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. Episode 17








Jeanne’s Pov:


Just then, Alex’s phone started ringing and Evans had to halt as he received the call.






“I know, Franco. I’m still working on it…”




Oh! This is the hand of God at work.




I quickly tried getting Evans’ attention.


I waved my hands and since he was facing my direction, it was easy for him to see me.


Then, I signalled him not to call my name and he muttered why? And I impatiently signalled him to just do as I say and he looked confused.




I had no idea Carl was staring at us the whole time and when I got a know, he just scoffed and looked away.




“Don’t worry, Franco. I’ll try my best to be through with it by next week.


“Yes. Bye” he said and dropped the call.




“Franco’s still on your neck for the duet, right?” Daniel asked almost immediately.




“Yeah. I’ve been so busy and don’t even have time to work on it. I’m so choked up.” He replied and touched his forehead with two fingers.





“By the way, Evans” he continued, now staring at Evans.



“What were you saying about the coffee?”




Evans shot me a stare and I shook my head.




“Uhm…actually, sir Alex, I was trying to say it was made by me. I Uhm. ..I just learnt a new way of making it” he replied and I heaved a big sigh of relief.


Thank goodness!




“Well,” Alex said.


“I think I like the new taste. So, from now on, I want my coffee prepared this way.”




My eyes beamed immediately. Did he seriously like my coffee that much?


Oh my!




Then he stood up with Ambrose still lying quietly in his hands




“I’ll be in my room” he said and took the stairs.




Evans stared at me again and also headed for the kitchen and after a short while, I excused myself from molly and also went for the kitchen.




“Why did you make me lie to him?” Evans asked immediately I got in.




“I’m sorry, Evans. But if Alex had gotten to know I made that coffee, I’d have been a corpse by now” I replied and he flinched.




“And what do you mean by that?” He asked.





“Well, Alex has warned me never to touch what’s his”








“Yes. You know he dislikes females and he asked me to leave. And when I refused, he warned me to stay far from him.”




“Woah. Are you serious?”




“Yeah” I replied and rose my brows.




“So what do we do now? He said he wants his coffee prepared this way and he takes coffee every evening” he said with a grouch.




“Well…maybe I can teach you how to prepare it” I replied.




“I don’t think so, Jen. You see, the thing is, Alex knows my cooking skills and if it tastes different from the actual one, he’s definitely going to spot it and get suspicious.




“Uhm…how about you keep making the coffee while I present it to him like I did?” He asked and I gasped.




“What? What if we get caught?”




“Of course we won’t. It’s not like he’s going to come into the kitchen to see how I prepare his coffee” he said and I rolled my eyes and sighed.




“Fine. Just make sure I don’t get caught, okay?” I said and he nodded and I went ahead to make Molly a glass of milk.




I returned to the dining with the glass of milk and couldn’t find anyone there. Even the loverboys were not there.




I took the staircase and went for Molly’s room and there I found her lying on her big comfy bed.


And with the look in her eyes, it was obvious she was dizzy.




“Hey, baby. Are you through with your homework? ” I asked as I sat next to her on the bed and she just nodded.




“Okay then. Get up so you can take your milk” I told her as I helped her sit up and she collected the milk from me and gulped it down.




“do you want me to sing you a song?” I asked.




“Yes” she replied lightly as she laid back on the bed and I smiled and started singing a barbie song.




she smiled as I sang along and even before I was done, she slept off.




I smiled and covered her with the duvet and turned off the lights.


Then, I left the room.




I stared at Alex’s room for a short time by the time I got outside and thought of knocking and running away.


I giggled and left the passage before I’d get myself into trouble.




I went into my room and laid happily on the bed, facing the ceiling.


I felt happy, remembering Alex liked my coffee. If only he liked me as well.




I took my diary and wrote all about my experience for the day.



I wrote about my first day in Alpha high studio. I really wish I’d get to pass the training and become one of the lovergirls. But the other trainees had also seemed hot and talented. Will I be able to beat them?




I wrote about my encounter with My role model – Kim – and how she had snubbed me.


I felt so hurt remembering it and I wished she’d get to change.




Then, finally, I wrote about Alex.


First, I remembered his hurtful words to me in the morning, but I tried to cover it up with the fact he liked my coffee – even if he has no idea it was made by me.




‘Don’t worry, sir Alex,


Even if you’re mean to me,


I’ll still continue to crush on you’.


I wrote happily in my diary and closed it.




Then, I fell back on the bed and closed my eyes and as I did, a smile stayed on my lips.






I opened my eyes and found myself in a strange place.


The entire place was white and snowballs filled the whole floors.




Where am I?


And how the hell did I get here?




The surroundings were deserted and just dried up trees stood at some point.




Then, I saw two figures ahead and I strained my eyes to have a look at them, but couldn’t recognise them.



I decided to take a step forward and as I did, the two figures became clear.




It was Alex and Theo!




Am I dreaming?




They were facing each other and didn’t seem to be aware my presence there.




What is happening?


Why am I seeing Alex and Theo?




“You betrayed me, Alex! We were meant to be brothers” Theo said angrily and pushed Alex by the chest, but he didn’t fall.




“I’m sorry, Theo. But they wanted her. I had no other option” Alex replied in a pained voice.




He sounded bittered and remorseful.




Theo weakly fell on his knees and buried his face in his palms, bursting into tears.


I was stunned.




“I can’t do without her” he cried.


“Please, get her back to me. I can’t bear staying away from her. I won’t survive it”.




Tears were running down his cheeks as he cried like a baby.


There was so much acrimony in his voice; so much pains.




I looked at Alex and noticed he was also weeping.


Oh, God!




What’s going on? Why’re they so hurt?


What happened to them?




I opened my eyes and discovered it was all a dream.


I coughed a little and sat up, puzzling over it.




What kind of a dream was that?


I…I can’t comprehend it.




I sat quietly, trying to recall everything that had happened.


I really did see Theo and Alex in my dream and they were both crying.




*you betrayed me, Alex!*




*they wanted her. I had no other option*




Their words replayed in my head and it left me gobsmacked.




Why did I have such a dream?


Why does it have to do with Theo and Alex?


Could it be possible it was because I was thinking too much about the conflict between them?


Could that be the reason?




But, somehow, I still felt restless.




It could really be possible it’s just a mere dream.


But, what if it’s not?



What if it really has a meaning?








The Loverboys


(She’s different from her daughter)

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