little and went to stand in front of him.




“Uhm…good evening sir” I greeted with a bow and he looked up at me.




“Oh, Jeanne; it’s you”.




I dropped the tray on the table in front of him and tried leaving, but he stopped me.




“Have a seat Jeanne” he said and I furrowed my brows.




“B…But, sir…”




“Come on, just spend sometime with me” he said and I itched my head and nodded.




There was another seat at the other side of the table. And I sat on it, now facing him.




“Join me for a drink” he said as he opened the wine in front of me.




“Uh…sorry sir. But I don’t drink” I told him.


“Come on Jeanne. A glass of wine won’t make you drunk. Stop being childish” he said and I flinched.




What? How can he say I’m being childish?




He opened the wine and poured it into the glass cup and handed it to me.




“But sir, what about…”




“Don’t worry, I’ll just drink from the bottle. I do enjoy it this way sometimes” he cut me off with a smile and took the bottle.




“Thanks” I said with a shy smile and drank from the glass.






It waw so cold and sweet.




This Carl is really a nice guy. And he was handsome too.


He had an ear ring fixed on his brows and I seriously have no idea how they do it.




“so how was school today?” He asked after a pause.




“It was fine sir.


“Uhm…you guys done always show up in class” I said and he scoffed.




“Well, yeah. We’re too busy dear. So when it’s time for exams, we just pay off the lecturers” he replies and I nodded.






I guess Mr Leonard’s the only one they can’t bribe.




“You were the one who made Alex’s coffee, right?” He asked and I almost spilled out drink from my mouth.




“What?” I tried to possume and he chuckled.




“Come on Jen. I’m good at observing things. I noticed when you were trying to tell Evans not to tell him about it” he said and I itched my head, knowing I was busted.




I had a feeling he knew, anyway.








“Why didn’t you want him to know about it?” He interrupted me and I sighed




“Well…he’s warned me never to touch what’s his. And that night, I had only helped Evans out because he was busy. So, if sir Alex had gotten to know I made his coffee, he’d have skinned me alive” I replied bashfully and he laughed.




“So, you’re scared of him?”he asked.




“Well, yes. He Uhm…He asked me to quit the nanny job and leave but I refused. So, he’s pretty mad at me and doesn’t want to have anything to do with me” I replied and he rose his brows.




“Well, you wouldn’t blame him.” He said.


He wasn’t like this before. Yes, he was proud from the onset; but he wasn’t such an introvert. Everything that’s happened changed him”.




I cleared my throat a little and looked up at him.




“Uhm…Sir, I’ve also been wondering. Do you have any idea regarding what happened between Theo and Alex?” I asked and he paused and drank from his bottle before looking at me.




My eyes were gushing with curiosity.




“Well,” he said.


“I do have a little idea…”





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