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Episode 13








Jeanne’s Pov:


She didn’t say a woword immediately as she just shrugged and shook her head.


She looked down at her dress and dusted it.






“I’m fine now. You don’t have to worry about me” she cut me off and before I could say any other thing, she ran over to the other side of the road and entered a red car that was parked over there and took off.




I stood for a short time, trying to recollect everything that had happened.


Her words kept niggling at me:


“You’ve really become this pretty, huh?”


Or, could it be possible I had misheard her?


But I don’t think so. I think I heard her correctly.


And for some reason…she kind of looked familiar to me.




“Nanny, come on, we’re running late” Molly called from inside the car and I looked back at her and sighed.


Then, I returned to the car and we continued on our way.




I dropped Molly at the elementary school and went ahead to mine.




We received the morning lectures and when if was 12 noon, I went off immediately to the Alpha Records musical for the orientation.



I was so excited about it and that was the only thing that could make me forget Alex’s hurtful words to me.




The Alpha Records Musical was so big and looked just like another high school.


I looked around in amusement as the driver parked in front of the massive building and I came out afterwards.


I left my mouth open and was bedazzled at the beauty of the place.




The building was very big and round and looked like it was made of glass all through.




I took slow and nervous steps in and got into the first part of the building that looked like the reception.


I saw a lot of people there, all exquisitely dressed up. And a song by the loverboys was playing in the background.




Then, an average woman holding a file walked up to me not long after.




“You’re Jeanne Raymond, right?” She asked in a serious tone and I nodded affirmatively.


“Good day, ma’am” I added.




“Good day Jeanne and welcome to the Alpha Records Musical. Mrs Tristan already told us about you and the only thing left for you to do is to sign the agreement form” she said as she started walking away and I followed behind.




She took me to an office and gave me a form.




“Do fill in your details here” she said as she gave me the form and I took a pen and filled the form, signing it afterwards




“Good. Now come with me” the woman said and led me out of the office.



She sounded and looked very strict and serious and didn’t seem to be entirely friendly.




“Normally,” she said as we walked along together


“There are meant to be just three trainees in the section. But since Mrs Tristan herself Brought you in, we had to compromise”.


“Oh,” I thought.




We camecame across a lot of rooms with people singing and dancing in them.


Then, finally, we got to be a very big fashionable room and I figured that was where I’d be training.




I met three other girls and a man and lady in it and they all turned to look at me as I walked in with the other woman.




“Hey, Beatrice, this is the lady Mrs Tristian brought in” the woman I came with said to the other lady in the room.




“Oh, okay. Got it” the Beatrice – lady replied and the other woman left.




“Welcome Jeanne. Please do come in” she said and I smiled and walked in.




“Good day ma’am.


“Good day, sir” I greeted both of them with a little bow.


“Good day miss” the man replied with a straight face though.




“Welcome to Alpha Records Musical, Jeanne. And these are your fellow trainees” the pretty lady said and I turned to have a look at the girls who were all sitting.




One was very pretty, had a crazy hair do and kept her busy with her phone.



The other was also very pretty and looked classic and she rolled her eyes at me when I looked at her. She was actually chewing a gum.




The other also looked pretty and charming and she smiled at me when I looked at her.




“Take a seat Jeanne” the lady said and I took a seat close to the second girl.




“Now, I want to formally welcome you all to the training section” the lady continued.


“I’m Beatrice Donald and I’ll be one of your trainers. As you all know, one of you here will be the next lucky lovergirl. So, I’d advise you put in your best.




“You’re all going to train for now and after two weeks, you’ll finally do your presentations in front of the lovergirls and/or the loverboys. And whoever gets the highest vote among them wins the competition and gets signed in as one of the lovergirls”.




“Sorry, did you just say and/or the loverboys?” One of the girls asked – the one who had smiled at me.




“Yes, Megan. And that’s because the loverboys might not show up. They don’t always show up, except on rare occasions” Miss Beatrice replied and paused.




“So” she continued.


“Whoever gets the highest vote becomes one of the lovergirls. But I must warn you, if none of the lovergirls find any of you worthy enough, they won’t make a pick. And that means you’re alk going home”.




“What? Is that even possible?” One of the ladies asked with a cringe.




“Yes, Roxanne. It is possible. As a matter of fact, the last two sections we had didn’t make it. None of them were selected and that is why you need to put in more effort so you can impress the lovergirls.



“And anyone that wins the contest, like I said, will do a performance with one of the loverboys. And if you get a good recommendation after that, you automatically become one of the lovergirls”.




“Wow! You mean I’ll get to sing with one of the loverboys on stage?” One of the girls – the one that smiled at me – asked.




“Yes, dear. But that is if you get to pass the training” replied Mrs Beatrice with a warm smile as usual.




“Well, I don’t know why I have to go through this stupid training section. It’s just a waste of time to me. I’m perfect enough” the lady sitting next to me mumbled and I flinched.


She was actually the one chewing a gum and had rolled her eyes at me when I first came in.




Immediately, four girls walked in.






Oh, my God!


The lovergirls!


They’re here!




My eyes beamed immediately and my heart leapt for joy.


I can’t believe I’m seeing the lovergirls with my eyes, although they were just four of them. But their leader, Kimberly was among. My role model!




“Welcome ladies. I feared you wouldn’t be able to make it” miss Beatrice said to them as they walked in and took a seat, facing us.




They were all looking hot, but Kim was the prettiest; looking so stylish.



She was putting on a very short jeans skirt which exposed her hips and a white crop top with a pair of blue sneakers.




Her hair was parked to the left and she wore a gold colored specs with an LG curve and chewed a gum.




She was damn so hot and I felt it was an honor getting to meet face to face with her.


I heard she was the only child of her wealthy parents and they showered her with unlimited love and money.




“Are these the trainees?” She asked as she took off her specs.


“Yes, ma’am Kimberly.” Miss Beatrice replied and turned to us.




“Cloud you introduce yourselves, please?” She said and we all stood on our feet.




“I’m Megan Williams” the first lady said.




“I’m Roxanne Myers”.




“Tessa Patrick”.




It got to my turn and I cleared my throat before speaking up.




“I’m Jeanne Raymond” I said, but she didn’t even look at me.


She just made a bubble with her gum and looked down at her phone.




“Okay, girls.” Miss Beatrice continued.


“Now, you’re each going to do a little performance so we can know your experiences so far.



“Roxanne, can you take the stage please?” She said she Roxanne stood up and took the mic.




Oh, my God!


so we’re all going to sing in front of the lovergirls?




I kept starring at Kimberly. She was so pretty and I wish she gets to like me.


She’s my best female musician and my role model and I wish to be like her someday.




Roxanne began singing and I must admit she had a nice voice.


Hut she wasn’t much of a dancer – just like me.




When she was done, Tessa went up and wow!


She had a killer voice and was a crazy dancer.


No wonder she claims to be perfect.




I admired her.




After her was Megan and she was also an amazing singer and a good dancer, but I’d say Tessa still beat her to it.




Next, it was my turn and I felt my entire system turning.


I took up the mic and went to the stage. I’ve never done this before.




I started singing one of my favorites – enchanted – but I wasn’t a good dancer and couldn’t dance perfectly.


But, I noticed one of the lovergirls were smiling.




“So, what do you think Kim?” Mrs Beatrice asked when we were done and she made a bubble with her gum and stood up.




“They all look boring to me” she replied with a huff and surprisingly, took her phones from the table and walked out.


The rest of the lovergirls followed afterwards.








Did she really walk out on us?


And why did she say we were boring?


Does that mean she doesn’t like us?




Oh, Kimberly.






The Loverboys


(Rude model)

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