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Episode 12




Jeanne’s Pov:


Alex’s words pierced through my heart and left an indelible mark. I can’t believe my crush’s being so hard and mean to me. He had even made it clear he disliked me. Why does it have to be this way?




I wiped my face and slowly headed for the dinning and there I met Mrs. Tristian, Molly and three lover boys all eating.



‘Janne! Come and have breakfast with us’, Mrs. Tristian said as I approached the dinning.




‘She gets to eat with us now?’ Daniel asked with a repugnant look.


‘Come on Dan, there’s nothing wrong with it, you know. She’s my daughter’s nanny’, Mrs.


Tristian replied and I just managed a frail smile.


I was trying not to make my mood obvious.




‘Good morning, Mrs. Tristian. Good morning sirs’, I greeted with a bow.


Good morning to you too’, Malcolm replied.


‘Morning cutie’, Carl also said with a smile and I wondered.


Am I cute? I’ve never thought of that. And this Carl, he seems to be really friendly.


But, Daniel didn’t reply.




‘Come on nanny, sit beside me’, Molly said and I smiled and took the vacant seat next to her.




There were lots of food on the table, combined with my sad look; I didn’t know which to eat.


I ran my eyes around and finally took a slice of bread and applied jam on it.




‘By the way, Janne’, Mrs. Tristian said along the line. ‘You’ll be starting your training today. You’ve already been registered. And once you get there, you’ll meet three other trainees. If you’re lucky to be the best among them, you’ll get signed into the Alpha Records as one of the Lover Girls. So, what do you think?’




Normally, I’d have jumped on my feet and danced, but at that moment I couldn’t. All I could do was smile.


‘Thank you ma’am’, I replied with a bow and she nodded.


‘Wow! So, Jeanne has a possibility of becoming one of the Lover Girls?’ Carl asked.




‘Well, she has to through the training aspect and it’s not certain she’ll win’, Daniel replied. Hold on, am I the only one who’s noticed this guy doesn’t like me?




‘My nanny has a nice voice. I’m sure she’ll win’, Molly said and looked at me and I smiled.




‘Really, Molly? Have you heard her sing?’, Malcolm asked while taking some potato chips into his mouth.


‘Ofcourse! That’s part of the reason she’s here’, she replied.


‘Oh! So there is another part?’, Carl asked, and she just rolled her eyes.


‘By the way, mom’, she said, ‘the function at my school will be coming up on Friday and I told you we’re expected to come with our parents. I’m just reminding you so there wouldn’t be any excuses on that day. You know I’ll be presenting a speech there.’


‘I know, Molly. I just pray I’ll be chanced’, she replied.




Not long after, Alex came in, all dressed up – looking as dashy as ever. He didn’t say a word to anyone; he just walked past the dinning.




‘Won’t you be joining us for breakfast, Alex?’ Mrs. Tristian asked, and he stopped, sighed and touched his forehead with two fingers.




‘I’m in a hurry… will just eat later’, he replied and walked out the door.


I stared at him as he left and his hurtful words replayed in my head: “I dislike you”.


I took in a deep breath and focused on my meal.




After a while, we were done with breakfast and I quickly left with molly. I was to drop her off at school before going to mine.




‘Nanny, are you alright? What did my brother discuss with you in the room?’ she asked as we sat next to each other at the back seat.


I sniffed and managed a perfunctory smile.


‘I’m fine dear, I’m okay’ I replied and she looked at me suspiciously.



‘By the way, you promised to sing me more songs in the car, remember?’ she said with ecstasy and I sighed.




‘Sorry baby, I’m having a slight headache. Can we make it later, please?’ I said and she nodded after a little reluctance and took her eyes away.




She brought out her ipad and started playing games with it. It kinda made me relieved because I didn’t have to say any other thing. I needed a quiet time.




I closed my eyes as I leaned back and tried enjoying the ride. But, not long after, the car screeched to a halt and I quickly opened my eyes to discover we had almost knocked down a lady.




I opened the door of the car and rushed out immediately, I met the lady trying to stand up from the ground and I helped her up.


‘I’m sorry ma’am, are you hurt?’ I asked as I helped her up and she stared into my face.




She was young, pretty and looked rich; she was putting on a short black gown.




Surprisingly, she kept staring keenly at me and didn’t say a word – at least not immediately.




‘Miss… are you alright?’ I asked, a bit muddled and she finally said something, but it came as a whisper, and I couldn’t quite get what she said.


But, I think I heard something like;


‘You’ve really become this pretty, huh?’




I flinched and looked at her as she kept staring at me with an unexplainable expression.


‘Miss… what did you say?’ I asked.






The Loverboys



(Meeting Kim)

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